There are only two things in the world that make our lives worth living

The illusion that men have a free will is so ingrained that even I am willing to accept it. When I act in one way or another, I always think of myself as a free-will agent. In fact, it became very clear after the fact that the actions I took were entirely the result of the joint action of various eternal and indestructible cosmic forces, and I could not prevent them even if I wanted to. It is unavoidable.
There are two treasures in life, one is freedom of thought and the other is freedom of action.
The meaning of life lies in the life itself, not in how you describe it.
The crux of the problem is to figure out what kind of person you are. Once this is clear, your philosophical system will be formed naturally.
The greatest torture in the world is to love with contempt at the same time.

Youth is the ability to imagine in the face of reality, not to deceive yourself according to other people’s imagination.
There is one pattern that is the most obvious, the most perfect, and at the same time the most beautiful. This pattern is that a person comes into the world from birth, grows up gradually, falls in love, gets married, has children, works hard to earn a piece of bread, and finally passes away. But there are other patterns of life, these patterns are chaotic, but wonderful, in which happiness has never been involved, and people do not pursue fame, but we can feel a more disturbing elegance from them.
The devil is always on the lookout, intent on grabbing his immortal soul.
A person is like a tightly wrapped bud. What a man reads or does most of the time has no effect on him. There are, however, certain things which have a special meaning to a man, and which cause the bud to open one petal, one petal after another, and at last a flower.
There are only two things in the world that make our life worth living, and that is love and art. I’ve always felt that you and I should take life as an adventure and keep the jewel-like fire burning in our breasts. To be a man is to take risks, to go through fire and water, and to take risks like a barf.

Happiness is as insignificant as pain, and their arrival, like other details in life, only makes the pattern of life more complex.
Philip kept asking himself: what is the meaning of life? Everything in the world is empty. In the case of Cronshaw, this was not the case. When he lived, he was just a mediocre person, silent; when he died, he was completely forgotten. The few remaining volumes of his poems are only sold on second-hand bookstalls. His life seemed to offer nothing more than an opportunity to write an opinion piece.
In fact, the mentality of the beneficiary to repay the favor is much weaker than that of the benefactor.
He didn’t understand that in the journey of life, one has to cross a large area of arid, barren and treacherous wilderness before entering the living reality. The so-called ‘happy youth’ is but an illusion, an illusion of those whose youth has passed away; and the young know that they are unhappy, because they are full of unrealistic fantasies, all implanted from without. It goes to their minds, and whenever they come into contact with reality, they are always bruised.
Excessive enthusiasm is a sign of lack of education. Enthusiasm and impulsiveness are definitely not the demeanor that a gentleman should have.

Philip thought that in abandoning his desire for happiness he had abandoned his last unrealistic fancy. Measured by the measure of happiness, his life seemed terrible; but when he realized that there was another measure of his life, he suddenly felt empowered. Happiness is as insignificant as pain, and their presence, like other details in life, only complicates the pattern of life.
Since life is meaningless, there is no cruelty in the world. It doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t have time to do. Failure is not surprising, and success is equal to zero. He is but the most inconspicuous animal among the mortal beings who temporarily occupy the surface of the earth; yet, he is omnipotent, because he can wring out its mysteries from the chaos.
There is still a long way to go in life, and there is plenty of time. He could spend years, if he pleased, wandering about out-of-the-way places and among strange peoples, where people lived in all sorts of queer ways. He doesn’t know what he wants to pursue, and he doesn’t know what travel will bring him, but he feels that through travel, he will learn many new things in life, find some clues to the mystery he just uncovered, and the result will be Make yourself discover the mysteries of life even more incredible. Even if he gets nothing, at least it can eliminate the uneasiness that disturbs his mood.
People act on their emotions. But their emotions can be good or bad. Whether their emotions lead them to success or ruin, it seems, is pure chance. Life is an inescapable chaos. Driven by this invisible force, people are running around, but they can’t answer a single one about the purpose of doing so, it seems that they are only running for the sake of running.
He sincerely mistook his indecision for the temperament of an artist, and his idleness for the detachment of a philosopher. He was a mediocre mind, and yet so devoted to magnificence, that everything from his eyes was veiled with a sentimental golden haze, and their outlines were blurred, so that they appeared larger than they really were. He is lying, but he never knows that he is lying; when others point him out, he says that lies are beautiful. He is an idealist.

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