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The next “Original God”? Can Mihayou’s new work continue to create gods?

MiHoYo’s blockbuster new work performed well

  Two and a half years after “Yuanshin” became popular all over the world, MiHoYo has released a blockbuster new work – “Honkai: Interstellar Railway” (hereinafter referred to as “Star Iron”)!
  Before the launch, the number of reservations for “Star Iron” on all platforms in China reached 20 million, and the global number exceeded 30 million. It has exceeded the original “Original God” by about 20 million. On the day when the pre-download was opened on April 23, it successively topped the App Store free list in more than 110 countries and regions. On the day of its launch on the 26th, “Star Iron” undoubtedly won the first place on the iOS best-selling list and the first free list.
  In the first week of launch, the download volume and revenue of “Star Iron” in the global mobile market have reached 1.6 times and 1.3 times that of “Yuan Shen” in the same period. According to SensorTower data, “Star Iron” has an estimated turnover of about 300 million yuan in just five days from April 26 to April 30. It should be pointed out that because most of the third-party monitoring platforms use the list rankings to estimate revenue, “Star Iron” ranks first in the best-selling list in the country. In fact, it is difficult for monitoring platforms to give accurate estimated revenue, and it cannot be counted. Therefore, the actual revenue of “Star Iron” may be much larger than the estimated data given by SensorTower.
  May itself is a time when masterpieces gather. In addition to Tencent Games’ “Metal Slug” IP mobile game, the glorious genuine authorized mobile game “The Age of Voyage”, which has been brewing for nearly three years, also debuted at this time. “The Awakening of Dragons” jointly produced by Shanglegou and Lilith, how can “Star Iron” get off to a near-Wang Zang start?

“Star Iron” shows a strong ability to absorb money
Demonstration of strong game industry capabilities

  ””Star Iron” is a concentrated expression of Mihayou’s industrialization capabilities”, at the 2022 China Game Industry Annual Conference, Mihayou President Liu Wei once expressed it in his speech. “Without an industrialized production pipeline, it would be difficult for a R&D team of more than a thousand people to produce large-scale, same-quality products. It may take us at least half a year to perform a version update to expand the map and add new characters.”
  Judging from the narrative density presented in “Star Iron”, MiHoYo’s industrialization ability undoubtedly played a vital role. Take the plot performance as an example, the scheduling of the camera, the configuration of the character positions, the management of expressions, and the dubbing Deduction, these narrative details that players tend to overlook when experiencing it, have a rigorous production process behind it. From process setting, job type requirements, collaboration specifications to progress tracking and acceptance standards, in the industrialized mode, every link operates like a precision instrument. The size of the product and the need for updates require it to have a sufficiently large R&D team, and the large scale requires it to need a set of standardized production processes to reduce unnecessary losses.
  David, the producer of “Star Iron”, said in an interview, “One of the project concepts of “Star Iron” is to create a ‘playable animation drama’. At present, MiHoYo’s products are basically launched according to the rhythm of every month and a half. The new gameplay and plot are similar to half a season of a TV series or an animated series, so the turn-based system with a lower threshold for players, combined with the RPG gameplay that is close to the immersion of animation, can allow more users who like animation and movies to enjoy There is a chance to get involved. In other words, we can regard “Star Iron” as a new attempt of Miha Youtuo circle.”
The AI ​​power behind “Star Iron”

  In addition to the story and plot of the game itself, the AI ​​technology behind “Star Iron” also fascinates players. Its producer once declared that he hopes to create “smart NPCs with never-repeated dialogues” in the future!
  In “Star Iron”, the use of AI technology makes NPC behavior more natural. The application of this technology can not only improve the playability and fun of the game, but also allow players to be more immersed in the game world. In addition, the team is also using AI tools with 3D modeling to improve the artistic effect of modeling. The application of this technology can not only improve the picture quality of the game, but also make the game more realistic and immersive.
  The implementation of AI technology has a significant role in promoting the cost reduction and efficiency increase of games. AGC has been able to replace 80% of the workload of the original artist in the past on the 2D screen of the scene. On the 3D screen, the introduction of many AI 3D tools has also reduced the production time of 3D characters that used to take a month to make by 90%.
  David, the producer of MiHoYo’s “Star Iron”, mentioned in a recent exchange that in the past, the MiHoYo project team made a character, and it took a month just to set the text. But even if a lot of time is spent on creating character plots and lines, it may take more than ten minutes for players to digest. Inside MiHoYo, when a project is in the initial stage of planning, MiHoYo will set a 2-3 year research and development cycle. Moreover, most of its products are developed by a large team of 400-500 people. The team of “Star Iron” is close to 500 people, while the team of “Yuanshin” is even larger.
  On “Yuan Shen”, it took MiHoYo nearly 3 years and 100 million U.S. dollars for research and development alone. In the follow-up operation update, a team of four to five hundred people will develop together to ensure that the game content is updated every 6 weeks. Even so, the updated content cannot satisfy users’ online play 24 hours a day, and there are a lot of “long grass periods”, which affect user retention.
  With the maturity of AI technology, “Star Iron” may bring us more surprises in the future!

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