The Gift of Wishes and it’s Consequences on Family Bonds

In a small town, there was a wealthy couple. The husband was smart and capable, and the wife was beautiful and kind. After they have a lot of wealth, they are more eager to have a smart, cute, healthy and lively child. But God did not let them do what they wanted, because the woman was unable to have children due to physical reasons.
  One night, the man picked up a small meteor that fell from the sky by the river, and it exuded a golden light. The most amazing thing is that this little star can talk. It said to the man: “Dear Sir, my name is Wish, as long as you are willing to pay the price, I can fulfill any wish for you, please take me home!
  ” Without hesitation, they brought the little star named Ruyu back home. After discussing with his wife, the couple decided to use the money and real estate they now have as a price in exchange for a boy. They told Ruyuan of their decision. Soon, the woman became pregnant, and later she gave birth to a healthy little boy. Even though their lives have now changed from affluence to poverty, the birth of the boy, named Mooney, brings together the best days for the couple. Six years later, with his shrewd mind, the man returned to a wealthy life after hard work.
  One day, when six-year-old Mooney came home crying, his loving parents asked him what was wrong? Mooney said: “Dear father and mother, my classmates said I was stupid and refused to play with me.” He burst into
  tears while talking, and his father was very angry, but he had to admit that his son was indeed better than other children. Stupid. Seeing the child’s grievances, the father decided to use his intelligence as a price to ask for his wish: “Give my intelligence to my child!” The
  man’s wish was fulfilled and Mooney became smart, but he His father has become stupid.
  When Mooney was twelve years old, Mooney was distressed again. Mooney’s beautiful mother asked: “My clever child, what’s the matter with you?” Mooney replied with a sigh:
  ”Dear mother, I grew up It’s so ugly that everyone doesn’t like me, especially the girls, they don’t want to talk to me.”
  Mother was very angry when she heard this, but she had to admit that Mooney was indeed not very good looking. So she decided to use her beauty as a price and pleaded to him: “Dedicate my beauty to my favorite child!”
  Mooney has become handsome, he has beautiful blond hair, divine eyes, and perfect eyes. physique. But his poor mother grew old, her fair hair turned gray, her body grew thinner, her eyes faded.
  When Mooney was sixteen, he fell in love with a beautiful girl. But the girl didn’t love him, she had her own heart, Mooney was very sad, he couldn’t eat or sleep because of the heartache, his parents knew it, and they were very sad to see their son so sad. Later, they made another decision. They thought that Mooney still had a long way to go in life, and the couple was old, and they should leave the best things to their children.
  The couple decided to use the love between them as a price to ask for their wishes, and all their wishes came true. Mooney got his beloved, but there was no affection between his parents, and naturally they also had no affection for Mooney, and the parents left their son.
  After Mooney inherited his father’s business, he had money, good looks, and a beautiful wife. Everything he wished for came true, but he didn’t feel happy. He always felt that all these things should not belong to him. What is easy is always unsettling. At night, Mooney often dreamed that his poor mother was sick in a dilapidated house, while his father was living on the street, and Mooney was very heartbroken.
  One night, Mooney’s wife found the little wish-fulfilling star, and she gave it to Mooney. Mooney was very surprised, because the little star could talk, and it said: “My name is wish-fulfilling, and I can make a wish for you.” Whatever you wish, as long as you pay the price.”
  Mooney pondered for a long time, and decided to use what he has now to switch back to the past. He hoped that time could be turned back. He made a wish for his wish, but… Mooney’s wish was not fulfilled, but he was broken. Maybe it came true There is no way to go back in time at all. Mooney was very disappointed. At this moment, Mooney’s wife returned home happily. She said excitedly: “Oh! Honey, I’m pregnant. What should I name it?” After hearing this, Mooney cheered up from the disappointment , He understands why the wish is broken, time will not go back, but it can make people cherish the time in the future. Mooney’s parents’ excessive love for Mooney and Mooney’s over-reliance on his parents are believed to be corrected in the future, not to mention that the wish has disappeared.

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