Old time mom

  I was at work, and received several consecutive phone calls from my mother. The old lady is very deaf now, so I consciously assumed that everyone was like her. The voice was so loud that almost my colleagues could hear it. The theme was very clear: “Come to me after work at noon.” Here, I found you a very beautiful floral dress, you will look good in it!”
  The colleagues were all amused, and said, floral dress, hurry back and wear it for us to see.
  I was full of thoughts along the way, thinking about how to reject my mother’s enthusiasm for dressing me up graciously.
  I was really scared, afraid of my mother who was tossing back and forth in the old days.
  Last summer, my mother found a skirt with a floral doll collar from the bottom of the box, and said to me happily, I remember that you wore this dress beautifully back then, and it is not outdated now, your figure has not changed much, and you still have a baby face , put it on quickly, the skirt will spread out when the wind blows, it looks beautiful and foreign.
  I took it over and looked at it again and again, and I recognized that I bought it when I first traveled to Beijing many years ago. More than 20 years have passed, and it has long been out of tune with my age.
  I pouted and said, Mom, I don’t want to wear this, it doesn’t look good at all.
  My mother gesticulated on me for a long time, but I was unmoved, so she had to let it go disgruntled.
  Last fall, my mother called me mysteriously and told me that I found a pair of very beautiful high heels for you, so hurry up and wear them.
  I ran in a hurry, my God, can you guess it? It turned out to be a pair of bright red high-heeled leather shoes that I bought when I was 20 years old. I vaguely remember that I bought it with joy when the song “September’s High Heels” was popular. I think I spent those two years of youth swaying. However, these shoes are the same as the years, and they will not come back a long time ago. How can I wear such an eye-catching red style now?
  I expressed my reluctance, but my mother criticized me, what’s wrong? I think it still looks pretty good, the red color is so bright, so young, and it is beautifully dressed.
  Such old-time dramas are staged every once in a while. This time, which old clothes will make their debut?
  Pushing open the door of my mother’s bedroom, she was fiddling with a piece of clothing, a long thin padded jacket with flowers embroidered on the neckline and front chest, my heart was suddenly touched, this piece of clothing, I saw I recognized it.
  That’s what I pestered my mother to remake.

  When I read “Dream of Red Mansions” that year, I liked the description of Sister Lin’s clothing the most. The one that impressed me the most was the time when the world of glass was covered with white snow and red plums. Small sheepskin boots, covered with a crane cloak in a white fox with a big red feather veil, and tied with a blue-gold and green double-ring four-fold wishful ribbon…” At that time, I read this passage to my mother, and I said, I also want this kind of
  red one “Crane cloak”, how beautiful it is to wear when it snows.
  My mother was in trouble, and at last, she made a compromise, went to the store and bought me a long red padded jacket with an ingenious collar, and sewed two long ribbons on it, and then made me a belt with a gold border. What’s even more amazing is that several beautiful flowers were embroidered on the neckline and front chest, so a dress that looks like a cloak was born.
  It’s been a long time, and I have actually forgotten how proud and excited I was at that time. I only recall a small detail, which is a sentence that one of my classmates repeated: “Oh, your mother really spoils you. This dress is so thoughtful.”
  I held the dress in a daze. Mom said happily, this “flower dress” is not bad this time, right? Back then, I embroidered these flowers by hand. This year it was cold early, and winter is coming. I found it after rummaging in the closet. Hurry up and prepare a dress for you.
  I was at a loss for words. My mother is already an 86-year-old lady, her thinking is not very clear, and she sometimes speaks upside down, but on this autumn afternoon, she found a winter dress for her youngest . Moreover, it is a piece of clothing that is so long in the old days and has a romantic complex in my memory.
  I looked at my mother and suddenly understood her. The years are long and the clothes are thin, but mother’s love can always cross the thick wall of time, and find the child in childhood accurately. How can she grow up? How can I avoid her wings?
  Standing still, I remembered that every time my mother went to my house, she always lingered in front of my closet. She liked to see my clothes one after another and stroked them back and forth. Once I joked with her: “Mom, you are so slender at 86, you are a big beauty, you can wear my clothes, you can wear whatever you like.” Mom shook her head: “When I was young, I
  really It’s exquisite, but in our era, we didn’t even wear a beautiful dress. Now it’s no longer possible. I’m a little stooped, and I can’t wear it. I like to see these beautiful clothes now, and I like to see you wearing them You must be beautiful, anyway, I feel that since I was a child, you have never worn ugly clothes…”
  I took this red padded jacket, this beautiful “flowered dress” in my mother’s mind, and firmly Tell her: “Mom, I will wear it this winter.”

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