The price of paranoia

  Recently heard a high theory: people with good physics scores will be smarter and have stronger logical thinking ability. Taste it today, the heart is a different taste.
  Like many people, I also started studying physics in the second grade of junior high school. I was very interested in this course from the very beginning, and Zhang Jin, the teacher who taught us physics, gave very unique lectures. His tone was cadenced, and his analysis was simple, which was very in line with my “appetite”, so the grades have always been good. Of course, there are exceptions. I remember that it was the final exam of the first semester of the second year of junior high school. It is said that the physics questions were a bit difficult. There were only two people who scored more than 80 points in physics throughout the year, and I got 78 points. This is the worst result for me. For this reason, during the entire winter vacation, in addition to completing the physics winter vacation homework, I did all the after-school exercises in the physics book, and did two neat and clear books. On the cover of the book, I also created a series of conformations of “future robots”, and the pictures are still fresh in my memory. At the beginning of the next school year, Mr. Zhang Jin, who has always been serious, checked the winter homework. He was amazed when he saw the two exercises I did, and he showed it in public and praised it. Since then, I have become more motivated to study physics. From the second semester of the second year of junior high school to the third year of junior high school, my physics scores basically maintained the first place in the class. Only one time I got second in the test, because the student who took the first test Cheating. Sound, light, force, heat, electricity, electromagnetism, Newton’s first law, law of conservation of energy, law of electric current, law of Ohm, etc. are nothing to worry about. According to this kind of inertia, it is reasonable to learn the subject of physics well, but this upward trend suddenly turned sharply inexplicably in the first year of high school. The physics teacher in the first year of high school was a young man, tall and thin, with a neat suit. Ben’er head, sunken eyes, pointed mouth, and long face, he looks very similar to foreigners, but I don’t have a good eye for him, especially the weird voice during lectures makes me very uncomfortable, which is similar to Zhang Jin in junior high school The teacher is in stark contrast. Therefore, taking physics classes has become a kind of torture and burden, and the grades have become mediocre and unremarkable.

I paranoidly believed that this physics teacher was not even qualified to carry the shoes of Mr. Zhang Jin, and since then, I have no interest in physics class. After the first year of high school, I made do with the second half of the second year of high school. When I was divided into arts and sciences in the second half of the second year of high school, I chose liberal arts by accident. One of the purposes was to get rid of this boring physics class. I remember I cursed at that time: “Get out! Mechanics of bullshit, curved motion, flat throwing motion, optics, heat. Get out! That foreign teacher who can’t give lectures.” However, the college entrance examination that determined the path of life in July 1989 made
  me His paranoia paid a price: he failed the exam!
  After working, I participated in the self-examination and part-time studies such as TV University and Correspondence University, and obtained two college diplomas. I was encouraged to continue my undergraduate studies, but I flatly refused. Because in my opinion this form of study is just a fake diploma. The experience of taking the entrance examinations of TV University and Hantong University and being the first in the county twice made me believe that few people are so-called real talents. I would rather not mix this kind of diploma that does not match the name.
  The reality gave me a sap: the year of 30 was also the year of changing my identity. The county selects and recruits secretarial staff for the county party committee office and government office. Education requirements are full-time junior college or part-time undergraduate. I am not connected at both ends. Doesn’t help though the other conditions are met. My friends in the county feel sorry for me. In their eyes, my writing ability and overall quality are not bad.
  There have been many trains full of opportunities, but they have been missed time and time again. Only you know the price you pay for your paranoia.

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