Traveling fungus

  The forest farm is surrounded by mountains, and in winter, the entire forest farm is covered with snow one after another. The kindergarten was on winter vacation that day, and I followed my father to my grandma’s house a hundred meters away. After walking a few steps, Dad turned around and asked, “Is it cold?”
  I said, “Cold.”
  Dad said, “Study hard, you must get out of the mountains, but you can’t stay here like me, remember? ”
  From childhood to adulthood, he said this sentence many times.
  When I was in the third grade of elementary school, I started to make fungus at home. We have a lot of forest land, which is not suitable for farming. It is most suitable for planting fungus and beekeeping. Dad puts all his energy into making fungus.
  On the second day of the Chinese New Year in 2010, my aunt invited our family to dinner. My mother was busy until 6:30 p.m. before going to eat. I just picked up the rice bowl and didn’t eat a few mouthfuls
  . He ran and shouted: “My fungus house is on fire! Please, please help my house put out the fire!” The
  fungus house is a newly refurbished color steel tile house, and no one dares to go up. Dad wanted to go up, but was held tightly by his mother. He stood against the wall, trembling all over with his back to us, he must have been crying.
  The fire truck in the forest farm was broken down and couldn’t be driven out. Someone transferred the fire truck from another forest farm, and it was already too late. The fire started in my uncle’s bacteria room. In addition to my bacteria room, another family and two empty bacteria rooms were burned. The fire lasted until 2 o’clock in the morning.
  We all went to my grandma’s house to discuss the aftermath. The result of the agreement was that I was responsible for the loss of more than 50,000 yuan in my family, and my uncle would compensate for the loss of the neighbors. After returning home, the three of them had a sleepless night.
  Just before dawn, my father got up and went out, and my mother told me: “You can follow him all day, and follow him wherever you go, understand?” Of course I understand that my mother is afraid that something will happen to my father, and I am also afraid.
  Dad was shaking the iron handle in the yard and was lighting the tricycle. His face was full of tears. When he saw me coming out, he turned his face away.
  In 2011, Dad was preparing to make a comeback. He looked for a house again and made fungus again. At that time, I was already in high school, and my family rented a house in the town, and my mother came to accompany me to study from time to time.

  One night, my mother hurried back to the place where she lived, took some clothes and left. I was doing my homework and didn’t care. Three or four days later, the neighbor’s aunt asked, “How is your father? Has he been transferred to another hospital?”
  I was terrified, and asked loudly,
  ”What’s wrong with my father?” Your father was blown up.”
  I put down my book and ran to the small town hospital as fast as I could, and I didn’t even know anything about what happened. When I rushed into the ward sweating profusely, I saw my dear dad was covered with gauze, only two eyes were exposed.
  I asked in a trembling voice, “Dad, are you okay?”
  Dad couldn’t speak, but he nodded vigorously, tears streaming down his face.
  Every day after school at noon, I go to the hospital to see my father. Dad was seriously burned and should have been treated in a sterile environment, but he had to be transferred to the nearest hospital because it required a lot of expenses. Uncle bought ointment from other places, which has a certain effect. After more than a month in the hospital, my father basically recovered, but left many scars on his body and hands.
  After being discharged from the hospital, my father continued to make fungus, but he never attended the wedding in the forest farm. When I was a freshman, my father came to visit me at school. I deliberately showed him Jiusi Lake and the library, and he wore gloves no matter where he went.
  It was a struggle to go to work in Hainan. I fulfilled my father’s long-cherished wish and really walked out of the mountains, but I was 4,000 kilometers away from them.
  Hainan also has fungus, which is very thin and soft when fried, unlike the fungus at my house, which is thick and elastic. Alone outside, I often see the imprint of the mountain people on my body-sincerity, straightforwardness, willingness to endure hardships, and unwillingness to admit defeat, which is also the imprint of my father. I am a fungus cultivated by my father, how could I not be like him?

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