Don’t spend your energy unnecessarily

First, it seems a bit paradoxical to put the ability to get things done before people. But when you think about it, it makes sense. Don’t put your main energy on “Who am I? Who is the other party? What does the other party think of me? How do I think of others…” These things. If you go down that road, you’ll be spending too much energy tangling people and things unnecessarily. So where should you spend your energy? Spend on things.

Feng Tang has a nine-character mantra: don’t worry, don’t be afraid, and be shameless. There are actually two levels of shamelessness: one level is not to care about what others say about you, and to regard other people’s praise and belittling as other people’s business-it’s none of my business, it’s none of your business; but there is another very important point on the other level , is to put your ego after the matter. Don’t be so shameless, you think about things first; you make things happen, do things well, and make things beautiful. If every time you think about things, the starting point is how happy I am, then you stay on the street; if you want to face the world, you want to fly to the moon, then you can only put things before your ego (self). You must first think that success is the first priority, and whether you are happy is the second. Control your emotions, control your ego (self), this is what people who achieve great things do.

Candid communication is important

Second, how to organize people? Let’s make things clear. Zhang San Li Si Wang Er Mazi, what time do you do, what do you need to submit in the end, and what kind of help do you need from each other? Everyone is simple, frank, and clear, and I have such a method.

When we work together, you may have countless thoughts and thoughts, and I may also have countless thoughts and thoughts; but since we want to work together, we have some basic principles, do you agree or not? If you agree, we will work together; if you don’t agree, then I’m sorry, we will break up after a while.

Because when I was doing things, some people were not simple, honest and sunny. Later I told him, I said: Dear Xiao Li, I only know one kind of Chinese, you can’t tell me simply and honestly, Then I can only assume no, because I can only know what you say. I already have enough experience to know what you might think in your heart, but I might guess wrong, you might as well tell me simply, honestly, and brightly; and if you change to another person, the possibility of that person guessing wrong is very high It may be older than me, so we might as well bring things to the surface together. I’m working with you, I’m not talking to you, let’s do things well, see if this works. If it doesn’t work, it will be withdrawn, that is, it will be separated.

mind your own business

Third, what I just said is that in work, you should emphasize a simple and honest way of doing things, and emphasize putting things first. But life is not all about doing things. Your way may not work well in your life, so you have to be careful.

I have worked as a doctor and a consultant, and sometimes in my life, I am like a “second-year middle school boy”; I realized later that people may not want me to solve any problems, but just want to nag me. Want to complain to me.

My mentality training is all about: Oh, what’s wrong with you, why is it hurting, how long has it been hurting, how has the pain changed, and how often is the pain?

People say: You are crazy, I just think the moonlight tonight is so beautiful, I feel that the moonlight hits my skin, it’s just a bit painful; you have to tell me why the moonlight can’t irritate the skin like sunlight. Burns, you are sick.

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