The Beauty of Wall Roses

  ”Dad, look there! What’s that? How beautiful it is!”
  With nothing to do on the weekend, he took his son out for a stroll, and the child suddenly screamed.
  I looked in the direction of the child’s finger, and saw a stainless steel fenced courtyard wall covered with colorful fine flowers.
  From a distance, it looks beautiful and red flowers are everywhere. Looking closely, the flowers are clustered together, very beautiful.
  All of a sudden, I was deeply attracted by the countless small flowers like stars on the wall, and the flower wall that could not be seen at a glance.
  Stop and watch, there is a wall of roses.
  This is my daily routine! In spring, the city is full of flowers and lush vegetation. On this casual morning, a surprising discovery was made.
  Counting from the day my son was born, for five whole springs and autumns, no matter it is windy or rainy, or the sun is shining; I have stopped here, never gazed at it, let alone entertained it, and never discovered that there was such a beautiful and amazing place in this busy city!
  I decided to take my son and continue to walk along the familiar and familiar city roads, looking for the roses just discovered along the roadside, rivers and parks. Walking on the road, I was thinking, is there still a wall or a few walls of roses blooming silently in a certain corner?
  When I was a child, I liked a kind of flower. This kind of flower blooms in April every year. Countless small flowers hang on the branches, sometimes climbing on trees, sometimes climbing on stone walls, and sometimes stretching freely like a messy sphere of plants. The ground is open there, neither far nor near, neither high nor low. There are many small thorns on the flower branches. If you are not careful, you will pierce your little hand, and when it is serious, it will bleed.
  This kind of flower has a nice name called Rose Flower, also known as “Wall Sweat”, which I later discovered in “Compendium of Materia Medica” “The grass is soft and grows against the wall, so it is named Qiang Sweeper”. name.
  Along the clean and tidy roads of the city, I took my son to search carefully, and inadvertently found a family in the garden, weaving bamboo as a fence, erecting a wooden frame as a pavilion, and pulling roses to the fence, which is called “wooden garden”. Incense shed”.
  These roses are in the spring, in the blooming season, in the warm April spring breeze, in the soft and charming light and shadow, at the edge of the hustle and bustle, at the end of the bustling place, in the time of yesterday’s rain bathing and cleaning time, there are these roses. In one or several secluded and elegant corners, a few people sit under flower stands, a table, and a few white chairs, accompanied by hundreds of roses, drinking or eating, talking or laughing . There is a feeling of seclusion in the bustling world, just like a great hermit living in the city, a kind of relaxation and joy that has not been seen for a long time, and a comfortable mood hits people’s hearts.
  Taking advantage of the interest, continue to move forward. When we came to Baihe Wetland Park, the white arc-shaped corridor stretched for hundreds of meters, and the rose branches stretched for more than five or six meters. The white or beige flowers on it were embedded in the green leaves, exuding a strong fragrance, which is endless aftertaste.
  Gently stroking the bunches of cute pink flowers with your hands, your heart follows the flowers and turns as you like. I like roses, its small size, its tenderness and shyness, its colorful colors, and the bouquets of flowers falling down from the wall in an instant.
  In the small parks of the city, on the banks of streams, roadsides, gardens, corners, etc., from time to time, you can see flower pillars, flower gates, fences and fences, walls, rocks, etc. covered with dense roses, white Stunning, bright red, charming yellow, in dense bushes, full of brilliant branches, the scenery is quite good.
  There is a kind of rose called pink rose, which is the most eye-catching, and the flowers are colorful and colorful, which makes people feel happy. The one that grows in the wild is called Ye Shan, and its fragrance is stronger, comparable to that of roses. There are also other flowers, such as Baoxiang Jinshaluo, Jintiyu, Buddha’s Smile, Seven Sisters, Ten Sisters, Erythrina, Laurel, etc., which move because of the wind and are happy because of the situation.
  A wall of roses that cannot be hidden, but blindfolded my eyes. After living in this city for so long, a long-lost mountain atmosphere permeates my heart.
  Beside the fresh and refined Rose Waterfall, hats, flower baskets, cameras, reflectors, tripods and other equipment are all on display to enjoy the flowers. When the crystal curtain moves and the breeze rises, the frame is full of roses and the whole courtyard is fragrant. Quietly stretching petals layer upon layer, thousands of branches protrude from the colorful rose bushes, the breeze blows, and the petals fall with the wind. Seeing the flowers, the fragrance of the flowers is refreshing.
  ”Half a pomegranate, a branch of apricot, and five-color roses.” The best thing to see is the five-color rose flower wall, with lush flowers and leaves, fragrant and quiet, various flower shapes, and full of affection.
  A wall of fragrance, a fresh fragrance, soaked in the humid air of the river, and the sky above the city is filled with the smell of roses. I am used to the hustle and bustle of the world, but I just forgot to look back for a moment. In the moment of looking forward, in the golden years, there is a wall of roses like a table of fireworks in the world. Just like the fishing boat in Baihe last night, in the mottled light and shadow, the fishing net fell into the water instantly after being opened, but circles and ripples appeared on the water surface, and then gradually disappeared in the light and shadow. If you have never been here, if you have not stopped here, if you have not stared and looked up carefully, wouldn’t the circles of ripples be like a wall of roses in yesterday?
  The flowers are swaying and dancing. The love of flowers is even stronger. In the past years, I was too concerned about the distant scenery, but I forgot that the river is vast, and on the bank of the white river in the distance, there is a wall of colorful roses, facing the spring breeze. Spring blossoms in the sunshine.

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