To you married

  After several years of marriage, the little white rabbit is a little tired. This kind of exhaustion is not that the whole person is tired after finishing the housework, but that if you have saved up your stomach, you should tell the little gray rabbit, who lowered his head and played with his mobile phone, humming perfunctory—— a kind of Alone like never before.
  The little hedgehog asked her: What did you admire most about him when you married him? The little white rabbit said: Gentle and caring people can chat well, let’s enjoy watching dramas and games together.
  The little hedgehog asked: What about now? The little white rabbit smiled and said: Emotional indigestion.
  The little hedgehog said: Not all sharing will be exchanged for empathy.
  When he was writing the PowerPoint, the wind was blowing through the carrot field, and the green waves were turning over the summer. While you were on a diet, his borscht was just out of the pan and the strawberry shortcake was on the table. While he’s working overtime at the office, new heels are hitting your shopping list. When you decided to resign, he was bending over with a glass of wine and punished himself with three glasses.
  What really hurts us is not the lack of response, but the lack of participation in the other person’s life. I missed the first flower on the hill, let it wither, and got lost in the spring breeze. Missed the tip of the ice cream, let it melt in the hot sun, and fell heavily on the ground. Missed the most boiling moment of the hot pot, let it boil away all expectations, and then blamed the other party for why it opened such a big fire. Missing the kiss before going to bed, letting the nightmares make us no longer believe in the sense of security given by the moon. In a blink of an eye, I have been married for many years, and I feel wronged.
  The little white rabbit said: Are we all only thinking about sharing? The little hedgehog took a bite of the apple and said, “You don’t know if the apple is sweet until you take the first bite.” Then the little hedgehog handed the apple to the little white rabbit. The little white rabbit took a bite and said, “Wow, it’s so sweet.” The little hedgehog said: So, you have to share what the other party can handle. The other party can’t catch it, isn’t everyone embarrassed?
  At first, we thought that sharing was to hope that someone would come into our world. Look at my hairpins, see if my carrot cakes are delicious, and see if my jokes are funny. On the surface, like an actor without talent.
  And good sharing is actually responsive sharing. I listen to and understand your happiness, pain, and anxiety, and then use what I see and know to share with you my advice, my world, and my love. . Listen carefully to what you have to say and give you feedback. It makes sharing romantic.
  The little white rabbit said: I understand the truth, but why are apples so sweet? The little hedgehog smiled and said: Actually, apples are not that sweet, but the last bite you bit was bitter melon.

  One day, you will step over those trivial and mediocre daily life sharing, and then, enter a person’s inner world. There, you will see why he is hot, why he shrinks, what is his pride, what is his inferiority complex, so, if he is happy, he will be the first to share with you; if he is wronged, he will be the first to find you A consolation; hurt, he will cry in front of you. You are his safe haven, not an emotional receiver.
  The little white rabbit asked, is it difficult to walk into a person’s inner world? The little hedgehog said: It takes a lot of courage for a person to tear off his band-aid and show you his wounds. If you don’t have the ability to heal him, don’t be curious about his turbulent past. You don’t have to ask, he needs gauze, you hand him gauze; he needs alcohol, you hand him alcohol, just stay by his side and wait for the wound to heal.
  One day, he will still go home with a broken head and blood. You disinfect and bandage him, and he takes an apple out of his pocket and gives it to you. You don’t have to complain, you don’t have to blame, you just need to take a bite and answer him, the apple is so sweet. The moment he wants to give you an apple, you are the most important thing in the whole world.
  That little red hairpin is meaningless, it only makes sense when you wear it on your head. The carrot cake you made is not so delicious, but no one can replace it. Embarrassing and boring, but one day, he suddenly remembered, and the corners of his mouth raised. Some sharing did not get a response at that moment. Those sharing that were not caught, some fell to the ground, and some were still floating in the air. You just go to share. up.
  The door has been knocked for a long time, do you think you opened it, or is he willing to open it? The little white rabbit shook his head. The little hedgehog smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter, you just need to tell him that the weather is really nice today.” The little white rabbit asked: What if no one opens the door later? The little hedgehog said: That means there is no one at home. The little white rabbit asked: Do you still knock? The little hedgehog said: Knock, because you “knock” cute.

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