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iPhone 15 Pro to Become Main Product in 2023, Standard Version Sees Few Upgrades

In the past two days, there have been more news related to iPhone 15. On June 24, Apple issued a stocking order, and the iPhone 15 series is expected to set a record of 89 million shipments; on June 26, Foxconn has recruited more than 1,000 workers per day to meet the mass production of the iPhone 15 series…

Just today, “iPhone 15Pro will become the main product” rushed to the top of the hot search.

According to the latest research report from display supply chain consulting company DSCC, iPhone 15 panel orders are expected to be 100% higher than iPhone 14 panel orders in the same period last year .

In addition, the proportion of Pro models in the panel orders of the iPhone 15 series is also higher than that of the iPhone 14 series in the same period last year. According to the report, “Pro models accounted for 58% of the panel shipments of the iPhone 15 series from June to July, while iPhone 14Pro models accounted for only 43% in the same period last year.” It can be seen that Apple attaches great importance to the Pro version . .

Many netizens began to speculate on Apple’s motivation for doing so. One of the comments wrote: The main Pro version may be because the standard model has almost no upgrades.

It sounds like a joke at first, but after laughing and thinking about it carefully, it makes sense. The editor of Ke read a circle of evaluations and came to the conclusion that: The difference between iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 is really not that big .

In terms of appearance design, the biggest difference between the two is that the front of the iPhone 14 adopts a classic bangs design, while the iPhone 15 adopts a pill-shaped design, which makes the display area of ​​the mobile phone screen larger, making watching videos and browsing the web more comfortable and natural.

In terms of hardware, the iPhone 14 is equipped with an Apple A15 bionic chip, and the charging port is Lightning. The iPhone 15 uses the updated Apple A16 bionic chip, which has higher performance and energy efficiency than the A15; it also uses a USB-C charging port , which has a higher data transfer rate and wider compatibility. Can be easily connected to many different devices.

The biggest part of the iPhone 15 upgrade should be the image. The new model will use a 48-megapixel main camera. After turning on the high-pixel mode, the image quality of the iPhone 15 will undoubtedly be better than that of the iPhone 14.

When the iPhone 14 series was released last year, Smart Island became the most interesting feature, but unfortunately it was only used on the Pro version. The iPhone 15 has been confirmed by multiple sources that the entire series will use Smart Island, but the standard version of the iPhone 15 still only has the same 60Hz refresh rate as the iPhone 14.

From this point of view, apart from the different functions of the camera and peripherals, there is no essential difference between 14 and 15.
The Pro version further narrows the screen frame on the basis of the previous generation. Judging from the renderings, the screen-to-body ratio has increased significantly. In addition, the middle frame will also be replaced with the same titanium material as the Apple Watch Ultra. This material has the advantage of being more scratch-resistant, but the texture may not be as good as stainless steel.

The iPhone 15Pro is equipped with a brand new A17 chip, which will significantly improve power consumption. The memory is upgraded to 8GB, and the C port supports high-speed transmission.

Compared with the standard version, the Pro has a high-refresh screen, large memory, three cameras, fast charging, and a titanium middle frame. This is a sincere work.

It is understood that the demand after the release of the iPhone 14Pro last fall has greatly exceeded Apple’s expectations. With a precedent, Apple paid more attention to the iPhone 15Pro order and adjusted the product mix.

The gap between the standard version and the Pro version is gradually widening, showing a trend of polarization.

Apple’s marketing strategy seems to have changed. Pro is no longer simply “icing on the cake”, but a product that better distinguishes user groups.

It stands to reason that to distinguish user groups, it is more common in the mobile phone industry to establish a sub-brand, just like Xiaomi has Redmi, Vivo has iQOO, and OPPO has realme.

But Apple has no sub-brands until now.

The reason is not hard to guess. First of all, Apple does not take the cost-effective route. Apple launches 4 iPhones every year, which are polished products at best, and “squeeze toothpaste” at worst. In this way, there is still no need to worry about selling, and naturally there is no need to spend energy to build a sub-brand.

Doesn’t Apple want to seize the low-end market?

Of course I want to. Apple had the iPhone 5C before and the iPhone SE series later, but the sales were worse than the last.

People use metal material, it uses plastic material. Others change the glass material, and the appearance of its flagship machine is decentralized, and the appearance of the old model three or four years ago is still decentralized. The battery is small, charging is slow, and there is no full screen. No one wants to be taken advantage of by this.

The iPhone 5C was listed as an obsolete product in 22 years (discontinued for more than 5 years and less than 7 years), and the iPhone SE3 has only been released for only one year. Maybe everyone can’t remember this phone. It can be said that the sense of existence is not Generally low.

Still, who would buy an iPhone if the iPhone SE was perfect?
It’s not that Apple doesn’t want to launch a sub-brand, but it’s really unnecessary at the moment.

Since we can’t create a new brand and the performance of the new series is not good, let’s make a distinction on the products currently launched.

The gap between the standard version and the Pro version is gradually becoming apparent.

It has been revealed before that due to the increase in production costs of the iPhone 15/Pro by about 12% and 20% respectively, Apple may raise the price of this new generation of phones.

Some peers have speculated that according to Apple’s usual pricing method, the basic model of the iPhone 15 may increase by about $50, while the Pro model may be about $100.

Last year, the initial launch price of the iPhone 14 standard version was 5,999 yuan, and the Pro version was 7,999 yuan. Calculated in this way, the “Super Big Cup” on the Bank of China’s side has directly reached the 10,000 yuan level.

In general, the details of the iPhone 15 series have been adjusted well, but there is no major iteration in general. Coupled with the likely price increase, it was a bit disappointing.

For the iPhone 15, do you prefer the standard version or the Pro version?

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