The most correct way to live after middle age: know how to rest

Another weekend vacation was spent, some people chose to go outdoors to discover more beautiful scenery, and some people lay in bed to enjoy their hard-won leisure time.

But for most people, they don’t actually know what a real rest is.

What is different from what I imagined is that every Monday, I see a lot of people posting on Moments: “I’m tired and paralyzed”, “I’m sleepy”…

It seems that it has become a common phenomenon that vacations are more tiring than going to work.

British writer Elbert famously said:
“No one needs a vacation more than the person who just took it.”

I take it for granted.

During the holidays, it hurts the body and eats and drinks meaninglessly, stays in bed to gain weight, stays up late, and carnival. Our aim is not to waste every minute of rest time.

However, when the holiday is over, we all feel more or less tired and anxious about returning to work and life.

“I have to get up early to go to work again”, “I haven’t recovered my mentality yet”, “The vacation is too short, I really want to borrow it for another five hundred years”…

Every day before the holiday, I look forward to a good rest during the holiday, but after the holiday, instead of resting well, I feel even more tired.

I can’t play well, and I can’t rest enough.

So what exactly is a break?

Will rest is a kind of ability

In this fast-paced society, everything is about efficiency and convenience.

Many people have been busy since they opened their eyes, constantly adapting to their “role performance”.

Workers crowded into the crowded subway early on their way to work, students trotted to school while eating breakfast, old people bought vegetables, cooked meals, and picked up their grandchildren…

Everyone is busy and eager to take a break, but they waste the time without knowing it, and they don’t get real relaxation.

So, more time does not mean better rest, the quality of rest depends on the type of rest, not the length of time.

Henry Ford once said:
“A person who only knows how to work but does not know how to rest is like a car without brakes. It is extremely dangerous.”

So does a person who keeps going and doesn’t know how to rest.

Some time ago, a 23-year-old female employee of an Internet company died suddenly in the early morning on the way home from get off work.

It’s a pity that at such a young age, you should have plenty of time to experience this life, but you bid farewell so early.

According to the “Sleep Report of Internet Enterprise Employees”, 81.4% of Internet employees currently have poor sleep quality.

71.3% of the employees suffer from insomnia, 51.5% of the employees don’t go to bed until after 23 o’clock, and their average sleep time is only six or seven hours.

Not only Internet employees, but people in all walks of life will experience excessive physical and psychological pressure to a greater or lesser extent.

A Japanese study showed that people who worked more than 60 hours a week were twice as likely to have an acute myocardial infarction as those who worked no more than 40 hours.

The brain is overloaded, there is not enough rest time for a long time, and the pressure is too heavy, which eats up our health little by little.

Learning to rest has become a compulsory course for each of us.

True rest, not indulgence,
but for better storage

If you want to rest well, you must clarify what the purpose of rest is.

As Lenin said:
“You can’t work without rest.”

Rest is to maintain a better state of mind and move the body forward in a further direction, instead of just letting yourself go and wasting your precious life wantonly.

You know, rest and play are two completely different things.

Resting is a restorative activity to allow yourself to store up strength, while playing is primarily entertainment and the purpose is simply to release stress.

People who can rest know how to use time to revive themselves with full blood, but those who can’t rest can only rest more and more tired.

In order to maintain his mental state, Roosevelt would find a sofa or a chair to rest for 20 minutes with his eyes closed, no matter how busy he was.

No matter how busy Japanese writer Haruki Murakami is, he has been running for 33 years and has participated in marathons many times.

Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, even during World War II, would still sneak in to take a nap after lunch.

So how do we rest?

Lying in bed swiping the phone day after day, staying up late watching TV series…

At the same time, we have not been able to get rid of the attraction of electronic devices. Negative and passive rest can only make us more tired as we rest.

The “posture” is wrong, and the rest is in vain.

If you want to truly relax, you must learn to rest effectively, and don’t waste precious rest time in vain.

The really effective rest is “crossover”,
not just sleep and play

You feel tired, but you don’t have to stop, learning to turn is the best way to rest.

Real rest does not require you to put down all the things at hand and fall asleep, but requires you to find the right items to switch to rest.

Learn these three “crossover” rests to make your rest more efficient.

1. Active instead of passive

What is passive rest?

They are recreational activities that don’t require too much use of the brain, such as being in a daze, watching TV, and swiping your phone.

What is active rest?

It is entertainment that requires you to consume a certain amount of physical and mental energy, such as playing basketball and climbing mountains.

If you keep doing passive rest, your brain will be in a negative state for a long time, and you can only get short-term pleasure. In the long run, you will feel bored and cannot get real rest.

And choose more active rest, the brain accepts new information while resting.

With new experiences and thoughts, it is easier to feel continuous pleasure and relax physically and mentally.

For example, instead of lying down, go out for a walk, let the body move, or change from watching short videos to shooting short videos, so that the brain can move.

When we put our energy into focusing on something, we are more likely to have a sense of pleasure and get real relaxation.

So during the holidays, go out more and move your body.

Read books that you have never had a chance to read, and replace passive rest with active rest, you can get more happiness and get enough rest.

2. Rich instead of single

Many people have experienced this feeling: when they first had a holiday, they were full of enthusiasm, played with mobile phones very happily, and felt very relaxed.

But as the holidays get longer and longer, we slowly start to feel that playing with mobile phones all the time is not so interesting, even a bit boring.

In fact, the essence of rest lies in “crossover”.

There is a marginal effect in psychology, if the investment in a certain item is continuously increased, the benefits brought by the investment will gradually decrease.

To put it simply, if you read too much, it is meaningless.

You feel very happy watching variety shows on the first day of the holiday, but the longer the holiday is, the less interesting you are to watch variety shows.

At this time, if you want to change your mind, read a book, or go to the gym to exercise;

Or go to other cities to see the mountains and rivers, then this sense of happiness can be raised immediately.

Therefore, if we want to rest well when we are resting, we must not only do the same thing.

Lying in bed and sleeping every day, playing with mobile phones every day, and going shopping every day will only make us more and more tired.

Arrange our rest time reasonably, learn to “cross”, and try more forms of entertainment to enrich our holidays so that we can get a better rest.

3. Peak instead of mean

The deepest memories in our memory are either the bright moments of being named on the gold list, or the dark moments of deep embarrassment.

What can really enter the depths of our memory are the peaks of life, either bright or dark.

If our vacation is always in a flat state, without ups and downs, people will feel numb and cannot get real relaxation.

A perfect vacation naturally needs a peak to stimulate, so that you can really feel that you are rested, relaxed, and revived with full blood.

For example, we usually listen to music after get off work and prepare to fall asleep.

On weekends, we can invite three or five friends to play mahjong, talk heart to heart, and have a drink.

Add a little special flavor to your life, and this holiday is never in vain.

Mr. Hu Shi once said:
“A person’s future depends entirely on how he uses his leisure time, and leisure will determine his life.”

Adjust the rhythm of life, replace passive indulgence with active relaxation, so that you are full of energy at any time.

Don’t just focus on working hard, truly efficient people know how to empower rest, relax when you rest, and do your best when you struggle.

A short period of relaxation and rest is like a station in your dream journey.

Learn to release the pressure here, in order to start better.

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