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You gotta have a face that loves life

  Wouldn’t it be embarrassing for a person to sleep only two or three hours for a few days? Well, most people do, Angel doesn’t.
  After the company’s decoration and upgrade, it ushered in the celebration of reopening. Angel is the person in charge of the entire opening ceremony, and she is in charge of inviting guests, media contacts, personnel arrangements, celebration programs, required matters and materials. The night before the celebration, we worked overtime until 1 o’clock in the middle of the night before finishing the rehearsal program. Worried that it would be unsafe for me and my colleagues to go back too late, Angel insisted on sending us back. In the early morning of the next day, Angel was already wearing a long skirt and high heels, arranging work for other staff. Her hair was tied up, her face was exquisite, and her face was full of spring with blood red lipstick. She smiled and greeted her past colleagues. I was amazed by the vitality she showed, and the days of staying up all night had left no trace on her body.
  The opening ceremony was very successful, and the grandness and excitement brought many orders to the company, thanks to Angel. On the way to the celebration banquet, I asked Angel if she was tired. She said that she only slept for less than 3 hours for a few days, can she not be tired? It’s just that it’s worth it to think that there will be performance after the celebration, and you can take a rest and travel for a few days. Yes, Angel is a travel expert, she is known for her excellent performance and love of travel. At that time, no one was willing to take over the project of the opening ceremony, for fear of being too tiring. Angel recommended himself to take over. “You know, after finishing these things, you can fly! Haha, it’s worth the hard work for a few days.” When raising the wine glass at the celebration banquet, Angel had a smile on his face and eyes full of anticipation.
  Well, that kind of enthusiasm and smile belong to that special kind of people – people who love life. Angel said that if there are tasks to be completed, they should be completed, and when difficulties come, they should take a deep breath and try to solve them with all their strength. Once this situation is over, things will change for the better. Then what awaits you is what you love!
  I don’t agree with working overtime and doing something at the cost of damaging your health, but before you enjoy life and slow down, do you need to go through a tight time and go all out once? Don’t forget, before the flowers bloom, you still need to plant the seeds.
  There is a saying in the French movie “Angel Emily”: “How can life be satisfactory, everyone must have hobbies.” This is what an old man with a supporting role in the movie said. The heroine Emily decides to look for Bai Dutu, the former tenant, in order to return the box he collected in childhood. By asking, Emily found an old woman’s house in the town who had recorded preferences. When the old woman’s husband was telling Emily about Baidutu’s situation, the old woman took out a bay leaf full of holes and complained to Emily that he should not trust him. Punch on my laurel because he was a subway conductor before retiring. The old man was not angry, and smiled slyly at Emily: “How can life be satisfactory, everyone must have hobbies.” This sentence made Emily smile. Her later life was affected by this sentence.
  She accepts people with different hobbies in her life, enjoys all kinds of life, and turns helping others into a hobby and even a belief. Whether it’s returning the box of Baidutu, or promoting a new relationship with the man who recorded the recording; whether it’s helping the man sell tricks to the fruit stand owner, or helping the blind man walk while describing the various situations in the market along the way… At the end of the movie, Ai In the scene of Mili riding a bike with her boyfriend, she smiles happily and sweetly. The frozen smiley face is easygoing and full of energy, with sparkling eyes. It was also a face that loved life.
  Well, yes, you have to find something you are passionate about, devote yourself to it, and experience it. You have to have the desire to achieve one, and you have to have the effort to achieve one. You have to believe that life can blossom in hobbies. Because, the more you love life, the more likely you are to create your own life, and the more likely you are to become a shining person.

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