The CIA and the Kennedy Assassination: A 60-Year Cover-Up?

  On November 22, 1963, President Kennedy was shot, shocking the world. Decades later, the truth is still elusive. On May 7, 2023, Kennedy’s nephew, Robert Kennedy Jr., asserted in an interview: “The CIA participated in the assassination of Kennedy and concealed it for 60 years.” On November 22, 1963, the then President of the United
  States John F. Kennedy shocked the world when he was shot in a convertible. Decades later, the truth is still elusive. On May 7, 2023, Kennedy’s nephew Robert Kennedy Jr. asserted in an interview: “Overwhelming evidence shows that the CIA participated in the assassination of Kennedy and concealed it for 60 years    .
The “concealment” refers to “the US CIA did not release the files as required by the Act”. In 1992, the U.S. Congress passed a bill requiring the release of all investigative documents related to the Kennedy assassination before October 26, 2017. However, both US President Biden and former President Trump have only released some confidential documents, and the declassification work is progressing slowly.
   Robert Jr. also talked about a book published in 2008, “Kennedy and the Unspeakable Truth”, author Jim Douglas compiled all the evidence of the Kennedy assassination released over the past few decades. He believes that Kennedy was indeed assassinated by the CIA because he gradually changed from a “cold fighter” to a pursuer of lasting peace after becoming president, but the US military intelligence agencies wanted to win the “cold war” at any cost, and he believed that Kennedy’s transformation was “betrayal”. “, these “unmentionable” forces killed Kennedy.
   Robert Jr. said: “These evidence and testimonies are released gradually, and when they are piled together, the story is very clear-when my uncle (Kennedy) was president, he was held hostage by the US military-industrial complex and intelligence agencies, these agencies He was asked to expand the war in Laos, Vietnam, etc. He refused, saying that it is the job of the President of the United States to keep the country out of war.” Many people read
   this book and said, “There is no doubt that the CIA is involved.”
   Not long ago, American conservative program host Tucker Carlson pointed out the “shocking conspiracy” behind Kennedy’s assassination in a program “CIA and Kennedy”. Carlson said the CIA “played a role” in the Kennedy assassination and said he had a source who “was not a conspiracy theorist, but someone who had access to secret CIA documents and was very familiar with their contents.” . Carlson once asked the other party: “Did the CIA play a role in this case?” The other party replied: “There is no doubt that they were involved. This country is completely different from what we imagined.” “Strange Killing Chain” Back
   1963 , There is a “weird chain of killings” behind Kennedy’s assassination.
   70 minutes after the incident, the police arrested the suspect Oswald and found a revolver from him. After comparison, it was confirmed that the bullet that hit Kennedy was fired from this pistol.
   Oswald came from a poor family and was a retired Marine. He once traveled to the Soviet Union and yearned for this country very much. He once settled in Minsk, and later returned to the United States because he could not adapt to life in the Soviet Union. Because of this background, former CIA director Woolsey once made a statement in his book in 2021, claiming that Oswald had been recruited by the KGB (Soviet intelligence agency) and was ordered to return to the United States to assassinate Kennedy. However, after being arrested at the scene of the assassination that year, Oswald repeatedly denied that he was the murderer. Two days later, when the police were preparing to send Oswald to prison, he was assassinated by another gunman in full view, and he still claimed to be a “scapegoat” before dying.
   The gunman who killed him was Jack Ruby, the owner of a bar. Police said Ruby was so saddened by Kennedy’s death that he killed Oswald.
   During the investigation, Ruby repeatedly asked the Warren Commission in charge of the case to take him back to Washington, feeling that his life was “in danger at any time,” but the Commission refused. Ruby died in hospital of lung cancer in 1967, claiming he had been poisoned.
   In the three years since Kennedy’s death, a total of 18 people who were present at the scene of the shooting or were directly related to the case died. Despite the many doubts, the case was quickly “solved.” In 1964, the U.S. government issued a report stating that there was only one “lone wolf” gunman who assassinated Kennedy, and he was Oswald, and “there was no huge conspiracy” behind it. According to polls, most Americans do not buy this statement. For a long time, the U.S. government has kept the relevant documents secret, which has intensified the American public’s speculation about the conspiracy behind Kennedy’s assassination.
   Evidence and testimonies slowly piece together a different story than the official findings. In this story, the CIA is the protagonist.
   Ten years ago, William Turner gave a key piece of testimony. Turner served as an FBI agent from 1951 to 1961, specializing in counterespionage cases and other major cases. Combining several investigative materials, he came to the conclusion that – “The Kennedy murder was planned by the CIA. The head of the CIA and Kennedy had a dispute after the ‘Bay of Pigs’ incident that invaded Cuba in 1961. Knowing that the overthrow of the Cuban leadership Fidel Castro’s plan failed, Kennedy said he would break the CIA into 1,000 pieces”.
   Jefferson Morley, an expert on the Kennedy assassination case, also put forward this statement: “The suspect Oswald has long had a relationship with the CIA. Before November 22, 1963, he participated in another operation of the CIA. The purpose is to attribute the previous violent incident to Castro and create an excuse for the United States to invade Cuba in an all-round way.”
   In the face of endless evidence and doubts, the CIA’s attitude has always been: “These are all lies.
  ” It is constantly being mentioned. Wei Nanzhi, a researcher at the American Institute of the Chinese
   Academy of Social Sciences said: “Nine presidents have been assassinated in American history, but Kennedy’s assassination has attracted the most attention of the American people. This case is tragic and strange, and the official investigation results are too absurd. Convince the American people.”
   Why is the Kennedy assassination still being brought up? According to Wei Nanzhi’s analysis, the most fundamental reason is that under various pressures at the time, Kennedy implemented the “Peace Strategy”, promoted the reform of the Federal Reserve, and consolidated the achievements of the “Affirmative Rights Movement” through administrative orders. A series of measures affected the military-industrial complex and racism. fundamental interests of those involved.
   Robert Jr.’s accusation is a rare move by the Kennedy family to publicly name the CIA. But the remarks did not appear to have had a major impact.
   Wei Nanzhi said that the reaction of the American people to this was flat, precisely because the CIA had already lost its credibility. “Institutions such as the CIA are increasingly controlling American politics, society, and the economy. But at the same time, more and more Americans believe that these institutions are just tools for vested interest groups to protect their own interests.”

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