Li Ziqi’s youtube income was exposed, and she still earns 780,000 a month after stopping for a year. Netizens: She makes money, I’m not jealous

I have to feel that Li Ziqi has become an iconic symbol of traffic.

Even after retiring for a year, returning is a hot search.

A few days ago, Li Ziqi’s YouTube advertising revenue sparked heated discussions again.

According to platform data, Li Ziqi’s videos posted on You Tube have a monthly advertising revenue of more than 780,000.

You know, this is Li Ziqi, who has been off YouTube for more than a year.

As of now, Li Ziqi has as many as 17.4 million fans on Youtube, updated a total of 128 videos, and a total of 2.92 billion views.

A recently released video of “New Year’s Eve Dinner” has nearly 26 million views.

Some e-commerce practitioners have estimated that Li Ziqi’s ordinary video is estimated to have more than 2 million views a year.

This is a net profit that many small and medium-sized enterprises cannot achieve.

After watching Li Ziqi’s YouTube advertising revenue, I suddenly realized these 3 truths about making money.

How much influence depends on how deep the well is dug

Anyone who has watched Li Ziqi’s video knows that she is versatile.

Not only the farm work is done well, but also the delicious food is at your fingertips.

She can use bamboo to make a bed, and can dye cloth to make clothes.

She can also make wine from grapes and make handmade noodles. It seems that there is no skill she can’t know.

CCTV News once praised her: “There is no word to praise China, but she has told Chinese culture and Chinese stories well.”

But before Li Ziqi lost popularity, she didn’t know any video shooting skills.

She didn’t read much and had no one to teach her, so she could only search the Internet and watch video teaching exercises.

Due to limited conditions, the first video “Peach Blossom Wine” she shot was shot and edited with a mobile phone.

“Peach Blossom Wine” video screenshot, source: Li Ziqi Weibo

The picture quality is very blurry, the close-ups are not clear, and the echo is pitifully small.

What many people don’t know is that it took Li Ziqi more than a year for her video to go from being uninterested to being barely watchable.

And those who really want to win are paranoid.

Li Ziqi, in order to take a good video of a swing, his phone crashed 5 times just because of the material.

The back and forth editing, each time it collapses and starts over.

There is a classic line in the movie “Wu Shuang”: “In this world, among a million people, there is only one protagonist. Doing anything to the extreme is art.”

When Li Ziqi was filming “Jasmine Sauce”, it had just caught up with the high temperature of 40 degrees Celsius in summer.

Not to mention shooting back and forth in the harsh light, just standing under the sun will be soaked in sweat.

When Li Ziqi was shooting outdoors, it took two to three hours for a small shot of two or three seconds, and he almost fainted from heatstroke several times.

As for “Lanzhou Ramen”, which made her popular, she just learned from a ramen master and practiced for a month, until she was so sore that she couldn’t lift her arms every day.

Whether the ramen is well done or not, what is required is that every link must be strictly checked.

Selecting powder, adding water, kneading noodles, etc., as long as any link goes wrong, all the efforts in the early stage will be in vain.

If it were someone else, maybe 80 points would be enough.

But Li Ziqi’s paranoia about the ultimate forced her to challenge her own limit in every detail.

For a 2-minute ramen shot, it took her 3 days to call it a day.

Among the more than 200 shots saved, less than 50 can be used in the end.

Someone told her, why are you bothering?

Li Ziqi said, I have worked so hard to achieve 95 points, why not work hard and make it 100 points in my heart?

There is a cake law in any industry: 1% of the people take 99% of the cake, and 99% of the people share the remaining 1% of the cake.

Being able to become 1% of people is nothing more than making a hole with strength and making a hole with profit.

The ceiling of income depends on how to sell time

Li Xiao said: “A person’s income depends on how he sells his time.”

No matter what industry you are in, you have to spend time.
When you are rewarded for what you do, it means that your time has been successfully sold.
If there is only one commodity that can be traded in this world, it is time. Each of us is a merchant of time.
It’s just that some people sell time for income, and some people buy time for income.
There are many ways to sell time, which to a large extent determines the ceiling of a person’s income.
The first is to sell time only once.

Most of us fall into this category.

For example, work 8 hours a day. This is to sell one’s own 8 hours to the boss at one time.

The harvest obtained is only the reward for these 8 hours.

The second is to sell your own time at a higher unit price.

For example, after working in a company for a period of time, you went from the bottom to the management level.

It is also 8 hours of work, and the income of these 8 hours is definitely much more expensive than when I was an employee before.

This is also the reason why many people like promotion and salary increase.

The third is to package your own time into a product and sell it multiple times.

For example, you write your experience and methods into a book or open a course.

Books or courses are circulated to the market, and they can be sold continuously for many years to come, bringing you a steady stream of income.

Why Li Ziqi has been on Youtube for more than a year, and still has hundreds of thousands of passive income every month.

Because when Li Ziqi made the video, she distributed the same content on various platforms.

It is equivalent to the fact that her time on a video has been sold countless times.

As long as her content is high-quality enough, people will always watch it on Youtube, and it can continue to bring her benefits.

We choose to do a job to sell our free time.

We learn various skills and test various certificates, in essence, to increase the unit price of time.

But it will soon be discovered that in this way, it is easy to reach the ceiling.

For example, if you are a writer now, you sell it at a price of 200 yuan per article, which means you only sell one copy at a time.

Your writing level and efficiency have improved. In the same period of time, you can write more and the manuscript fee will be higher.

This is equivalent to increasing the unit price of time.

But it soon hit the ceiling. After all, no matter how powerful a person is, his time is limited.

Time cannot be stored, reserved for tomorrow, let alone created out of thin air.

Whether you use it or not, time disappears before your eyes.

Therefore, if you want to maximize your profits, you have to sell the same time multiple times, the more the better.

For example, you create a personal IP through high-quality content and distribute it on various platforms.

If your content is good enough and spread widely enough, it will bring you continuous returns for many years to come.

Just like the poet Liu Zhanqiu said: “In the face of time, the greatest people have no power to reverse; we can’t buy or sell; we can only choose and use.”

How long money can be earned depends on how many people need it

Speaking of how to sell time, let me ask you a question: What determines a person’s market price?

Since we want to sell time more expensively and for longer, we must be inseparable from the price.

Some people may think that it is the value of a person that determines the price of a person.

Just like so many people discussing on the Internet, why Li Ziqi is so popular.

Some people say that it is because her videos are very healing and provide everyone with emotional value.

There are so many bloggers who can provide emotional value, why is there only one Li Ziqi?

One respondent gave a sharp answer: Li Ziqi is so popular because we all need her.

Indeed, she is being needed by more and more people, whether it is leisure time or spiritual pleasure.

Going back to the question I asked at the beginning: what determines a person’s market price?

The answer is actually very simple. The decisive factor for a person’s market price is demand.

That is, it is needed by everyone.

Are you spending money on a product or service because the other party has high input costs and good advertising?

Certainly not, because you just need it, even if the cost of this product is not high.

If you don’t like those commercial blockbusters that cost hundreds of millions and invite big stars to make them, you don’t need them.

You will not buy tickets to enter the cinema just because the other party has invested heavily and promoted a lot.

After Li Ziqi became popular, even though there were countless bloggers who imitated her.

Those imitated bloggers may use more expensive cameras than her and have a larger team than her.

But no matter how imitated, Li Ziqi is Li Ziqi, and the others can only be called “cottages”.

Although Li Ziqi’s video only appeared in Chinese, but when I opened her comment area, I found that there were comments in various foreign languages.

English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and different languages are all expressing their recognition and love for her.

A patient with depression for five years said that he was greatly encouraged after watching Li Ziqi’s video. I actually started to clean the room a little bit, and my body and mind were greatly emptied.

Another foreign audience left a message for Li Ziqi. During her mother’s chemotherapy, she relied on Li Ziqi’s video to survive the most difficult time.

It is not difficult to explain why some people work so hard and put in so much time, but in the end it backfires.

The answer is cruel, but it is true, because of his value, he is not needed by others.

In other words, the more connected you are to the real world, the more people want you.

On the surface, everyone just thinks Li Ziqi’s video is very beautiful.

But it is the poetry and distance that many people yearn for.

It is also the spiritual hope for many office workers after a busy day.

If you work for the boss and you are the person the boss needs most, then the unit price of your time must be particularly high.

If your product is the most useful to users, then users will definitely not be able to live without you.

Just like the Japanese novelist Shion Miura said: “The so-called being needed by someone is the hope of becoming someone.”

write at the end

There is a sentence in “The Thorn Bird”: “Basically, we should spend our time on two things: things that make money and things that can make more money later.”

Looking at Li Ziqi’s YouTube income again, it is not difficult to find that the size of a person’s influence cannot be separated from her ten years of intensive cultivation.

If you want to break the income ceiling, you can’t just rely on a single time sale.

But in the end, how long money can be earned depends on how many people need it.

I hope you and I can find that long, snowy and wet slope.

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