How Electricity Changed Our Perception of Nature and Life

  Scientists speculate that human beings originated from a big bang in the universe, when chaos first opened, light came, and then life came. The core of Chinese traditional culture is “yin and yang”, and the interaction of yin and yang produces thunder and lightning. No one is not afraid of thunder and lightning. It turns out that people once worshiped thunder and lightning as gods.
  When I was seven or eight years old, I went down to dig grass, caught up with a heavy thunderstorm, and hid in a hut in a panic to avoid the rain. The inside was already full of people, and everyone was very nervous, and those standing at the door desperately squeezed into the room. The thunder exploded one after another, as if they were exploding on the roof, and the lightning bolted one after another, as if they were about to enter the hut, and even split the house in half.
  The real fear, on the contrary, did not scream. Everyone was so frightened that they dared not even breathe, and they might have remembered the incident of “Thunder God Punishes Evil” the previous summer. At the south end of the village, there was a man named Han Peishi. After a fight with someone, he vented his anger on the crops. While walking, he beat the ears of grain on the side of the road with a whip. Suddenly, he was overtaken by a flash of lightning and fell to the ground without moving. up.
  At this time, I heard a familiar shout from the direction of the village. It was my mother who was running towards Wa while calling my name, holding a piece of oilcloth to protect me from the rain. I forgot about the thunder on my head, rushed out of the hut, and ran to my mother with half a basket of grass on my back. Lei Dian didn’t chase me, so it can be seen that Lei Gong wasn’t coming after me either. I followed my mother home steadily, and recited a folk song loudly in the rain: “The bursts of thunder sounded all over the sky, and I thought it was God who wanted to smoke. How do you know that God wants to smoke? I hit the fire sickle one after another.” Afterwards, I went to Tianjin
  . It was only when I was in school that I really understood the significance of Franklin’s kite-flying method to catch lightning. In big cities, people have cleverly separated “thunder” from “electricity”. There is a long lightning rod on the top of all high-rise buildings. The thunder that cannot be avoided is mostly Shen Lei and Yuan Lei, and it is rare to encounter it. The thunderbolt that exploded above his head. Electricity is not only not scary, but also extremely cute. It creates magic and achieves a colorful world.
  The ancients said: “Stone fire has no permanent flame, and electric light cannot last forever.” The wisdom of urban people lies in making electric light last bright and durable. Electricity is ubiquitous in the city and relies on electricity everywhere, such as electric lights, telephones, ammeters, telegraphs, record players and so on. The most wonderful thing is the tram, one line has one color, the green tram goes around the city, and the red tram goes to the Central Park… In the northwest corner, you can get to Quanyechang for two cents. After entering Quanyechang, I realized that the city was darker than the countryside, and lamps had to be lit during the day. In fact, the electric lights in the city are not only for lighting, but also for looking good. During the day, the city looks dead, pale, crowded, and heavy, but at night it comes alive when the lights are on, with colors and vigor. The so-called “scenery” means that only when there is light can there be scenery. The charming night scene in the city, to put it bluntly, is the “electricity scene”, and it is electricity that gives life and vitality to the city.
  Electricity is so wonderful, how can people not be greedy and think that more of it is better? This endless pursuit turns electricity into a moody and uncontrollable “thunder and lightning”, which in turn begins to restrict cities and modern people. At that time, I was in charge of production in a workshop of the factory, and it seemed that there was a sword hanging over my head at all times – “power cut”. At the beginning, there was a power outage every Tuesday; later, it was changed to a daily limit, and as soon as the number was used up, the switch would be closed on the spot regardless of the three seven twenty one.
  Every morning, when I was riding a bicycle, I felt my ears prick up as soon as I passed the Baimiao. When I heard the “five-ton hammer” in my workshop clanging and shaking the ground, I felt refreshed, knowing that there was an electric shock. . If you ride to Nancang and it is still quiet, your head will suddenly become big, and the first thing you do when you go to work is to run the battery. Just because I have to run electricity frequently, call calls, wait for calls, and fight with electricity every day, I have to be on duty in the workshop for almost four days a week. It was at that time that I fell into a problem, which has not been corrected until now: the brighter the lights at night, the more lively the forging hammers are beating, and the more sound I sleep; when the lights are off and the sound of the hammer stops, I wake up immediately.
  I don’t want to, but within a few years, we’ve become “beautiful” when it comes to electricity. Factories no longer “cut electricity”, and every household has its own electricity meter. However, the more electricity is used and the more convenient it is to use, the more people rely on electricity. The so-called modern world makes people feel that it is a world of electricity. Without electricity, nothing can be done.
  Modern man, also known as “electric man”. Since the early 1990s, when I lost my pen and switched to using a computer to write, I gradually realized that my brain had undergone serious changes. My brain must be supplemented with a computer to be a complete and easy-to-use brain. If you don’t have a computer and just a brain, you can’t think, you can’t enter the creative state, it’s just stupid. Whenever there is something wrong with the computer, for example, being attacked by a virus, or losing files, I will be so anxious to bump my head, to exaggerate, like my own little world has come to an end.
  Electricity, an invisible and intangible thing, was originally a weightless fluid, but now it not only fully controls people’s material life, but also deeply intervenes in the spiritual life of modern people. For example, without watching TV at night, without computers and mobile phones in work and life, is it like losing your soul?
  Obviously, electricity has become the “soul” of modern life.

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