Watching the birds flying in the forest with you, the clouds rolling

  In the early winter morning in the park, the air is filled with the smell of a mixture of the moisture of the plants and the freshness of the soil. There is no wind, and the branches only vibrate a few times when the birds are beating. The sunlight shone through the gaps between the branches and leaves, and the golden color shook off the ground, but the temperature was cut off by most of the branches and leaves, making Shen Hui feel a little cold. If it wasn’t for her mother asking her to accompany her grandfather to do morning exercises, she wouldn’t be willing to give up the hot bed so early.
  After grandpa hung the birdcage on a slanted branch of a cypress tree, he pulled Shen Hui and started jogging. Shen Hui is in her sophomore year of high school. Grandpa always said that physical fitness is more important than the grades in cultural subjects, and one should get up early and exercise more. Shen Hui followed in her grandfather’s footsteps, and couldn’t help but gag: “It’s obviously more comfortable to play with mobile phones at home!” Grandpa glared at Shen Hui, which made her laugh out loud. After running around for a few laps, Shen Hui was already sweating profusely, but grandpa didn’t intend to go home yet, and was teasing the birds in the cage with a few old people. Through the crowd playing with birds, Shen Hui saw Jiang Xiaoyang standing under the tree with arms folded. He is the sports committee member of the class. He just won multiple long and short distance championships in the autumn sports meeting last week. At this moment, the old man beside him is discussing the starling in the cage with his grandfather. Shen Hui smiled, guessing that Jiang Xiaoyang must also bear the same responsibilities as herself, which made her feel kind and happy, so she smiled and waved to Jiang Xiaoyang, jokingly said: “No wonder you are so good at sports, it turns out that you play with the master every day Let’s exercise together.” Jiang Xiaoyang, who was standing among the old people, was as happy as if he had finally seen a savior, and teased Shen Hui, saying: “Shouldn’t a top student study by himself in the morning at this time?” Shen Hui spread his
  hands , said: “Actually, I would rather be sealed in the bed.” Jiang Xiaoyang also agreed, and said with a smile: “I really don’t understand why grandpa likes raising birds so much.” Speaking, Grandpa Jiang had already tapped Jiang Xiaoyang on the head, saying: “Stinky boy, it’s fun without your mobile phone, isn’t it?” Shen Hui just wanted to make fun of Jiang Xiaoyang, when his grandpa also said: “With us Jia Xiaohui is exactly the same, the child of today.”
  Jiang Xiaoyang and Shen Hui, as children who are exactly the same as their grandparents said, could not help but look at each other. There were smiles on the corners of their eyes and brows, but they turned their eyes a little shyly. Jiang Xiaoyang looked at the birds, and Shen Hui looked at the flowing clouds. It was actually the other party’s youthful faces full of smiles.
  When Shen Hui accompanied his grandfather to the park for morning exercises, he met Grandpa Jiang and Jiang Xiaoyang again. Jiang Xiaoyang went early and was jogging along the track. When he saw Shen Hui, he raised his hand to say hello. Shen Hui followed his footsteps, and because she hadn’t fully awakened from the sweet dream, she muttered: “I’m so sleepy, I was picked up by my mother.” The kitten that rolled in the fallen leaves.” Jiang Xiaoyang pointed at Shen Hui’s somewhat rough hair and said with a smile. Shen Hui rolled his eyes at him and asked, “Are you also sent by your mother?” Jiang Xiaoyang said, “I sneaked out with my grandfather.” There is a lot of fitness equipment, there is no need for grandpa to come to a park so far away.” Shen Hui blinked and said, “But there are many partners here.” Jiang Xiaoyang shrugged, expressing that he was also very helpless.
  Jiang Xiaoyang ran fast, even if he deliberately slowed down, it still made Shen Hui who was running parallel feel very strenuous. After a while, Shen Hui stopped, bent down and put his hands on his knees, gasping for breath, Jiang Xiaoyang smiled and walked on the spot beside her, stretched out his hand to pull her, and said, “Hurry up!” Shaking his head, he said: “You are running too fast, I won’t run with you!”
  When they started again, they each ran forward along the circular track. Jiang Xiaoyang ran fast, and the runway was short. After a while, he caught up with Shen Hui. Shen Hui heard Jiang Xiaoyang’s footsteps behind her, her ponytail swayed, and her heart also swayed. When Jiang Xiaoyang was next to her again, he turned his head to look at her and smiled. Shen Hui was panting with exhaustion, and deliberately turned his face aside, not to look at Jiang Xiaoyang’s triumphant expression. When Jiang Xiaoyang passed Shen Hui and looked back at her, the two couldn’t help but smile at each other again. Shen Hui felt that her steps were bigger and lighter, but her heartbeat and footsteps were more clearly audible.
  For Shen Hui, running with Jiang Xiaoyang every day made getting up early less difficult. During morning exercises, they chatted about interesting things in school and their respective homework, and became friends who talked about everything. They picked up fallen leaves, and Jiang Xiaoyang spread the fallen leaves on the ground and arranged them. After three or five strokes, goldfish or little foxes appeared In front of Shen Hui, she was amazed.
  But a few days later, when Shen Hui went to the park again, he did not see Grandpa Jiang and Jiang Xiaoyang. Shen Hui didn’t say anything, but her loss was written in her eyes. Grandpa Shen sighed and told Shen Hui that Grandpa Jiang’s son and daughter-in-law were not allowed to come to the park so far away from home because they were worried about his health, and although the Jiang family was very big, Grandpa Jiang was not allowed to raise birds and plant flowers and plants , Grandpa Jiang wanted to live back in his original small courtyard, but they disagreed. “Obeying the old man’s heart is true filial piety.” Grandpa Shen said with a sigh.
  Shen Hui looked at the rolling black eyes of the starling in his grandfather’s cage, and remembered the love in Grandpa Jiang’s eyes when he looked at it. She called Jiang Xiaoyang, but the background sound of the other party answering the phone was very noisy, which made the courage she had worked up so hard to be overwhelmed by the noise. “We’ll talk about it at school tomorrow.” After speaking, Jiang Xiaoyang hung up the phone.
  Jiang Xiaoyang, who was wearing a blue and white school uniform, was refreshing and handsome. I don’t know if it was because of the constant gazes from others. Even if it wasn’t the first time he walked side by side with him, Shen Hui still felt flustered, but also had a hint of joy. She picked up a ginkgo leaf that hit her shoulder, and heard Jiang Xiaoyang whisper: “Yesterday, my grandpa and my parents quarreled.” Luxurious clothes, fine clothes and fine food do not necessarily mean filial piety to the elderly. Before, when my grandfather was hospitalized, the goldfish at home died, and my mother was afraid that my grandfather would be sad, so she bought similar goldfish and secretly put them in the fish tank.” Speaking, Shen Hui asked him: “Don’t you understand Grandpa Jiang?” Before he could answer, the class bell rang, and Shen Hui turned around and strode back to the classroom.
  In the next few days, Jiang Xiaoyang didn’t talk to her again, and when the school bell rang, he was the first to rush out the door. Shen Hui felt that he should be angry because he was meddling in his own business. This inevitably made her sad and frustrated. Even when Jiang Xiaoyang occasionally looked into the eyes of Jiang Xiaoyang in the classroom, he still looked at her with a smile, but thinking that he would no longer run with her, and would no longer chat with her like before, Shen Hui suppressed Unable to bear her own disappointment, she turned her head away from Jiang Xiaoyang’s burning eyes.
  On the weekend morning, Grandpa asked Shen Hui to accompany him to visit an old friend. When she came to a residential building, she saw a birdcage hanging on a branch at the door, and a parrot was jumping happily. After the door on the first floor was opened, Grandpa Jiang came out with a smile, and beside him was Jiang Xiaoyang with the same bright smile. It turned out that under Jiang Xiaoyang’s persuasion, Jiang Xiaoyang’s parents finally agreed to rent a room on the first floor in a neighborhood near their home, which would not affect the care of the elderly, but also facilitate the elderly’s access and care for their favorite flowers, birds, insects and fish. Jiang Xiaoyang and his grandfather worked hard for a few days and finally settled down, so they invited Grandpa Shen and Shen Hui to visit.
  ”Thank you.” When Jiang Xiaoyang said this, Shen Hui was looking at the poinsettia that was in full bloom. After a while, she said softly: “I thought you would never talk to me again.” “Fool, I’m just busy.” It’s just helping grandpa move.” Jiang Xiaoyang also said softly. Jiang Xiaoyang didn’t tell Shen Hui that on those morning jogs, he caught up with her from behind many times, always slowing down on purpose to see the back of her dancing ponytail. Slowly and slowly. When he surpassed her before turning back, he happened to be able to collide with her gaze. She smiled sweetly, her pupils brightened. He was afraid that the time would be too hasty for these many fine details, and he only hoped that every inch of the time would be filled with the fragrance of dust, and he would watch the birds flying in the forest with her, and the flowing clouds rolling around.
  Jiang Xiaoyang knew that Shen Hui would understand some things even if she didn’t say them, because she was smiling and lowering her head, the petals on her fingertips were trembling, and she was drunk.

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