Life is not easy, try to live as simple as possible

  Mr. Zhu Guangqian said: “The first thing in life is to live.” In a complicated world, living simply is the best way to survive.
  There are several aunts downstairs in the community who often get together to practice embroidery. If you pay attention carefully, you will find that they will try their best to complete every movement and every stitch to a standard, and they will also try to add their own ideas to the pattern. There is always a smile on their faces, which is a kind of joy and joy from the heart, which is enough to impress every bystander. Over time, their embroidery skills are getting better and better. During the break, someone asked: “Your embroidery skills are so good, have you ever thought about teaching others?” They said: “It’s so unfree. We just like to have fun, and it’s very fun to cultivate our body and mind while being happy. Alright.”
  When you like something, devote yourself wholeheartedly, don’t care too much about the gains and losses, don’t follow the world’s impetuosity, and don’t aim too high. This process itself can already generate enough pleasure and happiness.
  For the rest of your life, try to be a simple person, don’t pursue useless social circles, but cherish everyone around you; don’t be bound by too many things, live in the present, and stick to what you love purely; every day Take every step steadily with firm steps.
  When you learn to look at the complicated world with a simple mind, you will see the most beautiful scenery in life.

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