When we reunite after a long time, sweetness replaces all bitterness

  Chen Tong has been in love for a while. I still get up at 7:15 every day and eat a bowl of Yangchun noodles downstairs. There are only a few sporadic leaves left on the Canadian poplar trees on the street, and a group of sparrows come and go suddenly. Just like when Lin Jianjian left, he couldn’t stay.
  After eating Yangchun noodles, paying the bill, walking two miles, taking the tram, going to work, leaving get off work, and then taking the tram back, picking some fresh Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum in the supermarket, picking it up and putting it down, and then picking it up again.
  He loved to eat cold chrysanthemum chrysanthemum since he was a child. Since she was with Lin Jian, she couldn’t smell it, so he stopped eating it. She loved asparagus, and he gradually fell in love with it. After the breakup, he didn’t eat Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum for a long time, and now he can eat it with confidence. I bought it back, cleaned it, chopped it, slapped garlic, added sesame oil and vinegar, completely according to the previous recipe, but I don’t know why, it didn’t taste as good as I imagined. After taking two bites, he put down his chopsticks, turned on the TV and all the lights, and stood on the balcony looking at the sea of ​​lights and crowds. The October wind blew slightly chill, making him tremble all over. He retreated to the living room and looked at the bedroom with lonely lamps and shadows. Maybe he put too much vinegar in the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum salad just now, and now his teeth were sore all the way to his heart.
  The lives of two people suddenly become one, after all, they are not used to it.
  Two weeks ago, when Lin Jian left, she took all her luggage, including a pot of succulents bought online, and there was no smell of her in this house anymore. But all the details of the past with her invaded his mind at this moment.

  The day Chen Tong met Lin Jian was an evening when the continuous rain in April turned into a clear sky.
  He was eating sushi in a Japanese grocery store, and she entered the store sparsely with a few people. The moment she pushed open the door, he caught a glimpse of a golden light shining through the thick dark clouds outside. His eyes fell on her, and he was in a trance for a moment.
  Lin Jian looked in her early twenties, dressed in formal attire, but her brows and eyes were clear and kind, and her shoulder-length black hair made her even more white. She sat down not far from him. He ate the last piece of sushi and asked the waiter for another one. He watched the girl beside him discuss business with a few men with big bellies. She looked timid, but she kept her head straight. back.
  Chen Tong ate the last sushi for an hour. He heard Lin Jian at the next table talking with the customer, and successfully got the order. She insisted on paying the bill, and then went out with the customer.
  Chen Tong also got up to pay the bill, but saw an orange umbrella dropped on the place where Lin Jian was sitting just now. This is the opportunity for them to get acquainted, he chased out with an umbrella, and she treated him to a cone. Later, Chen Tong found out that Lin Jian was still an intern at that time, and he was as excited as a child after negotiating the first order. He walked with her and ate cones. The person who pretended to be calm was like two people.
  Afterwards, Chen Tong met her again at the Japanese grocery store, still talking about the bill, but this time the other party didn’t buy it, she still insisted on paying for the meal, and saw him when she opened the door and went out. This time, when Chen Tong invited her to eat a cone, she lowered her eyebrows and bit the cone to suppress a smile. At that moment, Chen Tong was stunned. She exuded the radiance of youth, which was something he had lost for a long time. If you want to ask when he fell in love with her, it must be that moment. Chen Tong exchanged contact information with her, and occasionally made an appointment to have a meal or watch a movie together, like the way many couples start to fall in love. Of course, all of this was initiated by Chen Tong, no matter how stupid Lin Jian was, he could understand his intentions.
  After getting along day by day, the two fell in love without accident.
  At that time, no one thought about getting married, they were just in love, and they had to send a video every moment. After two months of dating, Lin Jian graduated, and he went to help her carry her luggage. The two dragged their luggage and walked around the street three or four times. Courage carried her luggage home.

  At that time, Chen Tong rented a small single room near the company for the convenience of work. The toilet was shared. After Lin Jian lived there with him for a week, he decided to change to a spacious house, at least one bedroom.
  With the help of his friends, he quickly found a house, which was not only expensive but also a little far away from the company, but it was very close to Lin Jian’s company, and she could walk to the company. So, he gritted his teeth and ordered.
  On the day of moving, both Chen Tong and Lin Jian took leave of absence, and it was already dark when the room was tidied up. They were tired and slumped on the sofa in the living room, the summer draft made the room light, she raised her head and suddenly kissed his face, then buried her head in his neck, the soft hair scratched his heart warmly.
  The next day, Lin Jian started to decorate the house, buying all kinds of cooking utensils and home decorations from the Internet, and even bought a pot of succulents to put on the desk. Lin Jian paid great attention to the sense of ceremony. It was the first time that she started cooking on a fire, picked a date, and ordered a cake. The two of them ate fried veal steak at the table, leaning forward and backward with laughter.
  At that moment, looking at the smile on her face, Chen Tong felt an unreal sense of happiness.
  He is the only son in his family, and because of his introverted personality, he has been living alone. He has been in a long-term relationship before, but the long-distance relationship has only a short-lived tenderness. This is the first time he has experienced this real life full of fireworks. That night, when he washed the dishes with her and sat on the balcony watching the stars, he thought of the word marriage for the first time, but was taken aback by himself. After all, it was only three months since they met and fell in love, and she had just graduated, so he was afraid of scaring her by speaking out, so he kept it in his heart. He only thought that if he continued to fall in love like this, it would definitely come to fruition.

  Because it was far away from the company, he had to get up early, eat a bowl of noodles downstairs, then rush to the company, get off work on time at night, and rush back to buy vegetables in the supermarket. Tired but full of happiness.
  Both he and Lin Jian started to learn how to cook, one cooks and the other washes the dishes, and on a whim, they go downstairs for a walk hand in hand, stepping on the shadow of the moon in the light of stars, and there is a pair of Biren shadows in the sea of ​​lights. They also plan to raise a cat in winter and buy a second-hand car for transportation next spring. It seems that life will be smooth, but Chen Tong failed to keep this warmth.
  One day in August, when the sky was as gray as the wings of a gray bird, he was at work when he suddenly received a phone call. A familiar voice came from the other end, and Chen Tong recognized that it was Gu Xiaoying. He immediately turned down, and the thoughts in his mind became chaotic. Gu Xiaoying was his first love, from the age of 16 to 22 years old, although it was a long-distance relationship for 6 years, but she was all his youthful memories, the beginning of love and hatred. So when Gu Xiaoying asked him to meet, he didn’t immediately refuse. Walking through the past, no matter how stupid a person is, he will be a little moved, although he doesn’t know whether it is the nostalgia for Gu Xiaoying, or the nostalgia for the youthful years.
  Eventually, he decides to meet her. If it was before, he would not have gone to see her, but now that he has Lin Jian, his heart warms when he thinks of her. He has completely forgotten about his so-called first love. He thought, it’s okay to meet.
  In the past, when he and Gu Xiaoying were in love, they agreed to work in the same city after graduating from university. It wasn’t until he traveled thousands of miles here that he found out that she was going to study abroad. The two had a lukewarm quarrel, and he broke up knowing that it was boring, and the two have had no contact since then. He was nostalgic for the past, even after breaking up, she would stay in his heart repeatedly for a long time, until he met Lin Jian, and he crawled out of the abyss.

  The meeting between Chen Tong and Gu Xiaoying was hasty. She just returned to China suddenly to visit relatives. In the end, she said sorry before leaving, and he said it’s okay.
  The two returned to the sea of ​​people respectively, forgetting about an old matter.
  Everything was natural, and he didn’t want to tell Lin Jian, so as not to cause complications, he still had to go back to the company to clock in and get off work, then buy groceries and go home, enjoying a simple and warm life with Lin Jian. But I didn’t expect him to be so unlucky that he got into a car accident and got stuck in traffic for a long time before returning to the company.
  When he returned home with the dishes, Lin Jian started asking him why he came back late, and kept asking him about meeting his first love. She originally happily went home and waited for him to cook together, but she just casually asked him why he came home late, but this led to a bunch of things. He couldn’t explain why he wanted to see Gu Xiaoying, and she was determined. Think he is still in love with his first love.
  Lin Jian lay on the bed and cried with his eyes closed. The tears formed small lakes in his eye sockets. He explained in a hurry, but he didn’t expect that the more he said, the more he couldn’t understand. In a fit of anger, Lin Jian ran out with her bag in hand. He hesitated for a few minutes trying to save face, but he never expected to find her when he ran out. The phone couldn’t get through, and he waited at home all night, but she didn’t come back.
  Early the next morning, she said to break up and took away all the luggage by the way, but he got angry and didn’t catch up. It’s just that Chen Tong didn’t understand why such a small incident would become unstoppable, but if he thought of Lin Jian going to see her ex without telling him, he instantly understood her mood. I finally understand that if some people miss it, they miss it, and even meeting each other is a disturbance to each other.
  Even first love is the best thing to keep in memory.

  Lin Jian’s departure made Chen Tong depressed for a long time. After the breakup, he still cooks by himself and has no plans to change houses. He always feels that she will come back.
  After the winter passed, Chen Tong met Lin Jian again. The two of them were in the supermarket on weekends. He was holding her favorite asparagus, but she was holding his favorite chrysanthemum chrysanthemum.
  It was only then that Chen Tong found out that Lin Jian had rented a house in the neighborhood next door, and adopted a stray cat in the neighborhood last winter, and he had just bought a colleague’s second-hand Buick a few days ago. Everything is just right. Like all lovers who quarrel and make up, they never mention bad things.
  Coming out of the supermarket, Chen Tong plucked up his courage and said, “Why don’t you cook at my house.” Lin Jian said playfully, “It just so happens that the gas in my house is out.” When Lin Jian was washing Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, Chen Tong suddenly hugged her from behind.
  He, who never speaks of love, looked at the late spring sun outside the window and said: “The wind is beautiful, I miss you very much.”
  She said: “Love is sometimes bitter, but sometimes sweet.”

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