If given the choice, what kind of life would most appeal to you?


Perhaps residing in a quaint village, awakening naturally at dawn, leisurely strolling to the local breakfast shop for soy milk and fried dough, while admiring the blooming flora below. Upon returning home, one’s companion and children would be laughing and playful, as an elderly relative basks in the sunlight on the balcony.

Although reality may differ from our ideals, life is not without its blessings. Certain individuals demonstrate that the world is not solely a rat race, but one of compassion and sincerity. Relationships are not always based on weighing pros and cons, but rather on purity and beauty.

Some choose to dance in the rain, while others sing through adversity. Even when one falls, they may still gaze up at the starry sky. Therefore, why should those of us who work diligently ever give up?

When asked what type of person I aspire to be, I realized that above all, I desire to exude warmth.

This is the ability to make others feel comforted and at ease. A person’s greatest attribute is not their captivating physical appearance, but rather the qualities ingrained in their character, such as sincerity and kindness. When these virtues intersect, it creates a perfect harmony.

Life is full of unpredictable twists and turns. However, those gentle compliments, unintentional gestures, and unexpected kindness can all become a source of warmth when reminiscing in the future, and help us withstand the complexities of maturing.

Thus, let us strive to become warm individuals. The most gratifying sensation is transforming our lives into what we desire through our own determination. When we possess the ability to embrace ourselves, we have the power to warm the hearts of others.

We must work diligently, yet there is no need to rush. A blossoming flower and bountiful fruit require time to grow.

Begin by following the light within your heart, and engage in pleasant and specific activities. Accomplish daily objectives, treat yourself to a delicious meal, and procure a book that has piqued your interest. By accumulating these small victories, you will make gradual progress.

The future is vast and open. May you extract your aspirations from the complexity of life’s moments. As long as you possess courage and fortitude, you can traverse even the thorniest paths and emerge among the flowers.

Perform acts of kindness without anticipation of reward. Love and be loved, embrace poetry and distance, and they will come to you.

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