Happiness needs to be just right

  I visited an institution abroad. In the hall of glory stands the enterprise spirit in gold letters. One of them is called “reasonable expectations”.
  I said, this one is a bit special. Generally more inspirational, such as “high expectations” and so on.
  Escorts answer, this is the principle that our founders venerated. Expectations are not as high as possible, but just right. Expectations that are too high and not met will lead to resentment and frustration, and in the long run, will lead to loss of confidence.
  Expectations are too low, without motivation and goals, and muddling along can also lead to depression. Therefore, a reasonable expectation is a correct assessment, and we should find the best balance between the desire and the actual situation.
  In that split second, I think backwards about alcohol and forwards about happiness.
  The concentration of alcohol should not be too high. If it exceeds the optimum value, the result will be counterproductive. The same is true for happiness, don’t be greedy.
  Some people set their eyes on the highest level of enjoyment as far as their eyes can see.
  When he sees a good house by some chance, he imagines that he can get married and have children in this house in the future; A partner must be a country and a city; seeing people posting pictures of gourmet food, secretly swearing that one day I will eat dragon liver and phoenix marrow and tell the world; knowing that the birthday person lived to be 90 years old, I am eager to surpass 100 years old… and so
  on etc. are unreasonable expectations.
  Not to mention whether it is wise to regard these material forms and external indicators as indicators of happiness, but to say that the eyes are so high is against the principle of “just right”.
  The house does not need to be so big at all, just enough. It’s too big, even if you have that silver tael to buy it, it’s a waste of money. The earth’s resources are limited, why do you want to enjoy so many sites and deprive others of their space?
  Food does not have to be so refined at all, because its main function is to provide nutrition for our body, as long as it is clean and can supply the body’s needs.
  Ingredients that are too scarce, too dangerous to obtain, cooking methods that are too complicated and cumbersome, and eating environments that are too sophisticated and mysterious are not advisable. What they are attached to is the complacency of showing off the high class, and these are just incompatible with the purpose of happiness, simplicity and warmth.
  Spouses don’t need to be beautiful and beautiful, they have the same values, they can talk to each other, they like each other, they are fairy couples.
  The job is related to your ability to a certain extent, but it is also related to the situation and relationship. It is not possible to achieve the goal simply by hard work, and there is no absolute fairness between superiors and inferiors.
  Excluding the bad guys, there are a lot of capable people in this world, if you can’t be in that position yourself, it’s not necessarily wrong to let others do it. There are too many monks and too few porridge, why do you have to put it in your pocket?
  As for how long to live, this is a secret that contains secrets. You are invincible, don’t be too crazy. Moreover, life and death are not a duel of victory or defeat, but just a link in an endless river. When we face it calmly, the quality of life does not depend on whether it is long or short, but whether it is rich and profound.
  There is no need to be perfect in terms of physical health. Even if there is a small upward or downward arrow on the physical examination form, we can correct it in due course. It can’t be corrected, just pass away calmly. Happiness is the flower of the mind, and has nothing to do with the invulnerability of the bodily organs.
  Just right, it is a crystallization of philosophy and art. It represents open-mindedness and indifference, and is the promenade in front of the door of happiness. Walk lightly through it and you can slap the knocker of happiness.

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