The Interview Question That Revealed the Ideal Public Relations Manager

  A company recruits two public relations managers with high salaries. For this interview, the general manager racked his brains to come up with a novel interview question to test these excellent interviewers. Because most of the candidates have gone through multiple interviews now, the general interview questions are not difficult for them at all. Before asking questions, they have already thought about the answers. The general manager thought for a few days and finally came up with an interview question.
  On the day of the interview, several candidates arrived early. The general manager looked at the interviewees, and saw that they looked very complacent, and at a glance, he knew that they were experienced interviewers, and they all came prepared.
  The manager said to everyone with a smile on his face: “Today I am going to ask an interview question, and you should answer it according to your own real thoughts. Whoever answers the most appropriate answer will be hired. My question is: ‘When do you need to demolish rivers and bridges? What?’ Please think carefully before answering.”
  Everyone was stunned after listening to the question, because it was the first time they had heard this kind of interview question. Although the question seemed simple, it contained a lot of content and seemed to imply something. Therefore, everyone began to think hard, thinking carefully from various angles such as the relationship between the question and the position to be tested, and the general manager’s intention to write the question. They all wanted their answers to be the most perfect and satisfy the general manager.
  Interviewer No. 1 was the first to answer, and he said: “There is no need to cross rivers and demolish bridges at any time, because this is a disgusting behavior in itself. Therefore, I am very opposed to this wicked practice. My answer is, no. When it is necessary to cross the river and tear down the bridge.”
  Then interviewer No. 2 said calmly: “Crossing the river and tearing down the bridge is also a method, of course it refers to when there is a need, for example, in a war, when there are chasing troops behind, you have to do this kind of crossing the river to tear down the bridge It is also a kind of wise self-protection. Shopping malls are like battlefields, and this method must be used when necessary in shopping malls.” The
  manager nodded in satisfaction after hearing this, and motioned for No. 3 to give his answer.
  No. 3 stood up and said confidently: “Crossing a river and demolishing bridges is absolutely necessary on some occasions. For example, when you build a new bridge over a river, because of insufficient materials, you must remove raw materials from the old bridge and add them to the new bridge.” The bridge is under construction, so this is also a beneficial method. Although this word is derogatory, as long as it is used flexibly, the derogatory meaning will become beneficial.” “That’s right.” The manager stood up and said to everyone with satisfaction
  , “You are all right. From your answers, number one is a very honest and responsible person, but he is not suitable for working in the public relations department. Both numbers two and three make sense, which shows that their thinking is not rigid Yes, it is very suitable for the position you are applying for. Because we are recruiting for a public relations position, we need people with quick responses and flexible thinking. Therefore, both of you have been admitted, and I welcome you to join on behalf of the company.” The general manager
  said Resonating with the two recruiters, this recruitment topic also allowed the general manager to recruit the talents he needed. As for No. 1, the general manager did not refuse to hire him because of his frankness, but transferred him to another position that was more suitable for him.
  The general manager said: “The three are all selected from among many players, and it is not easy to make it to the final level. Therefore, I can’t do the thing of ‘crossing the river and tearing down the bridge’. Transfer No. 1 to a position that suits him, It can be regarded as promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and I hope that everyone can work hard in their new positions and make some achievements.”

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