How can there be so many “incompatibility” in the world

  Haitang is impatient, she always feels that her parents chose the wrong name, and she should be called “Tsunami”.
  When her boyfriend confessed his love to her back then, he prepared ten minutes of touching lines, but after reading it for five seconds, she agreed.
  She can’t listen to songs with too long preludes, nor can she watch slow-paced literary movies. If you know where there is delicious food, you must eat it that night; if you think of a fun place, you will go the next day if you ask for leave.

  She has no idea what is “planning” and what is “waiting”. If you get up late in the morning, the things that usually take half an hour can be compressed to five minutes, and then you go out in a hurry.
  Her boyfriend is slow. If we meet at 6:30 in the evening, he will estimate the itinerary and start early, firstly because he doesn’t want to be too rushed, and secondly because he thinks it is a very happy thing to arrive early and wait.
  If he really got up late by accident, should he clean up for half an hour or still clean up for half an hour.
  The most frequently used dialogue between the two of them is “you hurry up” and “what are you in a hurry for”.
  Her boyfriend once asked Haitang: “Why are you always in such a hurry?” Haitang tilted her head and said, “Because I was born prematurely.” The boyfriend asked puzzledly, ”
  What does this have to do with premature birth?” Haitang said with a smile: “Whatever I want to do, my mother can’t stop it!” Then, she added anxiously: “The key is that I can’t stop myself!”
  After that, the boyfriend saw Haitang yelling. She would comfort herself at times: “It’s just a personality problem, she has no malice at all.”
  Haitang once asked her boyfriend curiously: “Why can’t you get anxious? It takes ten minutes to brush your teeth? An hour to take a shower? Two hours to mop the floor?” Hours?”
  Her boyfriend said to her very seriously: “Brush your teeth, take a shower, and mop the floor. If they are too fast, they will not be clean, just like working, studying and writing papers. If they are too fast, they will lose quality.” Since then, every time
  Haitang Seeing her boyfriend dawdling for a long time before mopping the floor clean, she would persuade herself: “It’s just a personality problem, and it has nothing to do with IQ.” Over time,
  Haitang got used to her boyfriend’s slowness, and liked his carefulness and stability even more. and a sense of ritual; while her boyfriend accepts her carefreeness, and at the same time cherishes Begonia’s liveliness, cuteness and swiftness.
  One of them is responsible for striding forward, the other is responsible for walking more steadily; one is responsible for being mischievous, and the other is responsible for being “retarded”.
  In fact, everyone has a unique charm, but also has shortcomings that others cannot stand. Like a rose, both beautiful and thorny. But the way to love roses is not to pull out the thorns, but to learn how not to be stabbed.
  In this way, the talkative one makes you talkative, the strong one heals your weakness, the dull one eliminates your hostility, and the conservative one saves your rashness.
  The fate I understand is: meet in the sky, and stay with each other in people; only those who know how to cherish are worthy of possession.
  So, when you hate a guy’s quick temper, why don’t you see his efficiency? When you hate procrastination, why don’t you see his patience? Why don’t you see tolerance when you hate a guy who’s slow?
  If you are afraid, you are afraid. When you want to be together, you say it is “complementary personalities”, and if you don’t want to be together, you say it is “incompatible personalities”. There are so many disagreements in the world of love, it’s just that the novelty has faded, the sense of mystery has disappeared, and the temptation is not enough, so I don’t want to cooperate.
  The rules of the emotional world are actually very simple: those who want to leave never lack excuses, and those who are willing to stay never need to stay.

  One cannot fully enjoy today if one clings to yesterday’s success, for success will not come to those who rest on their laurels. In fact, sometimes success hinders us more than failure does.
  I had excellent academic performance in the six years of Vernon Primary School, and was recommended by the school to enter Maywood Public School for secondary school. But in the praise of my classmates, I became obsessed with watching TV. My room always echoed with gunshots and horseshoes from the movies “Caravan” and “Shaian Tribe”, and my academic performance plummeted.
  My mother knew how to help her son be useful.
  One afternoon, my mother took me to visit Mr. Gable. At Gable’s house, I sat on the floor and entertained myself with a collection of smart toy cars, and I took a statuette off the mantelpiece as the center of the track for a furious round-the-track race. In fact, that statuette was the one Gable received when he won the Academy Award in 1934.
  When my mother signaled me to leave, I reluctantly pointed to the statuette and asked, “Can I take this away?” The frightened mother quickly scolded me: “Son, put it back quickly!” Gable Passed the statuette to me and said enthusiastically: “For me, it doesn’t make any sense to keep the Oscar statuette by my side. It just lures me to be proud and comfortable with past success, and what I really need is future progress and hard work.” ”
  My mother seemed to understand the truth of Gable’s words, and turned to me and said, “You have won honors similar to the statuette in elementary school. But now, you need to learn from Mr. Gable, and you need to be enterprising and hardworking in the future. You read two books a week and write an essay based on what you read.” So sullen, I got into her car and drove to the Los Angeles Public Library.
  I wandered nonchalantly along the bookshelves in the children’s department of the library. I like animals very much, so when I see some books about animals, I browse them. The first book I read seriously was “Ducks? rabbit? “. This book is not only to make children happy, but also has the meaning of civic education, because in our daily life, differences of opinion are very common, and the sooner children know about it, the sooner they will benefit. This is the first time I have immersed myself in another world.
  At that time, I hadn’t grasped the true meaning of reading, but the experience of reading was completely different from watching TV.
  Reading creates images in the mind, while watching TV is just images flashing before the eyes. I often turn to the same page over and over again, thinking about its contents.
  I soon began to look forward to visiting this temple of knowledge every day, which was different from my everyday life. I am here to explore the secrets of dinosaurs, and my interest has shifted from animals to plants. After I had read every book on plants I could find, I turned my interest to human physiology and anatomy.
  There was a world of knowledge hidden in these books, and I was free to draw nourishment from it, and as time passed, a strange thing happened: I began to understand things. The teacher also noticed this change, because the most obvious phenomenon was that I couldn’t wait to rush home to read as soon as school was over.
  I still sometimes can’t believe the journey of my past life, from being a student at Maywood who kept failing exams, to going to college on a scholarship to Yale, then to the University of Michigan Medical School, and finally to the Neurology Department of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The post of Chief of Surgery. This position has made me frequently travel around the world to give lectures and perform some important surgical operations. But I will never forget when this process started, that is, the movie star Gable’s experience with the Oscar statuette, and the day my mother sent me to the library.

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