Talk to nature

  We had many conversations, and we couldn’t remember what we had said to whom. Yet we hardly speak to nature, whose members are all around us.
  Nature never stops speaking to us, and its members are patient. In the morning, we walked out of the house – if you have this kind of careful observation – the breeze caressed your cheeks, and the wind gently touched your face with its transparent hands, as well as your eyebrows, eye sockets and ears, as if it knew you would be here Walk out the door in a moment, waiting for you here. In fact, its little hands are caressing your shoulders, back and shoes, but you don’t realize it.
  Wind is one of the tens of thousands of languages ​​in nature. It can be called wind language or other languages, whatever you want, the wind doesn’t care about it. When we are doing the so-called “going to work” or “going to school”, when we take the first step towards our destination, the bird may have been flying for more than three hours and has seen the magnificent sunrise .
  From the sky, it saw people walking from the house to the street one after another like ants. From the tree branch, it saw a small yellow flower on the grass slowly opening its leaves, ready to welcome the sun.
  And people, ignorant of all this, walk or drive. They don’t know that the white clouds in the sky are not the same as yesterday, or an hour ago. People can’t change their appearance, but clouds can.
  The cloud has been changing endlessly throughout its life, but it never stops.
  Even in the city, nature is by our side. The land, sky, air and light all have the core elements of nature. But people don’t care what nature is doing, and people’s skin and mind can no longer feel the changes of seasons. They need to learn about temperature changes through information, such as information from smartphones.
  Can it be said that people are getting away from nature a little bit? The minds of men are filled with more and more things, because there are more and more things in the world; but there is less and less concern for nature in their inner capacity.
  If so, people will lose many opportunities to appreciate beauty. To be honest, not everyone needs aesthetics, even art practitioners don’t need aesthetics all the time. However, beauty is an inseparable coexistence with truth and goodness, and it is the foundation of human personality.
  History tells people: those who do not understand beauty are also very close to ignorance and cruelty. Where is the source of beauty? Nature, and nothing but nature. Many styles of artworks we see, such as painting, music, dance, architecture, etc., are human imitations of nature.
  They are “false”, expressing, expressing, reproducing, refining, and concentrating; while nature is real, it does not express and reappear, it is just a mess.
  A few days ago, I took a car to Kezuohouqi to visit my cousin Chaokebaater who was seriously ill. It’s winter, it’s early and it’s cold. The desolate scenery outside the car window made my mood more and more heavy. Driving on the highway, the terrain is getting higher and higher, and you can almost overlook the four fields.
  At this time, the eastern horizon crosses the morning sun, and it is about a hundred miles red. People come to this highland unexpectedly, and meet the morning sun here unexpectedly. Then Chaoyang floated on the surface in the shape of the original red pill, and everything around was quiet. As the sun rises in the east, the light increases ten thousand times, piercing the sky.
  I was really stunned. If I stand on the ground, it is entirely possible to accept the head and worship. The car continued to drive in the direction of Husitai, and the sun rose higher and higher. I felt like I had a revelation in my heart but couldn’t express it, but at least it wasn’t so dark. If I am a fire, the sun adds fuel to the fire that I do not know, making the fire more compact and less likely to be blown out by the wind. Whether my cousin can be saved is unknown, but I do know that my heart was enlarged a little by the sunrise. This is the education of nature.
  I have always wanted to say to others: Nature is the teacher of human beings, teaching people to learn to love, learn to be patient, temperate, listen, observe, and learn to live and die with dignity. But there is no chance to say these words – in the supermarket, on the street, at the station, who do you say to? You can’t say those words even to close friends because they don’t need them and they’ll be stunned.
  Nature teaches us to cleanse ourselves, and let us know that man is but a species of things, not a spirit. Nature teaches humility, that there are infinite forms of beauty, that love rests upon all human beings, that opposition is never the law, that the secrets of the universe are never exhausted.
  What about love? You say that nature teaches us to learn love, where is love? When you start to pay attention to nature, whether you pay attention to a flower or a river, as long as you pay attention to it for a while, love will already be born in your heart. Moreover, your face must be beautiful at that moment.

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