There is a love that doesn’t need words

  She came for me, she was ready even before I came into the world, loving me was the theme of her life.
  ”She’s the best gift a newborn can receive.” My dad held the white and brown fur ball in his palm, and let the beagle writhe its soft body in his palm. Dad’s movements are so light, like holding a precious crystal vase.
  The two felt each other’s body temperature. Soon the puppy became familiar with his father, and lay in his palm with peace of mind without moving. From that moment on, Dad knew the puppy was officially part of our family. Although she was a gift sent by others to wish my birth, I was still in my mother’s womb at that time. Dad named the puppy Betsy.
  As an elderly mother, the mother was admitted to the ward according to the doctor’s advice, and it was Betsy who accompanied her through the difficult days before giving birth. With my birth, she became my “nanny”.
  She told me that love is always there.
  Usually , my parents put Betsy in my cradle so that the puppy was like a moving blanket to keep me warm. What’s more, whenever I am unhappy, Betsy will notify them as soon as possible, so that my parents can quickly come to feed me or change diapers. Betsy was my caretaker and my best friend. She put her head against me when I was learning to walk, for fear that I would accidentally fall to the ground. She is always there, within sight of me. Every day when I open my eyes, I see her big black eyes, and she licks me gently before going to sleep. It was she who witnessed the whole process of me pushing the baby walker and taking the first step in life.
  Since I was a little sensible, I always heard my father say in my ear: “James, listen to your father. Betsy is your first dog, and what she taught you is also The most. She loves you without asking for anything in return, you should always take her to heart.”
  She told me that love is to be brave for the person you love.
  I still remember that July when I was ten years old, the sun was so dazzling, We went on vacation to our family’s cabin in upstate New York.
  One day, my father drove his green tractor to the field to harvest wheat, while I was sitting on the rock by the stream and fishing leisurely. Suddenly, Betsy, who had been obediently guarding me, suddenly got up and started barking. “Girl, what’s wrong with you?” I asked her. I saw Betsy turned her head to look at the distant wheat field, and then looked at me again. She repeated this action several times. While turning his head, he kept screaming. I stood up from the rock and immediately Betsy bit my ankle, and I knew, as usual, that she needed me to follow her.
  Betsy flew out, turning her head every time she lost sight of me to make sure I was following her. I used my fastest speed and tried my best to chase after her figure. When we finally stopped through the wide wheat field, what did I see? Dad’s tractor overturned on the ground, and his left leg was pinned under the tire and could not move.
  ”Betsy!” I yelled, “Stay with Dad and lie down beside him.” Betsy obediently lay down next to Dad, and began to lick his face with her tongue, hoping that he would Can get some distraction from the pain.
  I ran half a mile to a nearby farm and called for help. We worked hard together and finally freed Dad from under the tractor.
  My dad and I didn’t tell mom what happened that day because it was a secret that belonged to me, dad, and Betsy, the three musketeers.
  She told me that love is an inseparable longing.
  Eight years later, on a cold morning, Betsy made me understand that parting is the cruelest gift of love. Dad is the first one to get up every day, and he always puts the canned dog food in front of Betsy’s nest early. Now, the nest is empty, and Dad is drinking glass after glass of stuffy wine.
  Finding that I had walked beside him at some point, Dad turned his head away, not wanting me to see the corners of his tearful eyes. That was the first and last time I saw him cry.
  This tough guy without any pain can make him frown, but today he can no longer overcome his emotions. He said to me softly: “If you still want to say goodbye to Betsy, go and have a look under the peach tree.” The peach tree in the backyard of my house is Betsy’s favorite place to hide bones. Bury her under a tree.
  I walked slowly under the peach tree, and some petals danced with the wind and fell on her body. Her fur was still soft, but her body was already cold. My tears flowed down, and each drop burned a hole deep in my heart. I lay down on the ground and leaned into her ear and said softly: “You will float to heaven with the petals. Farewell, Betsy.” Later,
  I went to two universities, changed many jobs, walked In many places, I have seen countless wise people. But I still think Betsy was the best teacher I ever had and taught me everything about love. She is with me like a shadow, accompanied by my breath, and never left…

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