How to See Things from Different Perspectives and Avoid Cognitive Bias

  There are a few facts that I find very interesting, and I don’t know if you feel the same way.
  Behind my apartment there is a small river leading to the Rhine. I often go there for a walk once in the evening, and it has become a habit to go along the east bank, cross the bridge and return along the west bank. When I went to the east coast, I felt that the scenery on the west coast was more beautiful than that on the east coast; when I walked on the west coast, it was just the opposite, and I felt that the scenery on the east coast was more beautiful than that on the west coast. The houses with grass and trees on the opposite bank are certainly more beautiful than those on this side, but they are not as good as the reflection in the river. It is the same tree, its body is very ordinary, but its reflection has the color of another world. I usually like to look at the smoky distant trees, the snow-covered world and the quiet moon scene at night. It is something that is not surprising when you are familiar with it, but it looks very beautiful when the fog, snow, and moon are covered with a layer of white gauze.
  Northerners first saw the West Lake, and people from the plains saw Emei for the first time. Even villagers with weak aesthetics were amazed by their wonders; In my heart, I often feel that West Lake and Emei are nothing more than that. Novelty places are more beautiful than familiar ones. Orientals who are new to the West, or Westerners who are new to the East, often feel that the foreground objects in front of them are worth pondering. Clothes and behaviors that locals think are unfashionable, often look beautiful to foreigners.
  Antiquarianism is also weird. A bronze tripod from the Zhou Dynasty or an earthen vase from the Han Dynasty were just daily utensils for holding wine and meat at that time, but now they have become very rare works of art. Although some people who love antiques are greedy for their value, there are quite a few people who think antiques are really interesting. When I go to a foreigner’s house, the host is often happy to show me some Chinese things. These are always just decorations such as porcelain arhats, boa robes, and pictures of fishermen, woodcutters, plowing and reading. I often feel shy when I see them, but the owner sincerely praises them for their beauty.
  Farmers often envy scholars, and scholars often envy farmers. The yellow rice wine by the bamboo fence and the delicacies and seafood in the Zhumen mansion all taste better to the bystanders than those tasted by the authorities themselves. Reading Tao Yuanming’s poems, we often feel that the life of a farmer is an ideal life, but the taste that the farmer himself tastes when farming in the scorching sun and cold wind is by no means as leisurely as Tao Yuanming described.
  People are often dissatisfied with their own situation and envious of other people’s situation. People’s attitudes towards the present and the past also have the same difference. What was originally a bitter experience often turns into a very sweet memory later. When I was young, I lived in the country. In the morning, I saw those huts, fields, and rows of green hills, and at night I saw those huts, fields, and rows of green hills. , but can not help but have some nostalgia.
  You must have noticed these experiences. What are they for?
  It’s all about differences in views and attitudes. Looking at the reflection, looking at the past, looking at the situation of others, and looking at strange scenery is like standing on land and looking at the sea fog from a distance. Without being bound by reality and personal interests, you can enjoy the wonderful scenery at present leisurely. Looking at the body, looking at the present, looking at one’s own situation, and looking at the sights you are familiar with are like encountering sea fog on a sea boat. You only know that it hinders your breathing, and you only think that it delays your journey and portends danger, and you don’t have the heart to appreciate its beauty. Look at things with a practical attitude. They are only tools or obstacles in practical life, and they can only arouse desire or aversion. To see the beauty of things themselves, we must jump away from the practical world and appreciate their own images in the spirit of “doing nothing”. All in all, there is a distance between beauty and real life. In order to see the beauty of things themselves, we must look at them at a proper distance.

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