Why is Plastic Surgery so Popular in South Korea?

  Before I came to Korea, I knew that this place is famous for plastic surgery. Although it is nothing new, I was still a little surprised to see people on the street, especially girls, who seemed to be carved out of the same mold. I can’t help but wonder: Why are Koreans so keen on plastic surgery?
  I stayed in youth hostels most of the time in Korea. In addition to affordable prices, youth hostels can also meet many local young people, which also gave me the opportunity to ask questions in my heart.
  The multi-room space in the youth hostel is small, so girls have to go to the public space to dress up. Every morning, I would see such a scene: seven or eight girls sat on the sofa in the hall, skillfully looking at the mirror in their hands and kept smearing on their faces. It took about an hour for each of them.
  While they were putting on makeup, I chatted with a girl I was relatively familiar with, and I tentatively asked, “Have you ever had plastic surgery?” At that time, I was very worried that such a question would offend others.
  ”Of course!” Unexpectedly, instead of being angry, the other party showed me her nose very generously, “It was raised last year.” She said naturally, and complained to me that the effect of the doctor’s treatment was not as good as expected. She plans to switch to another hospital for fine-tuning.
  ”Why plastic surgery, don’t you like your previous self?” I asked.
  ”It’s not entirely because I want to have plastic surgery, but mainly because my mother told me to do it!”
  This kind of answer is somewhat unexpected. After all, in China, parents rarely encourage their children to have plastic surgery, but in Korea, this seems to be a very common thing. But things. According to her, when her classmates were admitted to Ideal University, the reward given by their parents was plastic surgery. Many Korean parents even saved a sum of “plastic surgery funds” for their children.
  A girl next to me who was putting on makeup heard our conversation and came over, and took stock of which Korean actresses had done where. “You have to know that the people around you are making up, they become beautiful, if you don’t make up, it’s equivalent to becoming ugly.” The girl said.
  ”Aren’t you worried that your child will not look like you when you are born?” I asked.
  ”It doesn’t matter, I will also prepare a plastic surgery money for her.” The girl said and regretted that it was too late for her to start plastic surgery now, and she should have had surgery when she was in middle school.
  In South Korea, there is a survey of 15-20-year-old teenagers, in which 1/3 of the respondents admitted that they have undergone plastic surgery. Obviously, the plastic surgery population in South Korea is becoming younger. According to statistics, minors account for about 20% to 30% of all plastic surgery operations. Although many experts have cited the risks of premature plastic surgery, it still cannot stop the tide of plastic surgery from spreading to younger age groups.
  Heart of beauty in everyone. But it is unreasonable to be so obsessed with plastic surgery, even not listening to the doctor’s dissuasion. In the final analysis, Koreans’ enthusiasm for plastic surgery is still inseparable from their unique social environment.
  As we all know, South Korea has a problem of patriarchalism, which leads to society’s stricter requirements on women than men. If you have worked in a Korean company, you will know that there is not a little difference in the ratio of men to women in the company. If women want to get better job opportunities, in addition to working harder, a beautiful face is also a means to win career tickets. Those women who don’t plan to find a job must make themselves beautiful before they can marry into their favorite in-laws.
  The value of appearance first has accelerated people’s demand for cosmetic surgery. I have seen Korean men interviewed on TV about their girlfriends or wives’ plastic surgery, and most men expressed their understanding and support. They believe that those women who take the initiative to make themselves beautiful usually have strong self-management skills, and their willingness to spend energy on dressing up also shows that they have enough ability to take care of their families in the future, and they will have face when they go out.
  This kind of mentality has led to Korean men increasingly “judging people by their appearance”, and many Korean men themselves have been punished. As a result, plastic surgery has become more and more common in South Korea, and it is inevitable to move towards a younger age.
  Although everyone wants plastic surgery, the cost of plastic surgery is not low. The simplest double eyelid cutting starts at 10,000 RMB (many Korean girls think that double eyelid cutting can no longer be called plastic surgery), and rhinoplasty, bone grinding, etc. need to go to war The project is even more expensive.
  According to statistics, more than 40% of people in South Korea have undergone one or two types of plastic surgery, and more than 60% of people claim to be willing to undergo plastic surgery. Today, Apgujeong-dong in Seoul has become a famous “cosmetic surgery street”. There are hundreds of plastic surgery hospitals on this street. You can see all kinds of signs not only in Korean, but also in Chinese. , Japanese and English, with a high degree of internationalization.
  According to the news, there are more than 2,500 plastic surgery hospitals in South Korea, and the annual income of the plastic surgery industry is as high as 3 billion US dollars. Plastic surgery has become an economic pillar in South Korea.
  Interestingly speaking, the earliest plastic surgery in Korea was actually to treat soldiers who were disfigured by the war in World War II. Unexpectedly, this technology, which was originally used for men, was quickly transferred to women.

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