Baton of love

  When he was young, whenever he was sick, his father would always ask him, “What do you want to eat?” He would ask his father to put his ear close to him, and whisper, “Of course it’s chili fried pork.” His father would smile heartily, and then go to the bazaar. The father chose the kind of pepper with a sharper head, because he knew that his son likes to eat spicy ones the most, and then he went to cut half a catty of meat. After returning home, wash the peppers, pull out the core inside, and then cut the peppers into thin strips and fry them with shredded pork.

  When he eats the dish made by his father, he can’t help but smack his lips, showing an expression of feasting. Sometimes he asked his father why he didn’t eat it, and his father always said with a smile: “Seeing you eat it is like eating it in my stomach.” At that time, he thought his father was reluctant, but when he was a little older, he realized that his father didn’t like spicy taste.
  When he was three years old, his mother left him, and his father raised him up as both a father and a mother. Although life is poor, he felt very satisfied with the company of chili peppers in the years of growing up.
  After the college entrance examination, he applied for a university in Sichuan. But I didn’t know that there are so many ways to eat chili in Sichuan. In school, he ate a lot of new tricks, and since then, he has a deeper understanding of chili.
  When he graduated, he brought home a girl from Sichuan who was his college classmate. She loves him very much, and is willing to leave her hometown and live with her beloved. On the day of the wedding, his father told her: “He likes to eat chili the most.” She smiled and said, “I knew it earlier.” She has been with him for four years, how could she not know his eating habits? But no one would have thought that, as a hot girl from Sichuan, she would not touch a little chili.
  After marriage, she bought cookbooks and started experimenting with chili. He never gets tired of eating dishes such as spicy red oil, twice-cooked pork with double peppers, fatty sausages with spicy peppers, and fried peppers.
  In a blink of an eye, his son has grown up. When the son is free, he likes to go to the kitchen to help his mother. She taught her son how to stir-fry, and especially taught him how to cook chili. She told him: “When one day I leave your dad first, you must often make chili peppers for your dad to eat.” On
  the day of his son’s wedding, grandpa was very happy and drank a few more glasses of wine. Unexpectedly, these few glasses of wine induced cerebral hemorrhage, and grandpa passed away in the middle of the night. The happy event turned into a funeral. In the past few days, my father has been weeping silently by the grandfather’s portrait, regretting that he did not persuade the old father to drink less. Unexpectedly, there was a wave of ups and downs, and another wave of ups and downs. My mother unfortunately encountered a car accident on the 16th day after my grandfather left. When she was dying, she left a word to her son: “Remember to take good care of your father.”
  Two close people in her life left her father one after another, and her father felt that the sky was falling. During those days, he sat on the sofa blankly all day without saying a word.
  Remembering his mother’s words, the son made chili peppers for his father every day. The spicy and tempting chili peppers in the past are tasteless to him now, and he is aging at an alarming rate. That day, the son couldn’t bear it anymore and said to him: “Father, I don’t want to see you decadent. Although grandpa and mother have left you, you still have me!” His son’s words completely woke him up
  . That afternoon, he went to the vegetable market to pick the largest and sharpest peppers, and prepared to make a dish of shredded pork with peppers. When he got home, he washed the peppers and pulled out the pits inside. At this time, he felt that his fingers were a little hot, and when he was frying in the pot, he began to cough, and the air was filled with a spicy smell.
  Suddenly, he thought of his old father, wife and son. He had eaten chili all his life before he knew how to make spicy and delicious shredded pork with chili. The process of making it was so difficult and bitter that his tears could not stop flowing down.
  Over the past 62 years, his relatives are like a relay race, enduring the heat and willingly cooking chili for him. They do everything for him silently without complaint or regret.
  This is an invisible baton that conveys love. As long as life lasts, this baton will be passed on forever.

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