Do you have “dark horse temperament”?

  We focus on talent cultivation before the age of 30, and the younger you are, the more attention you pay. For children who are still in kindergarten and elementary school, we not only spare a lot of money to hire famous teachers to give them tutoring, but also parents have to personally guide and intervene directly. But in middle school, parents can’t provide guidance, so they can only do logistics; in college, only encouragement is left. When talents graduate from university, many parents will persuade them to quickly find a stable job, go to work honestly, wait for promotion and salary increase, buy a house, get married, have children, and then wait for the child to be born before a new round of training. This caring concept of talent is actually a “single’s ambition”. Planning to plan to go is to set the safest life route. All kinds of high investment regardless of cost are just to achieve a mediocre goal.
  Scholars in ancient times always talked about “repairing Qi Zhiping”, thinking that talents have to do great things, but today’s view of talents is “the mentality of migrant workers”. Just strive to become such a person. No matter how powerful a person with this mentality is, he is nothing but an excellent sheep.
  The essence of the talent concept of migrant workers is to turn people into standardized products to fill existing positions.
  The growth of a big man is not such a route. A great country cannot be built entirely by migrant workers. We need a more advanced concept of talents.
  A study tracked the careers of students in England, Wales and Scotland. In England and Wales, students choose their majors in high school and take courses in corresponding majors all the way to university. But the opposite is true in Scotland. We don’t need to choose a major in the first two years of college, and we only divide majors in the third year. As a result, the follow-up study found that the later the stereotype, the better the job and the higher the income. And those who are determined early, it is best to work for a period of time and change majors quickly. Statistics show that changing majors can speed up their income growth.
  This general law is: if you think about what you want to do in your life from the beginning, you are unlikely to achieve great success. On the contrary, people who make mistakes at the beginning and find their life goals later are more likely to achieve high levels success.
  All real talents have the temperament of a dark horse. Someone found that the common features of these dark horses do not include “maverick” and “rebellious spirit”. In fact, dark horses have various personalities, and many of them are very docile.
  The most important dark horse temperament is two points. The first is that the dark horse is always pursuing “being yourself”. These people don’t ask whether it’s easy to find a job in this line of work, how much money this job can earn, whether the position is high, and they don’t ask who the society needs. What they ask is “what do I like to do?” They care more about the job. I want a sense of “satisfaction” for my own enjoyment. They are not satisfied with excellence, but achieve excellence in contentment.
  The second is that the dark horse has no long-term goal. Standardized thinking always encourages people to set a long-term goal and strive for it. If you think that the financial work is the best, then you should first be admitted to a “985” college majoring in finance. It is best to study abroad for a few years, and then join a top financial company with a brilliant degree, and work hard all the way , and finally become a successful financial person… This is possible, but this is a strategy for financial workers.
  In fact, if you look at those powerful financial people who have influence on the market, they are not the product of this standardized assembly line.
  We currently overestimate standards and underestimate freedom.
  Learning from so-and-so, preparing for exams according to the syllabus, imitating full-score essays, and referring to career strategies are all ways to turn people into products.
  You think the current approach to this matter is wrong, so what do you want to do?
  You think this sample essay is very tacky, how would you write it?
  You see some things in society are unreasonable, so how can you change them?
  Those who dare to ask these questions are truly cultivating talents.

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