Say it from your heart

   Once at a friend’s gathering, the chat was very happy, and the topic suddenly changed to “Looking from the Heart”, and I didn’t feel that I had a strong interest in this topic. Everyone started the discussion with each other. A slightly older friend who seemed to have some experience said that a person’s appearance is divided into physical appearance and spirit. Everyone is very clear about physical appearance. It is not the ability to reach, it determines a person’s spiritual strength. Appreciation of a person starts with appearance, respects talent, suits character, stays with kindness, and finally character. Some people are mediocre but don’t hold back their youth, some are full of jewels but arrogant, and some don’t hold back their sharpness to show off their brilliance.
   The friend talked endlessly, and everyone listened attentively, nodding from time to time. The party that night left a deep impression on my memory and I feel that I have benefited a lot.
   Good-looking is not just a superficial beauty, but also a dignified manner, a humble attitude towards others, and an elegant conversation… For a
   few days after the party, the figure of that friend lingered. I also consulted some books.
   “Shame is born from the heart” comes from a story. A long time ago, there was a craftsman who was skilled in craftsmanship and was also very beautiful, but he was different from others. He liked to sculpt monsters and ghosts. The images of the sculptures were vivid. Many people went to buy his sculptures. The business was booming and a lot of money was made. One day, when he occasionally looked in the mirror, he found that his image had become vicious, ugly, and weird. He visited famous doctors all over the world, but all failed. One day, he happened to go to a temple and complained to the abbot. The abbot said: I can heal you, but you must carve 100 statues of Guanyin for me first. As a result, craftsmen began to study Guanyin’s expression, virtues and expressions, sometimes even to the point of forgetting themselves and substituting them. Half a year later, when he sculpted the image of Avalokitesvara, which is full of kindness, compassion, and tolerance, he hurried to the temple to find the abbot, and said to the abbot, “Please help me heal my illness.” The abbot didn’t speak, and took out the mirror from behind his
   back , smiled and said: “Your illness is cured.” Only then did he realize that his appearance had also become upright and dignified.
   If a person is full of enthusiasm and always smiles, when he gets old, the lines on his face will also be kind. If a person does not smile for a long time, his facial expression becomes rigid, the older he is, the more terrifying he will appear, and the less friendly he will be.
   This is the so-called “phase from the heart”.
   A person’s face is a resume. Your inner quality and inner self-cultivation determine your outer image and demeanor, this saying is not false at all. What you have said, done, learned, and experienced in the first half of your life will invisibly change your appearance in the second half of your life.
   This reminds me of my husband and I going back to his hometown for the New Year this year. My daughter proposed to go to Chongqing for a few days, and we agreed to go. When you arrive in Chongqing, you will naturally unlock all kinds of snacks from the Jiefangbei, and then go to the Qiansimen Bridge to take a panoramic view of Hongya Cave, the cableway across the river, the Liziba Pier, Ciqikou, and Qianxun Hongya Cave to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the two rivers in Chongqing.
   In order to let the children understand the epic revolutionary spirit of the revolutionary martyrs who are not afraid of sacrifice and heroic struggle for the establishment of a new China described in the red classic novel “Red Rock”, we specially took a day to go to the Bai Mansion and Zhazidong where the revolutionary martyrs were detained and shot. We walked slowly with the flow of people, and the children kept asking questions curiously. I also learned about this history from TV and movies. I don’t know many details, so I can’t answer most of the children’s questions. Children His interest in visiting was suddenly greatly reduced, and he felt guilty for his lack of knowledge. When he was browsing in general, a clear male voice came from not far from us. Looking along the voice, we saw a middle-aged man leading the A six or seven-year-old boy is concentrating on his visit. From a rough look, he is of medium build, plainly dressed, with a small crew cut, and looks very ordinary. He is explaining to his child in detail. His deep and deep tone at that time , the sometimes sonorous and forceful wording, between the lines expresses the incomparable admiration and remembrance of the martyrs, which seems to bring us back to the scene of that year. I hurriedly led the child to follow him closely and listened to his story quietly. His children kept asking questions curiously, and he would patiently answer them one by one. He will also guide and explain the details. In this way, I followed their father and son silently until I watched all the exhibition room scenes. Maybe he was too focused, and only then did he realize that we had been following him. Turning around, I looked at us with a slight smile, and then I noticed his face, which is not a handsome man, with small eyes, piercing, shining with wisdom, his brows reveal a heroic spirit that is different from the world, and his forehead The few wrinkles on his face show his knowledge and talent even more. His lips are always tightly pressed together, and he has a confident expression. What about the handsome and knowledgeable elder?
   On the way back, I have always been very emotional. In this materialistic society, the mainstream of young people should be talking about food, clothing, and famous brands. I admire this young man’s wide range of knowledge. In my impression, only my father’s generation knows these histories, and many young people don’t like to visit these places. Not to mention young people, just say that every time my husband asked him to visit some museum or other place, he always showed a very bored expression. If there was really no way to accompany him, he would wait helplessly outside.
   It really comes from the heart, if you like doing something very much, then your expression will be very happy, if you don’t like it, then you will be very bored.
   I remembered the idiom “Phase is born from the heart”, and I realized that the “Phase” here does not only refer to a person’s appearance, but also contains a spiritual appearance. The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates once said: “If you want beautiful lips, you must be able to speak kindly; if you want lovely eyes, you must see the good of others.” A person whose spiritual world is full and not empty, who is not limited by the world, and who is rich in knowledge, his ” Phase” is perfect.

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