How to have a strong mind

  There are 365 days a year, and I have more than 200 days, either on business trips or on the way.
  In the first half of 2022, the rhythm was suddenly disrupted, and I stayed at home for almost 3 months. Finally, on June 9th, I got a high-speed rail ticket from Shanghai to Hangzhou. At this time, it was only one hour before the departure. I went home as fast as possible to pack my luggage, and then found me before the high-speed rail started. seat.
  I flew all the way to Hangzhou, and then began to fight against various uncertainties over and over again. Being given a seven-day yellow code, unable to attend partner activities on time, and so on.
  Suddenly at a certain moment, I really felt an unprecedented tiredness, and even had the idea of ​​”laying flat”, forget it, don’t toss, I’m too tired. It’s better to go out for a walk, and the world won’t stop turning just because you leave it.
  This thought flashed by, and soon, I calmed down. no. Although my company is small and broken, there are more than 20 employees. Some of them have just given birth, some are starting to pay off their mortgage, and some don’t have girlfriends yet. Their lives have just begun.
  Another time, I felt very tired and wanted to take a leave of absence.
  But I suddenly remembered that I am an entrepreneur, and I can’t tell my competitors:
  I am too tired. I want to rest for two days. We all agreed that in the past two days, no one is allowed to develop software, no one is allowed to broadcast live, and no one is allowed to go to the market. They all hang up the exemption card, and wait for me to rest before fighting.
  In the face of difficulties, challenges and uncertainties, it is really difficult to persevere due to lack of mental strength.
  Therefore, when investing in projects, many investors will pay attention to the entrepreneurial effort.
  Cao Yi, founding partner of Source Code Capital, said that he judges whether an entrepreneur is worth investing in based on three dimensions: physical strength, mental strength and mental strength.
  Physical strength is very important, because you need physical strength to support all kinds of problems and troubles you encounter in the process of starting a business.

  Brain power is also very important. You have to think about strategies and make plans to make the company develop better.
  But the most important thing is mental power, because mental power is the stabilizer of physical and mental power, and the source of your strength, which determines how strong your heart is.
  So, how can we have a strong mind?
  There are several aspects that are particularly important to have a strong mental power: for example, increasing the capacity of mental power, improving self-efficacy, and improving the efficiency of using mental power.

  One of the ways to train your mind is to exercise.
  Many entrepreneurs love extreme sports.
  Because of extreme sports, training is a kind of determination that you know there are difficulties, but you must do it, which can make you stronger mentally.
  I have hiked in the Gobi 3 times, cycled around Qinghai Lake, and also been to the Antarctic and the North Pole. After each extreme exercise, I feel that my mental strength is a little stronger.
  In 2015, I climbed to the summit of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.
  It takes 7 days to climb Kilimanjaro from entering the mountain to leaving the mountain.
  The mountain is about 1,800 meters above sea level. On the first day, you have to rise vertically to 2,800 meters, and on the second day, you have to rise another 1,000 meters to 3,800 meters. The third day rose to 4600 meters.
  Step by step, move forward under the bursting sun. In order to reduce oxygen consumption, I shuffled my feet and moved like a zombie.
  My personal porter tried to come up to help me, but I pushed him away. His breathing rhythm is different from mine. If I can’t drag my feet on my own breath, I think I will spit it out.
  Finally reached the camp at 4600 meters. Finally, with a “wow”, all the energy gels and hot chocolate I drank in the morning were all spit out on the black soil of the high mountain.
  Then, dragging his legs, he continued walking. Until the guide suddenly announced: 5000 meters above sea level! Everyone started cheering.
  I was overjoyed and immediately calmed down. Can’t give myself hope. Hope brings nothing but pain. Despair is the greatest hope.
  On the fifth day, we slept from noon to 23:00, fully reloaded, walked out of the tent, and began to climb to the summit.
  The mountain guide will ask everyone to stop every hour, take the shortest rest, and adjust themselves, because after a long time, the body will be cold. Seize these 5 minutes, sit down, eat up an energy gel hidden in your arms, or eat a piece of chocolate, and drink a few sips of water. Take a sip of water from the travel water bag, and be sure to blow it back, otherwise the whole straw will freeze. A female classmate burst into tears. Can’t cry. When you don’t know it, the snot will flow down quietly and freeze into ice balls.
  I really want to sleep, but I can’t. persist in. There is no passionate sprint, only quiet persistence. Consciousness is between blurred and waking, downward; footsteps are between half-dream and half-awake, upward.
  Finally, we reached the summit of freedom at 5895 meters. My teammates and I hugged each other tightly like children, weeping bitterly, completely unable to control ourselves.
  I sat down on the land of “Pinnacle of Freedom”, the highest mountain in Africa, and continued to wipe away the surging tears alone.
  I did it.
  Although my face is swollen, my heart is very proud. After experiencing so much suffering and pain, the moment I stood on the top of the mountain, I gained a kind of ability, an ability to persevere and persevere.
  My mental strength is a little stronger again.
  In addition to extreme sports, usual exercise and fitness is also a way to help us increase our mental capacity.
  Whether a person has enough strength is also related to his cardiopulmonary function.
  The strength of cardiopulmonary function is equivalent to the size of battery capacity. A battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh must be more durable than a battery with a capacity of 800 mAh. Likewise, the better your cardiorespiratory fitness, the easier it is to manage your day’s work.

  Insufficient mental strength, another manifestation is that when you encounter troubles and difficulties, you don’t believe that you can do it yourself, you don’t believe that you can overcome difficulties, and you feel that no matter how much time you spend, it is a waste.
  You might be thinking, oh my god! This thing is so difficult, I can’t do it.
  But people with strong mental strength believe that the difficulties are only temporary, and they should do what they can do first, and then continue to think of ways, there is always a way.
  Self-efficacy is believing in myself that I can do what I want to do.
  Build your confidence by doing simple things first. Then, try harder things.
  For example, find a practice field, let yourself practice hard on some not so big things, and then strive to accomplish these things, and increase your sense of self-efficacy through small things one by one.
  When you can do these small things easily, try to do some things that are a bit difficult, but as long as you spend time and work hard, you can also do them.
  Finally, go to challenge those things that seem difficult and challenging for you.
  When you accomplish these things against the odds, you increase your self-efficacy.
  All your motivation can be turned into real energy, and if it exceeds the comfort zone, you worry that you will not be able to control it, and your motivation and your desire may be killed.
  But if you feel that your self-efficacy is constantly increasing, when you really feel that your ego is very strong, then you are willing to try harder things and meet more challenges.
  Because you believe you can do it.

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