Temptation from the Sea of ​​Japan

  Traveling in Japan, for the sake of delicious food, I still broke the habit of not wanting to get up early, set an early alarm clock, and went to the subway with the most people, just for the most delicious seafood that was just salvaged from Tsukiji Market. The morning rush hour of the Tokyo subway is comparable to that of Beijing. If the conductor at the gate does not come to push you, I am afraid that the past dozen cars will not be able to squeeze in. The office workers were wearing neat suits, which made people feel nervous. However, the shaking and crowded carriage was extremely quiet. At each stop, more than 20 people at the door would automatically get out of the car and line up in two lines at the door, so that the passengers in the middle of the carriage could get off smoothly. Whether or not anyone actually gets out of the car, they do so, and it’s extremely quiet all the way.
  Not far from the subway exit is this famous seafood market. Unlike the seafood market in our impression, there are many sushi and seafood bowls on the periphery of Tsukiji Market that first caught our sight. Going forward, the big-headed scallops and oysters are already squeaking on the oven, and the red bodies of huge lobsters and crabs are lying on the ice, so eye-catching. Some stalls sell all kinds of pickled vegetables and kelp. Aunts wearing aprons look like they have been doing business in the market for many years. They look at the passing people with a kind of kindness in their eyes.

  To be honest, what I care most about when I travel is not the sights and monuments of the destination, but what kind of food there is. And Japanese seafood is definitely a food that can occupy a place on the list. The top-quality deep-sea ingredients and fresh and transparent seafood are cooked by the chefs to present exquisite dishes. Their attitude towards food is always like an artist, carefully arranging the direction and position of the ingredients, and using the most suitable sauce to maintain the most authentic taste of the food.
  After turning a few turns, I found the most famous raw sea urchin restaurant in Tsukiji Market, Tiger Clay, “eat sea urchin like a tiger”, the name is so powerful and domineering. Here we will screen and compare the top five types of sea urchins from all over Japan and overseas, giving your taste buds an all-round sea urchin bombardment. Even if it is an ordinary sea urchin rice, the amount of sea urchin on top is guaranteed to make you addicted. Add a raw egg and stir it, the taste is sweet, fragrant and silky, and it melts in your mouth with a light sip , with a unique fresh fragrance of sea food, with endless aftertaste. Every time we took a bite, we couldn’t help but let out a huge sound of admiration. The master stood at the bar in front of us, watching us eating and laughing all the time. I believe he must also be full of satisfaction.
  If you can’t accept raw seafood, then grilled over charcoal fire, the fresh, fragrant and juicy seafood should be loved by everyone. Isomaru Fisheries has stores all over Tokyo. When you go shopping in the city center, you will always see one or two. They are open 24 hours and have become the favorite seafood barbecue restaurant of the locals. Of course, there is also fresh salmon sashimi here, the meat is elastic, and it shines brightly in orange red. The giant arctic sweet prawns are about the same size as prawns. The fresh and sweet prawns are dipped in light kombu soy sauce and wasabi, which is the ultimate treat for the taste buds.

  Look at the stove again, the palm-sized oysters and scallops are grilled by the fire, gradually wrapped in the grilled gravy, bubbling and bubbling, and there are detailed instructions next to it, telling you that every food should be cooked on the fire. Bake it for a few minutes, when you need to pick it up and turn it over one by one, make sure you put it in your mouth when the fire is just right. These foods all have the unique salty taste of the sea, and there is no need to add any extra sauces, just taste the masterpieces of nature directly. The most amazing thing is the grilled crab shell. The ingredients inside are not only crab roe, but also crab meat, cheese, etc., which are mashed into meat. The feeling of taking the first bite is like melting the sea into your mouth! When you are tired of these seafood, a sip of grapefruit honey sparkling wine will make you feel summer in advance.
  In this store, people in suits and leather shoes on weekdays will disarm, and you will feel that this is the night atmosphere that really belongs to Japan, not the country where the morning rush hour is extremely quiet. In addition to the sizzling sound of grilled food on the fire, there is also the joy of clinking wine glasses between friends, gossip and laughter that cannot be stopped when you are slightly drunk, even if you walk out of this room with a smell of charcoal all over your body, and you are drenched again. With the patter of rain, I also felt that this night was very happy.

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