With heart disease, sex is no longer safe

  Suffering from heart disease requires readjusting the whole life routine, which is not easy to do. After following your doctor’s instructions for treatment, your doctor says you can return to your normal life. At this time, you may ask the doctor many questions, such as: Can I eat this food? Can I do some exercise and can my body handle it? But have you ever asked the “hard to say” questions, like can I still have sex? Is sex safe for me?
  In fact, sex is about as active as climbing a few flights of stairs or going for a quick run. The truth is, you’re more likely to have a heart attack if you argue with your partner than during sex! Instead of asking whether heart disease is safe for sex, we should ask: Does heart disease (or cardiovascular disease) affect sexual behavior?
  Heart disease is also called “circulatory system disease” or “cardiovascular disease”. The circulatory system consists of the heart, blood vessels, and neurohumoral tissues that regulate blood circulation. Congenital heart disease originates from developmental abnormalities in the fetus; acquired heart disease is caused by external or internal factors in the body, the most common being narrowed or blocked blood vessels, abnormal heart rate, etc. If your heart condition is stable, you can safely have sex, according to the latest scientific report from the American Heart Association. Patients rarely experience cardiovascular symptoms such as chest pain or difficulty breathing during sexual activity because the period is brief.
The sooner the treatment, the better

  The sooner the cause of heart disease and sexual dysfunction is discovered, the better. In addition, patients must also confess their symptoms to the doctor and cannot hide them.
  Sexual dysfunction, like heart disease, is caused by insufficient blood supply. Therefore, the problem of vascular blockage must be treated. Full recovery depends on age. It is difficult for people over the age of 50 to fully recover. Young heart patients, such as those aged 40 to 50, can recover as long as they can control all the causes.
Avoid taking erection drugs

  As long as the patient’s heart condition is stable and they don’t have chest pain or difficulty breathing, sex is safe no matter what kind of blood vessel blockage they have. Sexual behavior is like climbing two floors, or walking two or three kilometers, it will not bring too much pressure on the heart. Therefore, as long as the patient’s heart disease is stable, there is no need to curb sex.
  Heart disease can be divided into several levels. Doctors need to test how many cells their hearts are affected and how much stress they can take. The best way to test is to have them do a stress test.
3 stage assessment test

  If you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease and want to continue having sex, ask your doctor for the following evaluations before any follow-up visits to make sure your condition is stable.
  Stress testing, also known as treadmill testing. The patient will exercise on a treadmill or stationary bicycle while the doctor measures how well your heart is adapting to the body. The advantage is that you will be more confident when you see your abilities for the first time. If your partner is with you, let the other half see the progress of your physical condition and strength, and let everyone understand when to stop.
  The treadmill test is divided into 3 phases: slow walk, brisk walk and run. Patients who are asymptomatic during the test are generally safe to have sex. Patients are required to have a treadmill test every year. Critically ill patients need to be followed up every month for half a year, and then every 3 months thereafter.
Nitrates relieve pain symptoms

  Heart disease patients with sexual dysfunction, as long as the heart disease is stable, cardiologists will give them erection drugs, namely Viagra, Levitra or Cialis.
  Physicians also give patients nitrates in case they are needed. Nitrates are medicines for urgent chest pain relief, and patients need to carry them with them to relieve chest pain symptoms. However, once they have taken nitrates, patients should not take any erection medication for 24 to 36 hours.
People with sexual dysfunction have a higher risk of heart disease

  It is worth mentioning that heart disease is closely related to erectile dysfunction. Many heart patients may have sexual dysfunction; patients with sexual dysfunction are also very likely to have heart disease. The study found that 20% of those with sexual dysfunction under the age of 50, if they do the treadmill test, they may also suffer from heart disease: young people aged 30 to 40, especially those with diabetes, they will also have heart disease. Some heart patients are very young, but they do not have erectile dysfunction.
  If a person has heart disease, cardiac rehabilitation and regular exercise can help reduce the risk of sex-related complications.

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