Life is an empty boat again and again

  In the first half of this year, I have been preparing for a qualification certificate exam, because this qualification certificate is beneficial to my career development. Our system stipulates that this qualification certificate is a necessary condition for career advancement.
  I took out the spirit of going all out, and I was determined to win. Except for necessary work, I spend almost all my time reading books. I get up an hour early every day, and read when my mind is clearest; I plunge into the study to read after dinner at night, and go to bed when I am really sleepy; entertainment games. My wife said, you never worked so hard during the college entrance examination, did you? I smiled: How many times can we fight in life, and if we don’t fight hard, we will grow old!
  It is gratifying that I finally passed the qualification certificate examination, and I am very happy. But a few days later, I was suddenly notified that it was a necessary condition for professional promotion to cancel my qualification certificate. In other words, the qualification certificate that I have worked so hard to obtain has become dispensable. To be honest, this kind of qualification certificate is really useless in work, and it is more difficult to obtain this qualification certificate, so there are not many people who can obtain it in the system. I originally thought that I had some advantages with this certificate, but who would have thought that this qualification certificate would be equivalent to waste paper.
  At that moment, I was very annoyed, as if a bulging balloon was suddenly punctured. For several nights, I spent insomnia. My wife advised me that no matter what, the learning process is always useful, and the effort is the reward. But I always feel that what I have done is useless, that I have spent so much effort in vain, but in the end I have no joy.
  I thought of the old man in Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”. He went through all kinds of hardships, and finally a big fish bit his hook. He was overjoyed and tried his best to subdue the big fish. After the big fish died, infinite heroism rose in his heart. Unexpectedly, when he was about to return to the voyage with the big fish, a group of sharks came to attack him. The exhausted old man started to fight the shark again. After three days and three nights of fighting, the shark either died or escaped. However, the big fish he caught had been bitten by sharks until only the skeleton remained. The old man spent more than 80 days fighting alone on the vast sea, but finally returned empty.
  I thought of my experiences over the years: I failed the high school entrance examination, failed the college entrance examination for the first time, stumbled in the workplace at the beginning, and lost everything in partnership with others… One pile, one piece, which one is not equivalent to nothing Ship back? Perhaps, life is made up of returning empty boats again and again.
  In fact, the final destination of human beings is to return home empty. No matter how much value you have created in this world, when you finally leave this world, you cannot take a single blade of grass with you. When we live in this world, we try our best to create more value, but in fact, everyone knows that we will leave empty-handed, and everything will return to zero the moment we leave .
  Returning with an empty boat is the normal state of life and the result of life.
  Even so, we still strive to cut through the waves in the ocean of life. We escaped the siege and interception of the monstrous waves, and defeated the sudden attack of the undercurrent and the reef. We are floating on the sea, experiencing the bitterness and hardships of life. It is precisely because of this experience that we can more appreciate the happiness of returning home with a rewarding experience.
  ”A person can be destroyed, but he will never be defeated.” Yes, just like the old man Santiago in “The Old Man and the Sea”, after more than 80 days of fighting for nothing, he is still enthusiastically planning his next voyage. The same is true for us, don’t need to be upset, don’t need to be lost, only those who still have the courage to set sail after returning empty ships are considered warriors and wise men.

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