The Story Behind Yuka Takaoka, the ‘Cowherd Crazy’ Japanese Murderer

  At 4 o’clock on May 23, 2019, a photo appeared in the real-time news broadcast in Japan, making the 21-year-old girl Takaoka Yuka instantly become a heartthrob. What attracted the public was not only her delicate and lovely face and slender and light body, but also such an eye-catching body squatting beside a man who fell in a pool of blood. She looked obsessed, with a pair of blood-stained long legs exposed, smoking a cigarette while swiping her mobile phone, which made the police standing not far away a little confused. The distorted picture is so impactful, like the climax scene in a soap opera, it quickly arouses people’s strong desire to spy, want to know the story behind the murder, and even more want to know what the murderer went through before he did it.
When a “lustful woman” meets a “lustful man”

  When the perpetrator and the victim met, the former was 18 years old and the latter was 17 years old. In most people’s conception, this encounter should have contributed to the story of the “first experience” of the youthful fragrance of boys and girls. However, if the two are placed in an environment like a “custom shop”, their “love” is destined to bring With primitive desire, the process of communication is full of copper smell.
  At that time, Liuyue, who had just entered the male public relations circle in Shinjuku, worked in a store and was the bottom “cowboy”. In Kabukicho, a small place, there are more than 300 cowherd shops. According to the regulations, the unknown Liu Yue can only earn less than 500,000 yen a month for drinks, and has to be responsible for cleaning toilets. Therefore, the more beginners who are newcomers, the more eager to make achievements. Liuyue claims to have grown up in a child welfare institution, and has lived with seven siblings who also have no parents for a long time. She is very aware of the feeling of “material deprivation”, which makes him have an urgent desire for money that is different from ordinary people.
  To develop a source of customers, Niulang is not only soliciting customers on the street or waiting in the store, but also “hunting” everywhere, especially for novices who have not yet named customers (female customers who are specially served by a certain Cowherd), they need to take the initiative to attack. So in October 2018, Liu Yue and a few companions went to a women’s bar to expand their contacts, and thus met Yuka Takaoka who worked there.
  If it is said that men’s public relations shops are custom places that provide services exclusively for women, then the so-called “women’s bars” are a relatively new type of custom shops. Generally, gimmicks such as “you can drink all you can with beer for only 3,000 yuan” are used to attract male customers, and provide them with exclusive chat girls. The price is generally 1,000 yen per hour, and drinks and meals are not included. The Cowherd’s Bar and the Women’s Bar have one thing in common—on the surface, they “use their mouths but not their hands” and are limited to heart-to-heart talks. In fact, as long as the customers pay enough money, they can provide more “in-depth” services.
  Yuka Takaoka was born in China and grew up in an ordinary and gentle family. She moved to Japan with her mother when she was two years old. Her mother works as a care and welfare worker, which is to take care of the daily life of vulnerable people full-time. Most of them are elderly people living alone. Takaoka Yuka herself is also majoring in childcare at Teikyo University. But in March 2017, she dropped out of school, and immediately took a sharp turn in her life, and devoted herself to the “girls’ bar” and other genre-like industries.
  Since they are colleagues, why does the cowherd go to the women’s bar to find customers? The reason is also very simple-girls who do this kind of work get money quickly. Because she is the same age and has a good eye, Takaoka Yuka has been stuck in Liuyue’s Niu Lang’s shop since March of the following year. Just spent 2.5 million yen on drinks in the store. In addition to the normal consumption in the store, the two often date outside, watching movies, going to cat cafes, and shopping in Harajuku like ordinary lovers. Two months after the intersection with Liuyue, Takaoka confessed his love to him, and a physical relationship naturally took place. Due to frequent intimate interactions, Takaoka invested about 500,000 yen in hotel rooms with Liuyue Expenses for fees and gifts.
  In order to make more money to make Liuyue happy, the money she earned from working in the “girls’ bar” was obviously not enough, so she officially “went to the sea” and worked as a call girl in a custom shop in Shibuya, which is what was involved in the case. (Intermediary) Arranged to provide door-to-door services. As long as there is a decent number of daily pick-ups, the money keeps rolling in. Obviously, there is a loved one who has to accept the physical intimacy of many men. Takaoka Yuka has always gritted her teeth and never flinched. Apparently, she was suffering from a strange disease, which the Japanese call “cowherd madness”.
Disqualified “Cowherd Crazy”

  ”Cowherd madness” is a common consumer group in the Japanese custom industry. They are all the exclusive nominees of a certain cowherd, and their only goal in life is to spend money frantically for the other party. The news channel of ABEMA (the most successful financial media platform in Japan) once made a TV special about “Cowherd Crazy”. He fell in love with a Shinjuku cowherd named “May”, and since then he has gone nowhere – spending 40 million yen for him in just two years.
  There is a tradition of “champagne call” in the Cowboy’s shop, that is, champagne with prices ranging from tens of thousands to millions is displayed in the store. A group of named guests surrounded the “CALL”, creating a famous scene of “stars holding the moon”. Niulang’s income comes from these drinks fees, and they share the account with the store 50-50. Therefore, the more money the named guest spends on drinks, the higher the cowherd’s income. On the one hand, “Champagne Call” makes the nominated guests who have spent a lot of money look good, and on the other hand, it is to stimulate other female guests present to spend more money to praise their favorite cowherd. In the words of the girl in the report: “He will return the money I spent to me with actions, such as going out shopping together on weekends or something. The more money he spends, the more he loves me. It made me realize that I have to do it for him. Spend more money.” It can be seen that Mingke’s feeling towards Niulang is more like fans treating her “idol”. Corner” means.
  In order to let Ryuki get the number one position in the store, Takaoka Yuka worked hard for a month and a half, selling her body in a custom store in Hiroshima, living on rice balls every day, and finally saved a huge sum of 10 million yen , Then stuffed the cash into snack boxes one by one, and excitedly got on the train to Tokyo to “support” Liu Yue. Many people may not be able to believe that when Liuyue learned that she was working in a custom store, she encouraged her, “Go earn money, use your body to earn money, your money is mine.” Such an undisguised money transaction , not only did not make the “Cowherd Mad” feel bad, but spent money for him with all his heart, as long as he heard Liuyue call out her name, it was the happiest moment in his life. But at the same time, she also clearly realized: “I am not in a relationship with him, he just took a fancy to my money, but I just can’t stop.”
  Even if the psychology is distorted, “cowherd madness” still has the consciousness of “cowherd madness”, and an attitude of resignation to the false relationship built by banknotes. At its root, the habit of “cowherd madness” is related to the different gender aesthetics of the Japanese. Men are fond of women’s “shyness”, which is the so-called “shame culture”, but women prefer men’s “momentum”. The more ambitious and confident the cowherd is, the more ecstatic the “cowherd madness” will be.

  However, Takaoka Yuka is not a simple “cowboy madness”, because she still upholds a little “love ideal”.
  With the efforts of Takaoka Yuka, Liuyue’s ranking in the store has been rising steadily, and her popularity has become more and more prosperous. The cowherd industry is an industry that is particularly easy to “undertake the top”. It is normal for newcomers to surpass their predecessors in performance rankings, because newcomers have inherent advantages of newcomers, such as age and appearance. But newcomers also have their bad roots, such as not knowing how to deal with the relationship with named guests smoothly. In order to squeeze Takaoka dry, Liu Yue proposed to let her find a way to move to Shinjuku District, so that it would be very close to the store where he worked, and he could often go to her place for dates. In other words, he wanted to completely control her. In addition, he also promised Gao Gang that he would leave his job until September, and even considered marrying her. These words are actually against the taboo of a professional cowherd. Telling a lie that can be easily exposed to a named guest is destined to have dangerous consequences. Many “cowherd madness” finally found out that they were cheated and had a nervous breakdown, and even chose to commit suicide.
  Therefore, Takaoka’s trust in Liu Yue also slowly collapsed, after all, the other party’s lies were too clumsy, and her acting skills were also very immature. Facing the Cowherd whom she personally held popular among thousands of flowers like a fish in water, she gradually became unbalanced, and once even dragged him to the rooftop to say that he wanted to seek death, but at that time Liuyue’s sweet words still stabilized her.
  In order to be able to rent a decent apartment in Shinjuku, where the land is very expensive, Takaoka Yuka’s body business can be described as “hanging her life” (very desperately), she took a “job” with special money-in May Zhou accompanied a male guest on a trip abroad, and during this period, sex services were naturally indispensable, and he earned 2 million yen as a reward. So Takaoka took out 1.5 million and rented a new residence in Shinjuku. When Liuyue learned about the source of her money, she just said lightly: “Thank you, I’m really sorry to ask you to spend money.” The monthly
  rent of the new apartment together with the management fee needs a total of 110,000 yen. It was borne by Takaoka. In her blueprint of love, she constantly outlines the picture of a sweet cohabitation life with Liu Yue. For this goal, she wants to use her capital to earn as much money as possible.
  Two days before the murder, a friend told Gao Gang that he saw Liu Yue and other women having a room in a hotel. So she called Liuyue to question her, and the other party immediately denied having any physical relationship with others. At that time, Takaoka looked calm and humble. She said: “I hope you can tell me when you are with other girls in the future, don’t lie to me.” But in fact, this incident was the last one that crushed her reason. straw. Even a “cowherd mad” would realize that her efforts might not be worth it, and she could no longer force herself to listen to Liu Yue’s nonsense. But even so, Takaoka worked hard the next day, doing call business from 1 p.m. to 5 a.m. the next day. Even at 6:00 a.m. on May 23 on the day of the incident, she rushed to work in the “Women’s Bar” and returned home after serving 5 customers. During this period, she received a text message from Liu Yue saying that she was going to drink with a guest. This text message reminded her of the idea of ​​dying for love, so the first thing she did after work was to buy a knife and go back to the newly rented apartment to wait. Lucy is back.
  At 3 o’clock in the afternoon that day, Liu Yue came back, and the two started chatting in a normal way, and they even installed the curtains together, and then they became intimate again. After Liuyue fell asleep, Gao Gang went to the kitchen to get a newly bought knife, held the handle with both hands, and stabbed Liuyue’s abdomen forcefully. Liuyue, who was only wearing a pair of underwear at the time, woke up with a start. He pulled out the knife on his abdomen and shouted: “Understood, I like you, let’s be together forever.” In order to prevent Liuyue from running away, Takaoka stepped across Sitting on him, said: “If you like it, let’s die together.” Liu Yue had no choice but to grab her neck, break free from her and escape to the entrance. Gao Gang shouted “Don’t go” and chased after him, but was counterattacked by Liuyue, who knocked off her contact lens, and escaped from the apartment while her vision was blurred.
  Just like in the movie, Gao Gang, who had already committed a murder, did not chase out immediately, but pulled out a pair of glasses and put them on, and then took a cigarette and a mobile phone, and then went down the stairs to chase Liuyue. When she chased to the entrance of the apartment lobby, she saw Liu Yue lying on the ground covered in blood, looking very tragic. At this moment, “Cowherd Madness” suddenly calmed down for some reason, squatted beside Liuyue, lit a cigarette, and called the police while smoking. Takaoka, who has been immersed in the custom industry for many years, was only 21 years old at the time, but he was already an “old smoker” who smoked 4 packs of cigarettes a day. It was this scene that made this disqualified “cowherd mad” popular all over Japan.
“Phoenix” in the Embers

  Yuka Takaoka’s assassination of Niulang Ryuzuki is not special in Japanese folklore circles, but the “magic nature” of that live photo shocked too many people. Therefore, Takaoka Yuka finally tasted the taste of being a sought-after “star”. Many people imitated her appearance in the photo, and even made a figure of the bloody scene for sale.

Takaoka Yuka was arrested at the scene.

Takaoka Yuka at the trial site.

Photos on Takaoka Yuka’s social account.

With the efforts of Takaoka Yuka, Liuyue’s ranking in the store has been rising steadily, and it was once ranked third, and its popularity is getting stronger and stronger.

After being discharged from the hospital, Liuyue played the new name of “Phoenix” and made another gorgeous debut in Kabukicho.

  Liu Yue was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, and escaped after being in a coma for 6 days, but because the blade injured his liver, he could no longer drink alcohol. It stands to reason that a cowherd who can’t drink can’t drink with him. However, after being discharged from the hospital, Liuyue took on the new name of “Phoenix” and made another magnificent debut in Kabukicho, which made him famous in the cowherd circle. It is overwhelming. That is to say, the murderous “custom girl” and the “can’t drink” cowherd became famous because of this case, adding an absurd commentary mixed with blood and gold to the custom industry. The “cowherd madness” who is empty and has fallen into a black hole, the money worshiper who uses lies to build a dream of women, and the public who seek entertainment to death.
  In June 2019, Takaoka’s mother reached a settlement with Ryuzuki with 5 million yen. The content of the settlement also includes that she will no longer have any contact with Ryuzuki in the future, and she is not allowed to enter Kabukicho. If there are physical sequelae, the treatment fee will also be required Takaoka was responsible, and Liu Yue also submitted a petition for commutation to the court. On December 3 of the same year, Court No. 818 of the Tokyo District Court opened a trial, and Yuka Takaoka was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison.
  Now 4 years have passed since the case happened. Yuka Takaoka, who became a smash hit because of her “bloody beauty”, has been released after serving her sentence, and is determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps and take nursing courses. And Kabukicho in Shinjuku, where she can no longer set foot, has ushered in an increasingly luxurious spring after the epidemic. After her, the “cowboys” are still going on, either to fill a certain void in their hearts, or to satisfy “” They will continue to indulge in this illusionary world of blood and finance until their desires are burnt to ashes.

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