Cleanup means

  To me, cleaning up has three meanings: to tidy up or deal with thoroughly; to be sensible; to govern.
  I like to clean up the room at a certain free time, such as the early morning of the weekend or the evening after dinner. Pay attention to the process of cleaning, and the state of mind is calm and comfortable.
  The corners that are not usually involved, the utensils that are rarely used in daily life, and the dust that accumulates over time, such as bookcases, wardrobes, cabinets, living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, may all be the objects to be sorted. I wipe the dust, discard the excess, and put things in order.
  In the process of cleaning up, I often choose some unused clothes, wipe and look at the photos of my family members hanging on the wall or on the table or my own photography and paintings, and also take care of the clothes everywhere. The stacked books are collected and returned to the bookshelves… This kind of cleaning is not just as simple as plastering and mopping the floor, but to sort out and tidy up life itself. This process will cause fluctuations in my inner emotions, and even lead to the gaze and thinking of life itself, which will more or less make me gain some unexpected things.
  For example, when I sorted out and rearranged all kinds of books scattered on the sofa, bedside, and bathroom, my heart was full of gratitude to these books. They accompanied me through time after time of loneliness. I am also glad that I fell in love with reading this extraordinary thing. For example, when I wiped clean the birthday present given to me by a friend—the sculpture of a couple walking forward hand in hand, I feel grateful for friendship and love in my heart. Friendship in the world is the most precious wealth in life. . For example, when I wiped and looked at my photographs one by one, my heart surged with love for art and respect and gratitude for all things in nature. Those experiences and decisive moments on the way of photography are deeply memorable. For example, when I tidied up the messy clothes in my son’s room, I couldn’t help but sigh in my heart that time flies so fast, and he has grown from a child to an adult. For example, when I rearrange the clothes in the closet neatly, the sense of happiness as a woman arises spontaneously… The past is connected with today, with clear context and clear direction.
  Of course you will be sweating profusely and panting, but the result of tidying will always make people feel refreshed and comfortable, freeing up a lot of space in the living room. Whenever my four-year-old niece is playing happily on the floor, I always sit on the side and enjoy watching her, my heart is full of joy, and my heart is also much more relaxed.
  As for internal cleaning, I will sit down at a certain quiet moment, sort out my mood or emotions, and listen quietly to the voice from my heart. Especially when I am restless and at a loss what to do, I will take a serious look at my thoughts and figure out my true inner needs. Be clear about what to let go and what to cherish. Don’t make the atrium too hollow, and avoid overcrowding it. I will let happiness, troubles, busyness, leisure, negativity, positivity, inferiority, self-confidence, all fall into their respective places, and don’t overdo it. Just like organizing a closet, winter clothes should be separated from summer clothes, and underwear and outerwear should be placed separately; clothes that are not needed must be disposed of in time. Only in this way can there be enough space to install more and newer things. Through cleaning, you can make room for the mind, so that the tired mind can rest, so that the disturbed mind can be sorted out, so that the soul can have a home to live in… I like to clean up, and I like to return chaos to order
  ; Life cannot be separated, it is closely related to life. When the inside and outside are cleaned up and the sky is looked at, life seems to be managed in an orderly manner.

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