Economics does not look at rich and poor, only at transactions

  Buyers and sellers, you love me, is there anyone who suffers?
  Then let’s ask more specifically, and add some emotional words: Does the rich hire the poor to clean the glass, does anyone suffer?
  have. Because it seems that you love me, but in fact it is the rich who have taken the initiative. The rich have more money and take advantage of potential energy. In order to make money, the poor had to agree to him. So it looks like a fair deal, but in fact the rich are exploiting the poor by taking advantage of their potential energy.
  Many people feel that way.
  Why is worldview so important? Because once distorted, people in reality will run into walls everywhere. For example, some people think that he has no money because someone is exploiting him.
  In fact, he got it completely the other way around. It is precisely because rich people have money and time is expensive that they tend to spend money on time.
  No matter how rich people are, they all hope to spend neither time nor money, but they can’t do it because they have no skills. As a last resort, you have to choose between time and money. For the rich, choosing “time” is an optimal solution. For the poor, time is cheap and money is more scarce, and choosing between time and money, choosing “money” is also the optimal solution.
  Therefore, if the two parties make a deal, everyone will be happy.
  Not only did the rich not exploit the poor, but instead provided them with a choice. If they were not forced to trade money for time, there would be no glass-cleaning jobs at all. If you make less money cleaning glass for the rich, will you earn more for the poor?
  The richer the time is, the more precious it is, and the more willing to spend money to buy it; the poorer the person, the cheaper the time, the harder it is to earn his money.
  Economics does not look at rich and poor, only at transactions.
  At any time, the two parties to the transaction are a cooperative rather than exploitative relationship. And the price of the transaction has nothing to do with rich or poor, only depends on competitors.
  For example, the luxury car of the richest man broke down halfway and he needed someone to help push the car. The normal price is 500 yuan once, but if there is only one passerby within a 10-mile radius, even if he opens his mouth, it will cost 5,000 yuan once, and the richest man has to pay obediently.
  Although poor, the poor still have the right to speak.
  Any time prices are low, it’s because there are too few buyers and not enough competition, or too many sellers, driving down prices, not because buyers are exploiting sellers.
  There is no distinction between poor and rich, but the essence is the difference in labor efficiency. The reason why you can afford the cleaning lady is because your labor efficiency is higher than that of the cleaning lady. Your half-day labor can be exchanged for her one-day labor, not because you take advantage of her half-day.
  Those who insist that trading between the rich and the poor is exploitation, why don’t they double the salary of their cleaning lady? Because you will also say: “Originally, she wanted 6,000 yuan, but you only gave 3,000 yuan. She has no choice but to agree, because she needs money.” Reasons are all pretense, and interests are the key
  They believe a certain statement not because it is right, but because it can bring benefits to themselves. The boss paid himself wages and exploited himself. It is fair and reasonable to pay the cleaning lady herself.
  In economics, the transaction is always in the interests of both parties, and the continuous transaction will continue to prosper, and everyone will become richer.
  Although the gap between rich and poor exists objectively, the relative gap is constantly narrowing. What used to be the gap between bicycles and cars is now the gap between economical cars and luxury cars. Ordinary people have enjoyed economic prosperity, the convenience of technology, and their living standards are much higher than those of the rich a few decades ago.
  Many people care too much about the absolute wealth and poverty, only look at the space axis, but forget the time axis.
  Numbers mean nothing, living standards do.
  The essence of being rich is efficiency, creating more wealth in a more efficient way is called “rich”. It used to be enough to work for a day, but now you can get enough to eat after an hour of work. This is called “rich”. The convenience of life, the development of transportation, the improvement of efficiency, the advancement of medical care, and the popularization of education are all “rich”, hidden in every corner like water, nourishing every individual, but many people do not see it.
  Jealousy blinds the eyes, selfishness warps the mind.
  At any time, both parties to the transaction will never lose.

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