The foreign brother uses ChatGPT to complete 80% of the work, and works 4 jobs at the same time

Since ChatGPT became popular, office white-collar workers have really turned over. Whatever the task, leave it to ChatGPT, that’s right.

Many white-collar workers use ChatGPT in their work, which is like a tiger.

After all, a lot of work is repetitive and rule-based.

With the blessing of scientific and technological power, it is not surprising to use it to improve efficiency.

However, some workers have more active brains, directly using ChatGPT to take over private work when they are at work, working two jobs alone, and frantically “exploiting” ChatGPT.

Ben, a foreign brother, said that a ChatGPT can complete 80% of my job. The rest of his energy went on to work on GPT’s wool and part-time.

Ben said, “Now that GPT-4 is here again, the job is much more handy.”


This phenomenon of one person working multiple jobs is summarized as overemployed.

In fact, long before the release of ChatGPT, this situation was not uncommon.

At the beginning of 20, the outbreak of the new crown epidemic made it difficult for many companies to survive, and even the lives of migrant workers plummeted.

However, at that time, most companies moved from offline to online, and working from home slowly began to show a normalization trend. As a result, many migrant workers take this opportunity to work many jobs online to increase their income.

This wave of people is increasing, pulling up a community of their own, calling themselves “overemployed”.

This is how Ben embarked on this path.

His work involves helping fintech companies market new products, specifically writing reports, doing PowerPoint and whatnot, all of which involve writing.

And that’s exactly what ChatGPT does best.

He said everyone he knew was working on ChatGPT, and he didn’t think it was anything.

In fact, ChatGPT does have an impact on the job market, and some jobs are very likely to be replaced by AI.

But for others, ChatGPT has made them more competitive in the job market.

Ben concluded by saying that the bosses were unaware of this overemployment.

ChatGPT? If there is divine help!

Product manager writes a product story? ChatGPT。

Responding to a message from your manager? ChatGPT。

Zoom meeting transcription? ChatGPT。

Throw a template to ChatGPT, talk a little about the product features, and the promotional document is generated in seconds. Even replying to the manager’s message can be reformatted, which simply couldn’t be more convenient.

Even if there are some problems with the first draft, it is easy to revise it a little – at least it is much easier than writing it yourself.

Charles is a god who takes overemployment to the extreme. He worked as a software engineer, as a product manager, and as a solution architect.

He said he has been overemployed since 2020. Although he only works two jobs at the moment, he has worked four jobs at the same time during the pandemic.

And, with ChatGPT, overemployment? Sprinkle water.

At one of the companies, Charles directly handed over all the written tasks to the AI, such as writing a memo, writing an argument for a business decision, or something. He only needs to enter factual information, relevant parameters, and ChatGPT can instantly combine these points to produce a coherent article.

Even for programming work, AI writes first, Charles then changes.

Another employee who typed three financial reports at the same time said that ChatGPT is also a must. As long as the parameters are provided, they can be generated, and they can be fine-tuned later.

Even some university teachers have caught the ChatGPT express.

Marshall, a lecturer at a university in the UK, runs a digital marketing agency and technology company in addition to his classes. In class, he says, he asks students to do exercises. At this time, he opened GPT and engaged in his side business.

Marshall says ChatGPT helped him generate business plans, system files, blog posts, and Excel sheets. He only needs to handle the remaining 20% of the fine-tuning work, or the work that requires a bit of creativity.

Not only that, but ChatGPT also gave him access to funding from the UK government.

Overemployment… What’s wrong?

This is the thing…. Capitalists and workers can never empathize.

In fact, overemployed people know that such a boss must be unhappy.

But if the boss is not happy, the boss is unhappy, and the workers themselves can be happy, there is nothing immoral.

One worker from Ohio said, “I never think it’s a matter of working two jobs at the same time.”

Many people have had the experience of going to another place non-stop after a job is over. Of course, this is the pre-AI era.

Now with AI, some of the commuting time is condensed. But the phenomenon of one person working multiple jobs will never go away.

What do you think of overemployment with AI?

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