Snow day

  I literally slept through the whole day and it stopped me from getting any more sleep. The little house gradually changed from gray to black.
   My back hurts from sleeping, my shoulder hurts, and I’m hungry. I got out of bed and turned on the light, sat on the edge of the bed, sat on the chair, brushed my hair, wiped my eyes twice, feeling long and bottomless in my heart, as if I was put into a coal hole, and Without a lantern, I am alone. Although the room is small, it feels like a desolate square to me. The walls of the room are farther away from me than the sky, which means that nothing has anything to do with me; it means that my stomach is too empty!
   All the sounds of streetcars and streetcars are clamoring outside the small window. But the corridor on the third floor was very quiet. Every time a person passes by, I pay attention to his footsteps, which are very loud, hard-soled leather shoes step by, women’s high-heeled shoes are even louder and anxious, sometimes there are groups of noises, men and women interspersed for a while. I heard all the voices that tempted me in the aisle, but I didn’t need to open the door to look, I knew that Lang Hua hadn’t come back yet.
   The small window was as high as a prisoner’s room. I looked up and saw those flying snowflakes falling from the sky in a hurry, and some of them also hit the glass window, and immediately melted, turning into water droplets rolling and crawling, The glass windows are drawn by it in meaningless, disorganized stripes.
   I thought: Why do snowflakes fly? How pointless! Suddenly I thought again: Am I not as meaningless as a snowflake? Sitting in a chair, with hands empty, doing nothing; mouth open, but eating nothing. I am very much like a machine that has come to a complete stop.
   As soon as the aisle sounded, my heart beat very fast. Could it be Lang Hua’s footsteps? A sound of wearing soft-soled shoes approached the door, and I seemed to jump up. I was frightened: Is he pitifully cold? He didn’t bring back bread, did he?
   When I opened the door to look, the waiter stood there: “Do you include dinner?”
   “How much?”
   “6 cents per serving. 15 yuan for a monthly subscription.”
   I shook my head without hesitation, fearing that he would force me to bring the meal in. As if to eat, as if I was afraid that he would force me to ask for money. The waiter walked out, and the door was sternly closed again. All the laughter in other rooms and the aroma of food are cut off, and I am separated from the world with a door like this.
   I didn’t stop fantasizing until Lang Hua came back and his rubber-soled shoes were rubbed on the threshold. The tray in the waiter’s hand contained meatloaf, fried yellow sweet potatoes, and sliced ​​into large slices of elastic bread. Lang Hua’s jacket was so wet, and mud was dragging from the wet trousers. The soles of the shoes were perforated, making the socks wet.
   He went to bed to warm up, with his feet stretched out of the quilt, and I wiped the cold black circles on his feet with a rag.
   When he asked me, he was as straight as a fool, without bending his waist: “Are you hungry?” I almost cried. I said, “I’m not hungry.” In order to bow my head, my face almost touched the cold soles of his feet.
   His clothes were completely soaked, so I went to the side of the road to buy steamed buns. On the bare wooden table, the teeth brushing jar was steaming, and the tooth brushing jar accompanied us to finish the steamed buns. Now that the steamed buns are finished, the copper coins on the table will also be eaten. He asked me, “Is it enough?”
   I said, “Is it enough?” I asked him, ”
   Is it enough?” The accordion sings desolately!
   Get on the table and open the small window. This small window is a tunnel through the world: roofs, chimneys, the heavy and black sky with flying snow, street lamps, police, streetcars, peddlers, beggars, everything appears in this small tunnel, and the busy city street sends out ring. The accordion next door doesn’t exist to our ears.

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