Each man is his own god

  For a long, long time, I couldn’t figure out one question: why do people go to horror novels or movies? Why do people create horrors out of nothing to scare themselves? Why does the protagonist of a horror story go to a rather suspicious attic instead of hiding in the safety of his own bed in the dead of night? Can’t we wait until another day?
  Later, when I grew up a little bit and knew a little bit more about the world, I finally realized: it turns out that the real world is always scarier than stories. The theme of horror stories is not horror, but courage. It helps us to preview what horror is, tests our courage, and trains us to be strong people.
  American writer Stephen King is definitely the king of horror novels. His famous works include “Carrie”, “The Shining”, “It” and so on. The total sales volume of his works exceeds 350 million copies. He is also a prolific author. As for the excellent screenwriters, “The Shawshank Redemption”, which tells the story of prison escape, is even more classic among the classics.
  How did horror and prison break become the themes of Stephen King’s fame at the same time? Because “fear keeps you a prisoner, hope sets you free” and “everyone who fears lives in a hell of his own making”. The former sentence comes from “The Shawshank Redemption”, and the latter sentence comes from “Rebirth”. Throughout Stephen King’s works, you will understand that his stories always make people strong, and Stephen King’s life also begins with a need to become strong.
  ”My childhood was a foggy landscape,” Stephen King said, “scattered memories are like solitary trees covering it.” These “scattered memories” seem to have an element of tragedy. For example, when he was two years old, his father left without warning because of debt avoidance, leaving Stephen King, his brother and mother, and a pile of debts; He was seriously ill and had to drop out of school completely; what was even more frightening was that he had witnessed the accidental death of a friend.
  It is said that Stephen King was still very young at the time and witnessed a friend being run over by a train in front of him while going out. The grown-up Stephen King said he couldn’t remember the incident at all, but according to his family, Stephen King came home alone after the accident that day and was too shocked to say a word. Later, it was believed that Stephen King wrote the novella “Corpse” because of this childhood tragedy.
  The narrator of “Corpse” is a middle-aged writer (like Stephen King himself), recalling a story that happened in a small town in Maine in 1960: a kid named Brower went to the forest to pick blueberries, But he never returned, so a group of children who like to play treasure hunting games, based on clues, guessed that Brower was run over by a train while walking along the railway, and decided to find his body. This story is indeed very reminiscent of the tragedy that Stephen King encountered when he was a child, but according to him, the two have nothing to do with each other at all.
  Whether Stephen King has forgotten the past because of excessive fear, or the horror has been sublimated unconsciously into creation, or he really never cared about it, we can be sure: Stephen King is not No longer afraid of this matter, and he also found a way to make himself stronger – writing.
  At the age of 14, Stephen King took his favorite horror movie as a blueprint, adapted it into a novel, and sold it to his classmates at school. In one morning, he successfully sold more than 30 copies, earning his pocket money. However, Stephen King soon alerted the principal when he sold horror novels in the school. The principal called Stephen King to the principal’s office and ordered him to return the money to his classmates because horror novels were rubbish. The principal scolded him and said, “I really don’t understand. You are obviously talented, but why do you like to write such rubbish?” What the
  principal didn’t know was that horror is not rubbish, and neither are horror novels. Over the summer of that year, Stephen King continued to write, wrote another fantasy novel, and once again sold well. And then Stephen King became a master writer, not to mention.
  ”Each man is his own god,” Stephen King wrote. “If you give yourself up, who will save you? Everyone is busy, some are busy living, some are busy dying. You who are busy chasing fame and wealth, you who are busy with daily necessities, stop and think for a second, has your brain been institutionalized? Where is your God?”

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