Stay withered

  After the snow fell, a pool of dead lotus was left behind.
  Or broken, or broken, or hanging down, or toppled, they stand quietly in the water, from growing to decay, I don’t know if it’s because of the original way in winter, or because the water in the pool is frozen into ice, I just feel that the world is so quiet, they seem to be surrounded by What time has forgotten here is like the discarded rhyme in Tang poetry and Song poetry, like the helpless clang of the empty strings after a Guqin song, like those paper kites that no one cares about, those broken paper kites lost in the depths of time.

  I stood in the cold wind, looking at each other with this skinny residual lotus, I don’t know which part of my heart was inexplicably ashamed, I lowered my head, not daring to ask myself, do I really have the courage to face the essence of life? look.
  When I saw the word “Lotus”, what popped into my head was still the description in midsummer, “Tingting”, “Tiantian”, “Pianpian”… How can I forget? When it was raining, I saw water droplets jumping among the lotus leaves. Under the bright sun, I saw the koi swimming in the depths of the lotus pond. When the night fell, I smelled the lotus fragrance stained by the moonlight. It was like yesterday.
  But right now, that’s not the case at all. The branch of lotus that sang happily in midsummer is still standing there, without any movement or shifting. It just removes the heavy makeup and colorful clothes, which makes people dare not recognize it.
  Li Shangyin loves residual lotus. It should be said that he likes stepping into withered flowers, and he likes to taste the aftertaste of life. American scholar Owen tried to explain Li Shangyin’s phrase “holding a red candle to appreciate the remaining flowers”, saying that the word “remnant” reminds people of “whole”, so it can combine the meanings of “disappearing” and “retaining”. Remnant means that it is the last time, and it has a connection with the previous time.
  That is to say, the residual lotus does not express “withering” alone. It tells us that it has had a splendid past in such a withered appearance. “Come.
  Of course, this is somewhat cruel. A flower that was once so delicate and a leaf that is so lonely and broad can only evoke the memory of the past glory with its brown face, which makes people feel infinitely disappointed.
  Jin Nong, a painter in the Qing Dynasty, was nicknamed “Mr. Dongxin” and “Mr. Kumei Temple”. Anyone who knows him a little bit knows that he likes winter more than spring. He even named his pavilion “Shame Spring Pavilion”.
  Jinnong thought that those newborn, fresh, colorful, and all the beauty of spring are also fleeting, fragile, and fleeting. Isn’t this another kind of cruelty?
  Although winter is lonely, it is very quiet, very sure, as if it is eternal. A dry lotus pod is put in a vase, and after another ten or twenty days, a whole winter, a year, it will still be the same. When you pick it up gently, you can even hear the sound of the withered lotus seeds bumping against the canopy wall. The sound was like a distant response.
  The silence of winter actually makes people feel a kind of compassion.
  It is hardly necessary to count how many painters throughout the ages have been obsessed with the pond of dry lotus, obsessed with those fading colors, and directly reached the simplicity and artistic conception of the essence of Chinese painting. Shen Kuo said in “Picture Song”: “The legend of Dong Yuan in the south of the Yangtze River is huge, and the light ink and light haze are one.” After life, it is just a few ink marks sprinkled on rice paper.
  Let go of the boundaries between prosperity and prosperity, and dissolve the obsessions of hatred and joy. Perhaps that wild and cold land is what people want in their lives, a long-lasting and indifferent peace of mind.
  Jiang Xun once talked about the same word for “xie” in “withering” and “xie” in “thank you”. Thinking about it, maybe life can actually be full of gratitude after the completion of life. It doesn’t matter whether the flowers wither or the lotus withers, it’s all the same. The flowers wither can follow the flowing water, and the lotus withers can be buried in the mud. This is the place where the life of the next life is being conceived. Just leave a branch of dead lotus in your hands or in your heart, and then when you are lonely and cold, this is also one of the moments in life.

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