Possess the “golden thinking” of breaking the game

  When encountering problems, some people fall into the stereotype of thinking and are trapped between square inches; while some people can break the routine, dare to jump out of inertial thinking, and easily break through. The difference is game-changing thinking.
   People with the “golden thinking” of breaking the situation know how to accumulate momentum, seek momentum and take advantage of it to form a higher vision, deeper insight, and a larger pattern.
   Gather momentum: broaden one’s thinking and structure to gain momentum, that is, to accumulate energy and energy. Behind any success is hard work and persistence. Long-term persistence, in the final analysis, is a kind of momentum. In the process of gaining momentum, improve your own cognition and vision, and broaden your thinking and pattern.
   Trend-seeking: Take the pulse of the situation and see the direction. Those who achieve success will see the problem more profoundly and thoroughly before reaching the goal. When they think about problems, they focus on the general direction, and take the big picture and big development as the premise. If you can see the situation clearly, find the situation, and follow the general trend, you can seek both things and trends. Only by understanding the context of the times and the current direction of development can we find our own path.
   Leveraging: Improving the insight and ability to break the situation The truly powerful people are good at amplifying their achievements by taking advantage of the situation: using Bole’s appreciation to show their talents, using a high-quality platform to exert greater influence, and using an active market to realize personal value. Taking advantage of the situation can improve one’s own insight and breaking ability. Of course, any kind of opportunity is inseparable from a common saying – forging iron requires hard work. The source of potential lies in oneself, and ability is the last word. We must constantly improve ourselves and surpass ourselves.

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