After the master left, Xiaoyu took a few steps back, admired the white bedroom door, and took a few photos by the way. The willow green shoots outside the window were also included in the mirror, and it was spring after all. Next, just wait for the installation of the stove and air conditioner. The renovation that started in October last year is coming to an end soon. Right now, the rented house is close to 10,000 yuan a month, and she doesn’t want to live in it for a day. Mosquitoes came in early March, and they were huge black-legged mosquitoes. It was a ghost. She speculated and speculated, but there was only one possibility, it must be the old mosquito eggs, hidden in a hidden place, revived under the right temperature.
  This transitional house is on the 15th floor, with a good view. On sunny days, you can see the tallest building in the imperial capital, and there is plenty of light throughout the day. When you moved in, there were only two sets of wardrobes in the whole house, with ugly plaster lines and plaster The part where the line passes through the closet is cut off, and the yellow side of the multi-layer board is exposed, while the air-conditioning condensate pipe on the other side of the wall has been loosened from the wall, and there are countless black spots on the wall and ceiling—the picture is hanging on the wall. Traces and remnants of mosquitoes.
  The problem lies in the toilet, the original owner carefully designed a bad wet and dry separation. Because the shower area is set too narrow, the bath water will easily overflow to the dry area of ​​the toilet on the side, and there is no floor drain in the dry area, so the accumulated water will come out instantly. Mosquitoes find a paradise in a humid and warm environment.
  I can only endure it. Moving in May, Xiaoyu gritted her teeth and looked forward to it. In the past few months, the two sets of adjacent old broken schools led by her started construction at the same time, which took a lot of effort. The biggest motivator for the remodel was when the kids grew up. The daughter is less than 12 years old and already 1.7 meters, and the son is also 8 years old. They need their own rooms. The north-facing bedroom was reserved for the daughter, and the son added a small room in the living room. The 402 opposite the door is also renovated this time, and the parents-in-law who have been helping them live here. The two elderly people left Yunnan 12 years ago and came here. In the past few years, they have been squeezed together. Seven years ago, the 402 opposite door sold the house, so they bought it. In this way, everyone has a support and a little independent space. Others’ agency fees are 70,000 to 80,000 yuan, but she only spent 5,000 yuan. She also trained the two children very well. In addition, because she chose a state-owned enterprise to settle down after graduation, the children’s household registration was also settled. A few years ago, she left the state-owned enterprise and jumped to a foreign company with higher income. Xiaoyu walked very smoothly every step of the way.

  After taking the pictures, she sent a copy to her husband and a copy to her sister as well. My younger sister is a cousin who lives in Shanghai. They have been in frequent contact. My sister replied in seconds: It looks good. Then came another call. She hoped that Xiaoyu could help her as a staff member to see if her decision was correct. To put it simply, she wants to sort out the assets in hand, sell some fragmented houses in other cities, and start a new one in Shanghai.
  She had no such plans in the past, and this time she did not know who inspired her. She decided to sell the suburban house for about 5 million yuan, and rent it out for only 4,000 yuan. “The return on capital is very low. If you consolidate it, it might go up a bit. Otherwise, a house with millions of dollars will be put there, and if it doesn’t go up, it will go down.”
  According to her statement, she still needs to sell 4 scattered sets . house. Only one 150-square-meter house that was renovated last year was kept in the field.
  Of the four houses, two are related to her mother. One is the front house of the mother – there is a small shop on the bottom, and a house on the upper floor. This is a house that my parents earned by themselves. The current annual rent is 36,000.
  The other set is a two-bedroom high-rise apartment where the parents live now. About 70 to 80 square meters, I have lived in it for 8 years. She paid for this set, so she thinks she has the right to dispose of it.
  According to her idea, her parents can move into the big house renovated last year, sell the facade house and the small two-bedroom house, and then sell an investment house + suburban house in Shanghai that did not make any money. This will probably bring out more than 8 million yuan, and then If you make a little money and get a loan, you can leverage a house in the urban area of ​​about 10 million to 12 million.
  I only keep 150 square meters for my parents, and a small house with a lease in other places – 2,000 yuan for her mother, and I subsidize her 2,000 yuan a month.
  But her mother asked her: What if you don’t give it?
  She was furious, “My dad doesn’t even say that he doesn’t trust me so much, just say you decide.” “It’s
  not an outsider to say it directly. She rented it out to other people, and the initiative is indeed in her hands.”
  ” Then why doesn’t my dad say that?”
  ”Because it’s my own mother! Your father isn’t my own father, how can I say that?”
  ”Then do you think this matter can be fixed?”
  Xiaoyu didn’t know how to take over for a while, and nine times out of ten, as long as she had a little clue about what her cousin had thought up, ten bulls wouldn’t be able to pull back. All decisions are made decisively. However, she still expressed a little bit of opinion: It is not a small project for you to sell so many houses. Your mother lives well, so she definitely doesn’t want to get involved. In addition, you are financing. She is old and thinks it is risky. ,is normal.
  ”The pre-marital funds can be notarized, and the repayment of the loan after marriage is considered joint property, so there is nothing to worry about.” “The
  actual friction cost is still quite high.”
  ”Maybe I am used to unconditional trust. Then If her front room remains unchanged, can anything else be done?”
  ”You have to discuss this, in short, you have to settle your worries and don’t make her feel flustered.”
  After the two chatted for a while, Xiaoyu said that she was going to get into the elevator, and the phone call started interrupted. When she got home, she told her husband about it, and the husband said, your sister is so ambitious.
  At 9:30 in the evening, my sister sent a map, saying that it was going to delineate targets along the red zone. “I want to make a selection first, look at the general location, have goals, think it’s okay, and then operate in the second half of the year. At the same time, I also look at the progress of the work in the past few months. If the income does not reach a level, other aspects will shrink. In addition, we must also investigate Husband and wife relationship. I got along well with my teammates this year. He has changed a lot. He can control his emotions, pay attention to his words, and can take the initiative to do something at home. So look again, if I quarrel like before, I definitely won’t Replacement.”
  Xiaoyu didn’t know how to answer her sister’s words except for smiling faces and thumbs up. It is perfectly normal for a person who lives a cautious and ordinary life to be unable to answer the sentences of a person who is as imposing as a rainbow.
  ”Is it possible for you to lend me some money at the end of the year? If there is demand at that time.” ”
  This year is a very stressful year for us. We spent money on two sets of renovations. We also changed our car a year ago. The key is I still have a set of out-of-town mortgages.”
  “I’m also reflecting on the fact that I bought the wrong house in XX City, which took up funds, and I have to repay the loan every month, and there is no increase.”
  ”Sell this set first, and stop the loss in time.”
  ”Yes, the house will be handed over in June. I plan to talk to someone about holding it for two years, notarize it, and then transfer the ownership.”
  Looking at this line of words, Xiaoyu felt that every word Can wear a person down. My sister is really brave.
  ”I’ll look at it at the end of the year. If I can squeeze out some, I’ll lend it to you.” Xiaoyu typed this sentence, and the younger sister said yes, and sent an OK gesture.
  Originally, this could have marked the end, but my sister sent another sentence: I invested more than one million in a small investment bank, and made overseas investment. The bottom line is 2.3%. It is not a big problem not to fight. The teammates don’t know that the money will not come back until the end of the year.
  Xiaoyu took a deep breath, and decided to say the last nonsense: “You can see for yourself, it’s better to be cautious.

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