ChatGPT ignites again? Smart hope

  Recently, ChatGPT, a large-scale conversational language model released by OpenAI, an American artificial intelligence laboratory, has set off a frenzy on major Chinese and foreign media platforms. Foreign media commented that ChatGPT will become the next disruptor of the technology industry.
  What is ChatGPT? In layman’s terms, this is an artificial intelligence chatbot program, but it is different from the existing traditional chatbots. It is a conversational AI model launched by OpenAI at the end of 2022. It can write code, answer questions, and write papers. Wait for instructions.
  Why is ChatGPT known as the smartest chatbot so far? What’s the difference between it and Siri in our Apple mobile phone, or Xiaoai in the Xiaoai speaker at home?

  In December 2015, individuals and organizations including Elon Musk and Sam Altman (now president of YCombinator, a well-known American startup incubator) created OpenAI. The purpose is to advance and facilitate research in the field of artificial intelligence to achieve artificial general intelligence (AGI) in a safe manner, thereby benefiting all human beings equally.
  In 2017, the first generation of GPT-1 was released. As a language processing model capable of generating human text, ChatGPT at that time could only be regarded as a good language understanding tool, not the current conversational artificial intelligence. This year is also known as the first year of pre-training models for NLP (Natural Language Processing).
  In 2020, OpenAI released DALL-E, a creative AI system capable of generating original images from textual descriptions.
  In December 2021, OpenAI released GPT-3, which can complete a series of text output tasks such as writing code, modifying code bugs (errors), translating documents, writing creative copywriting, and doing college homework. It is known as the largest and strongest so far language processing model. Some people even predicted that “GPT-3 is the first model that seriously shakes the status quo.”

  On December 4, 2022, Elon Musk sent a tweet. He described it this way: ChatGPT has a kind of creepy power, and we are not far from dangerous and powerful artificial intelligence. ”
  Huang Minlie, a professor at the Department of Computer Science and Technology of Tsinghua University, said that it (ChatGPT) has exceeded the (dialogue) ability of 80% or even 90% of people. Others like GPT-3, its dialogue ability has surpassed (human) Average level. Professor Huang Minlie said that in the future (dialogue) can be expected to achieve human-like capabilities. Le Cheng, the former head of Ali Intelligent Design Lab, said that after it (ChatGPT) came out, Siri was very embarrassing because It directly eliminated Siri. Lecheng also said that the next generation of Siri may be this thing (ChatGPT).
  Once ChatGPT was released, it set off a storm on the Internet, and was popular among writers, programmers, and marketers. Users in the app praised and welcomed it. Within less than a week of its release, ChatGPT has gathered more than 1 million users. Less than 2 months after its launch, its daily active volume has exceeded 10 million, and it is still soaring.

  Previously, Bill Gates said, like ChatGPT this one. The rise of such AI chatbots will be as important as the birth of the Internet or the development of the PC. He said that artificial intelligence will become the hottest topic in 2023, and he also thinks this phenomenon is very reasonable.
  How far can the suddenly popular ChatGPT concept go in the secondary market?
  According to the analysis of professionals, ChatGPT is currently in the concept hype stage. ChatGPT has a long track and a large market space. Most of the related concept stocks are technology growth companies. The adjustment was relatively sufficient a while ago, and there is a need for a rebound. Recently, the market sentiment is more positive and optimistic, and the liquidity tends to be looser, which is more beneficial to the growth direction of technologies including ChatGPT. The reason for the ChatGPT concept stock fire is inseparable from the advancement of technology, first of all, the increasing maturity of artificial intelligence technology; secondly, the natural language processing technology is becoming more and more mature, and has become the core technology in the field of machine learning, especially the emergence of ChatGPT It has become another most important milestone event in the development of artificial intelligence and has attracted great attention from all aspects of society, but there are great uncertainties in the development of artificial intelligence technology. The core competitiveness of AI such as ChatGPT is that if it is successfully commercialized, it can greatly improve the efficiency of various downstream tasks, because a large amount of work can be done by AI, such as basic arrangement, writing assistance, and various data and image work. processing etc. It can be said that this AIGC concept is a good opportunity in the future, and it is also one of the core foundations of the Metaverse.
  Mira Muratti, chief technology officer of OpenAI, an American artificial intelligence research company, said AI tools like ChatGPT could be misused and used by “bad actors” and should be regulated. This raises questions about how the technology is regulated globally and how the use of AI can be managed in a way that is consistent with human values.

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