The Importance of Persistence in Weight Loss and Other Areas of Life

  After the physical examination results came out and I was “interviewed” by the doctor, I finally made up my mind to start losing weight. Losing weight is nothing more than two things: shut up and open your legs. Exercise is definitely essential. Get up early and run for an hour in the morning, exercise for half an hour during lunch break, and walk for dozens of minutes at night. As for what to eat—lunch is halved, and dinner is skipped. Such a two-pronged approach will definitely have an effect within a month.
  After hearing my plan, Sister Li shook her head: “It’s too hard, I’m afraid it won’t work…” “A man has to be tough on himself, how can it be effective if he isn’t hard?” I was already full of ambition and eager to try. The next day, as soon as the alarm clock rang, I jumped up, ran, skipped rope, cycled, and walked, hoping to make up for the long-lost exercise in one day. However, after just a few days, I kind of couldn’t hold on – it was just too painful. This amount of exercise in a day is simply a burden for me. When I open my eyes in the morning, I don’t want to get up when I think about doing so much exercise. Even the night before, I would be restless and sleepless because of it. The eating habits developed over the years suddenly changed, and the feeling of hunger was unforgettable. Sometimes I can’t help but have doubts about my weight loss behavior. If I can’t even fill my stomach every day, what’s the point of living a long life?
  When I saw Sister Li again, I was so sad that I almost wrote the word “give up” on my face. But Sister Li, who is also losing weight, looks very relaxed, and her mood doesn’t seem to be affected in any way. “Your high-intensity weight loss may be really effective, but the premise is that you can persist. If you can’t persist, no matter how good the plan is, it’s meaningless, right?” Sister Li seemed to see through my mind and said with a smile.
  Sister Li told me that she didn’t want to embarrass herself too much, and she didn’t want to make weight loss so painful. Her plan was to eat a little less for three meals a day, quit snacks, eat more fruits and vegetables, and take a walk downstairs for half an hour after dinner. . It sounds weak, but after half a year or a year, you will definitely be able to lose weight. More importantly, this process is very easy, without the slightest pressure, and it is easier to persevere. In comparison, it can achieve a good weight loss effect. In fact, in the past six months, Sister Li has successfully lost 5 kilograms.
  Sister Li’s words reminded me of my experience of learning English a few years ago. When I first started learning English, I made a strict study plan for myself, how many words to recite in a day, how many exercises to do, how many English articles to read, and so on. Sounds perfect, but just can’t stick with it. Later, I changed my mind and stopped deliberately setting tasks for myself. I just changed all kinds of entertainment into English. Comics, games, movies, documentaries, etc., were all changed into Chinese and English or the original English version. In this way, I am entertaining and studying at the same time. Now three or four years later, I can understand most English movies without subtitles.
  There is an old saying: If you have perseverance, why bother to sleep three times and wake up five times; the most useless thing is to be exposed to the cold for ten days. In fact, many things are like this. We all know that persistence is very important, but how to persist for a long time is a science. It is better to be more relaxed and at ease than to cause bitterness and hatred. It is best to be able to feel joy and enjoy it, so that the goal can be achieved unconsciously. Life is a long-distance race, the end point is our goal, but the running process is the details that fill our life.

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