ChatGPT? Road “hurricane” new “search? Battle”? Imminent

  An artificial intelligence search battle around ChatGPT is unfolding, and the most concerned one is the confrontation between Microsoft and Google.
  Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google’s parent company, officially announced that Google is opening a conversational artificial intelligence service project called Bard, and plans to add artificial intelligence capabilities to its search engine for synthesizing complex query materials .

  Just 24 hours after Google announced the experimental artificial intelligence service Bud, Microsoft officially launched the latest version of Bing search engine and Microsoft Edge browser powered by ChatGPT. The problem. The new Bing is open to everyone for trial from the start.
  Microsoft thus declared that a “new era of search” had begun, and that the new Bing search would change the way people search for information on the Internet—a direct challenge to Google’s status as a search engine giant, which has long dominated search and browser share. than Microsoft.
  ”Artificial intelligence will fundamentally change all software, starting from the largest category of search.” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made a high-profile statement at the scene. This is “a new day of search” and “the game starts today.”

  Downloads of the Bing and Microsoft Edge browsers skyrocketed overnight after the app launched. According to artificial intelligence analysis of mobile data analysis provider data, Bing’s global downloads have increased by 10 times, and the iOS version of Microsoft’s Edge browser has also risen to the third place in the utility category.
  On the other hand, Google’s ChatGPT competitor, Bud, made a “low-level mistake.” During a press conference, Budd answered a question about the new discovery made by the James Webb Space Telescope, saying it had “taken the first picture of a planet outside our solar system.” However, astronomers point out that the first exoplanet image was taken by the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) in 2004. Due to this factual error, Google’s stock fell more than 7% that day, and its market value evaporated by about 719.2 billion yuan.
  It is undeniable that the emergence of ChatGPT has added new imagination to the search method.

  In the new Bing, users can easily switch to the artificial intelligence chat mode, and can also click on the robot to compose emails or rewrite computer code. Microsoft demonstrated the new version of Bing. Similar to ChatGPT, Bing can chat interactively, that is, answer questions based on a large amount of context, and expand the questions. Microsoft also demonstrated how to look up recipes on Bing, travel tips, and buy furniture from IKEA.
  Sam Altman, CEO of Open Artificial Intelligence, the parent company behind ChatGPT, confirmed that the upcoming Microsoft product uses an upgraded version of the artificial intelligence language model “Prometheus”, which is more powerful than the GPT-3.5 currently used by ChatGPT. More powerful. That means new Bing chatbots that can brief consumers on current events go a step further than ChatGPT’s data answers, which are currently limited to 2021.
  Microsoft also acknowledged that the new Bing also has the possibility of errors. It said, “Bing is committed to basing all its responses on reliable sources, but artificial intelligence can make mistakes, and third-party content on web pages may not always be accurate or reliable.” Nonetheless, the market still expects artificial intelligence such as
  ChatGPT Products that can reshape the search engine industry with disruptive technologies. On the new starting line of the artificial intelligence era, a new round of competition in the search engine industry has begun.

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