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The Power of Love: How to Use Your Aura to Attract Good Luck and Manifest Your Dreams

Everyone has their own unique aura. Although this aura is invisible, it has a powerful influence and shapes our life invisibly.

In 2008, the book “The Secret” became a bestseller all over the world. The law of attraction is well known to many people, and it also brought the name Rhonda Byrne into everyone’s sight.

Rhonda Byrne was once a person who was in debt and whose company was on the verge of bankruptcy. Because she learned the mystery of the law of attraction, she finally gained unlimited energy and became the top 100 most influential people in the world by the American “Time” magazine.

The “Power” that I want to recommend to you today is another new masterpiece by Rhonda Byrne after “The Secret”.

In the book, the author cites many stories of making wishes and giving love, and then the wishes come true. She is trying to tell us that if we want to change our living conditions and improve our happiness index, we must have the power of love.

Learn to output positive emotions,

Get rid of the troubles of daily life

What kind of magnetic field you have, what kind of life you will live.

Everyone has a unique magnetic field around them, no matter where you go, this magnetic field will follow you closely. Therefore, what kind of magnetic field you have will attract what kind of people and things.

According to the authors, emotions and feelings also have magnetic fields. Feeling good attracts more good things, and feeling bad attracts you to even worse magnets. Only those who persist in releasing positive emotions such as happiness and joy into the universe can reap the same happiness and joy.

Once, the author’s pet dog Kebi was accidentally lost. No matter how hard the family tried to find it, they couldn’t find it.

The author almost collapsed, but she knew that bad emotions would only usher in worse results, so she adjusted her mentality in time, and kept telling herself: “Kabby will return to her side safely tomorrow.” Kaibi’s dishes were cleaned and the food was put away, quietly waiting for Kaibi’s return.

Fortunately, the author accidentally found someone looking for information about the dog’s owner in a tree at the foot of the mountain the next morning. And this pet dog happens to be the author’s lost Kebbi.

So no matter what we encounter, we don’t have to panic, so as not to mess up our hands and feet. Only by controlling our emotions can things develop in a good direction.

Dr. Ben Jonson once said: “We are now in an era of energy medicine. Everything in the universe has a frequency. All you have to do is change the frequency or create the opposite frequency to get the desired frequency. desired result.”

Therefore, if you want to obtain positive effects, you must find the correct frequency, and this frequency is to learn to output positive emotions.

There are only two kinds of emotions, good and bad. No matter whether the emotions you release are good or bad, they will eventually be reflected back to you like an echo.

If you keep releasing bad emotions and complaining about God’s injustice and your own misfortune, then you will be surrounded by pain. If you can continuously release positive and positive emotions, you will naturally generate a good aura and attract good things.

Therefore, don’t say negative things lightly, and turn them into positive righteous thoughts before exporting, so that your life will continue to usher in more splendor and beauty.

Your current attitude and views on everything, as well as your choices will affect your future destiny.

Everything in our life is not accidental. The life we talk about may be your life.

Therefore, you should be active and calm when encountering problems, and constantly output positive emotions. Only by actively outputting positive emotions, will there be more love elements in your magnetic field, and you will be able to attract all good luck to yourself.

Use your imagination to create miracles

Thoreau once said: “The world is but a canvas for our imagination.”

Life has infinite possibilities. As long as you dare to imagine this world, it is really possible to construct the future according to your imagination.

The author wrote in the book: Imagination is the creativity of a person’s soul. If a person plays the role in his heart for a long time, his ideal will be realized soon. The subconscious mind is like a video recorder that reproduces what is in our mind.

The author once had this wonderful experience:

Years ago, she went to work in Paris. Once, she was attracted by a lady passing by because the dress on this lady fascinated her so much. So she kept imagining how she could wear this dress in her mind, and the more she thought about it, the happier and more excited she was.

Half a month later, on the way back, due to a traffic violation, she accidentally discovered that there was an identical skirt hanging on the window by the side of the road. After going to the store to try it on, not only did it fit, but the price was also reduced.

So, sometimes daydreaming is not meaningless. When you are imagining something, you have let it take root and sprout in your heart. As long as the time is right, it may blossom and bear fruit.

Conrad Hilton, the world’s hotel industry tycoon, also said that he often imagined himself as a hotel manager when he was very young, and kept imagining what he would look like after becoming a manager, which is why he has achieved today’s achievements.

So, imagination can help activate potential. If you use your imagination correctly, it can actually do wonders for you.

Not everyone’s dream can come true, but if you dare to think and do, the universe will receive strong signals from you to help you achieve what you set your mind to do.

Imagination is the starting point of dreams, it will help you transform your determination into a willpower, and constantly guide you, drive you, and help you attract more beautiful things into your life.

Those who believe in miracles will see miracles happen. Longing for an ideal future, the future will be ideal

Visualization of goals, making dreams within reach

Hermann Hesse once said: ” If a person directs his whole attention and his whole will to a definite thing, then he will find it.”

In fact, if you want to control anything you desire, you must first clarify your goals and make them as visible as possible.

Because visualization will give people a sense of pleasure that the goal has been achieved, which will make us feel happy. At the same time, the brain will continue to release successful signals to the universe to facilitate the achievement of the goal.

In the book, a woman made her dream come true by visualizing her goals.

The woman wanted a sorrel Morgan gelding so badly that she made a photo of the horse her computer desktop. She drew horses whenever she could. Even if she couldn’t afford it, she never stopped going to the racecourse to watch the horses.

In addition, she will take the children to try on riding boots and look at saddles. First buy some accessory products that you can afford, such as horseshoes, horse brushes, horse blankets, etc., and display them where you can see them.

As a result, at a horse fair, she actually won a horse, which happened to be exactly the same as her computer screen saver.

Napoleon “drilled” his strategy countless times before leading his troops into battle. He drew his goal on the map and posted it in a conspicuous place. Then he drew a map of Corsica, and after precise mathematical calculations, marked the various situations that might be deployed. This is exactly how he achieved his victories again and again.

Therefore, if you want to achieve a goal, you need to refine and visualize the goal as much as possible.

We can turn the goal into words or pictures and set it on the screen of a computer or mobile phone, or paste it in a place where we can see it at a glance at home. It is convenient for ourselves to check against each other every day, remind ourselves at all times, and give us more motivation to move towards our goals.

Visualized goals can deepen our memory of the goal through visual impact, making the goal more firmly engraved in our minds.

Visualized goals are like a wake-up call, constantly reminding us to focus on the goal, keep us passionate about the goal, and keep our actions around the goal until the goal is successfully achieved.

The right strategy starts with a clear goal. Knowing what you want is more important than anything else.

Only when the goal is fixed can the heart be fixed, and the heart can be refined. The direction of the heart, fearless and fearless, will eventually go forward and reach the place of your heart.

Be grateful to boost your energy levels

From the day we were born, we have been continuously receiving various favors:

The grace of the creation of heaven and earth, the grace of parental upbringing, the grace of Bole’s knowledge, the grace of friends giving a helping hand, etc.

Gratitude seems to have already become a compulsory subject in everyone’s life. Only those who know how to be grateful will be respected and helped by others.

The author proposes that behind gratitude is a person’s mind system, which can stimulate the infinite energy of the soul. Whatever energy you are grateful for, you will receive energy blessings. If a person insists on being grateful every day, then he will definitely be full of energy every day.

In the book, there is an experiment on water:

Studies have found that if you say some positive words about love and gratitude to the water every day, it can make the water form beautiful crystals, but if you say something like hate to the water every day, its crystallization will change. Broken and ugly.

A loving, grateful heart can vibrate with energy that can even change the world. Negative thinking will only bring us closer to a negative life, and a grateful heart can help us gain more happiness in life.

I have read such a passage on the Internet, and every time I think about it, I am touched:

“My hands can still move; my brain can still think; I have lifelong ideals; I have relatives and friends who love me and I love; yes, I still have a grateful heart…”

This passage comes from the scientist Hawking, a disabled person who is paralyzed at a high position and has lived in a wheelchair for more than 30 years. He never complains about life, but he can always be grateful, which is really admired by the world.

Those who are grateful will have the favor of God, and the blessings will come from themselves. A person who knows how to be grateful, his blessings will naturally continue to grow. The more love you give, the more love you will receive.

Gratitude is a way of expressing love, and only by being able to express love can we better link to love.

Those who know how to be grateful can better understand that the colorful world is born of love, can better understand the true meaning of life, and can better harvest energy blessings to achieve a happy life.

All encounters have a cause and effect.

Only those who understand love can understand the philosophy of a balanced life and truly harvest love.

Learn positive psychological hints, know how to use imagination to stimulate subconsciousness, use visualization to clarify goals, and use gratitude to self-empowerment, your life goals will be realized faster, and all the good things in the world will be around you Interlocking.

May you be able to think of everything you want, and you can achieve everything you want. Always focus on the sun, reap a better self, and constantly meet the bright future that you are thinking about.

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