Is it embarrassing to be an adult and still inseparable from pacifiers?

  Recently, a post on Weibo that says “Boyfriend is 28 years old and still can’t do without pacifiers” sparked heated discussions. Some people said that this is a sign of immaturity and that pacifiers should be given up. Others find it understandable that there is a baby inside every adult. It just so happens that Children’s Day is approaching, so let’s also talk about topics related to childlike innocence.
  Those who have watched “Snoopy” must be familiar with the character “Linus”. He carries a blanket with him wherever he goes. When encountering difficulties, he will bite the corner of the blanket or curl himself up inside the blanket. Facing the doubts of others, Linus replied: “When life becomes uncomfortable, it allows you to cuddle tightly.” In real life, many people also have such a “blanket” that is difficult to let go.
  For some people, this “blanket” may be an item they are used to in childhood, such as a pacifier, bib, etc. At the same time, some people will use a certain smell or feeling as a “blanket”, For example, the smell of barbecue in the downstairs restaurant, the soft and warm touch, the hugs of family members, etc.; in addition, the songs and words that are often heard can also act as a “comfort blanket”.
  Winnicott, a famous British child psychologist, once made a clear definition of “pacifier”: a child’s pacifier is a good transition for the child to contact the world, and it can help the child to become a relatively independent child from relying on the mother wholeheartedly. people. A survey from 2011 also showed that children with pacifiers were less shy and more focused than babies without pacifiers. These ordinary items can meet the dual emotional and physical needs of children, and their role cannot be ignored. Therefore, most adults understand the situation that children are obsessed with or even attached to a certain item. However, is it abnormal for adults not to lose their “fetish complex”?
  Of course not. Because adults also need comfort and emotional dependence. Although everyone’s pacifier is different, whether it is a pacifier or a blanket, they all play a soothing role at the right moment. It is these items that bring us a sense of familiarity, comfort and security, especially when facing emotions such as anxiety, tension or loss, these items make us more at ease and relaxed, and then become the strongest spiritual support. Adults’ dependence on pacifiers relies on the emotional connection and the feeling of comfort. In the modern society with great pressure, people’s mental health problems are getting more and more attention. Therefore, for adults, it is not shameful to continue to rely on pacifiers, but they must not be overly attached to affect their social life and life.

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