World’s loneliest whale dies

  According to the “New York Post” report, on March 10 local time, Kiska (Kiska), known as “the loneliest whale in the world”, died in a marine park in Ontario, Canada, at the age of 47. While Kiska’s cause of death was not disclosed, Ocean Park said in a statement that his health had continued to decline in recent weeks.
  Kiska is an orca born off the coast of Iceland and has been in captivity since 1979. According to reports, Kiska had 5 “children”, but all died young. It had a companion until 2011, which was also given away. For the past 12 years, it has been completely isolated from its kind, living alone in the marine park.
  In 2021, a heartbreaking video shot by anti-captive activist Phil Demers attracted widespread attention. In the video, Kiska repeatedly bangs his head against the fence and looks in pain. In this regard, some experts said that Kiska’s self-harm behavior in the video was related to stress. It is understood that killer whales are very social mammals and are not suitable for captivity. Chronic stress can damage the immune system and physiological functions of captive killer whales, leading to disease and even death.

  How many ants are there on 2 billion billion earth? This may be a question that many people have wanted to know the answer to since childhood. A recent study led by the University of Hong Kong calculated that there are about 200 billion ants in the world, with a total weight of about 12 million tons.
Pi’s festival

  3.1415926…How many digits of pi can you recite?
  The past March 14th was named “Pi Day”, which is a special day to celebrate pi, which comes from the most commonly used approximate value of pi, 3.14.
  Swiss researchers used a supercomputer to calculate the famous mathematical constant pi to 62.8 trillion decimal places, according to the American Fun Science website. Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, this is currently the most accurate value of π, and the calculation took 108 days and 9 hours. Computer scientists have used exhaustive methods to prove that pi contains all 8 digits, which means that all dates such as our birthdays will appear in pi.

  600 tons Apple recently announced its environmental protection report card over the years: Through redesign, Apple completely eliminated the plastic film covering the iPhone box, reducing the amount of plastic used by 600 tons.
Iran and Saudi Arabia resume diplomatic ties

  Iranian media reported on March 10 that Iran and Saudi Arabia had agreed to restore diplomatic relations and reopen their embassies to each other within two months. According to Iran’s Tasnim News Agency, after several days of negotiations, Iran and Saudi Arabia signed a joint statement in Beijing on the same day, and the two sides agreed to restore diplomatic relations and reopen their embassies to each other within two months at most.
  Before reopening embassies to each other, Iran and Saudi Arabia have begun to normalize relations in stages. Representatives of Iran and Saudi Arabia held rounds of talks in Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, last year.
  In early January 2016, after Saudi Arabia executed the Shia cleric Naimer, Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei announced a “divine revenge” against Saudi Arabia, and angry Iranian demonstrators attacked the Saudi embassy in Iran. Saudi Arabia has since severed diplomatic ties with Iran.

It is reported that Chinese people have the highest level of happiness in the world

  Recently, the internationally renowned polling agency Ipsos released a survey report on the global happiness index. The agency surveyed 22,508 adults in 32 countries from December 22, 2022 to January 6, 2023, through its Global Advisors online survey platform.
  On average, nearly three-quarters (73%) of adults across the 32 countries considered themselves happy, the findings showed.
  Among all the countries surveyed, the country with the highest happiness index is China (91%), followed by Saudi Arabia (86%), the Netherlands (85%), India (84%), and Brazil (83%). The United States (76%) and Japan (60%) ranked 14th and 29th respectively. South Korea ranked 31st with 57%, followed by Hungary at 50%. The survey revealed the drivers of happiness, with life satisfaction soaring in Latin America but falling in many Western countries.
Dubai to build ‘moon resort’

  Whether it’s going into suborbital space or checking into an interstellar hotel, space tourism entrepreneurs believe that one day, we’ll all want to take vacations beyond Earth. So did the team behind the Moon World Resort project, who wanted to build a series of giant domed hotels that look like the moon, but on Earth, more specifically in Dubai.
  Each sphere will be a massive 360-degree rendition of the moon, including craters that look very real, the report said. These “moons” can reach a height of 224 meters and a circumference of 622 meters.
  Space tourism is currently expensive, for example, Virgin Galactic’s current space travel price is $450,000. The Lunar World Resort experience will be much cheaper, with $500 to set foot on the resort’s “moon’s surface.” The first Moonworld resort is expected to open in 2027.

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