Men’s friendship

  Jack was twenty-nine when he applied for a job with Webster. It is sad to go to work after your own company goes bankrupt.
  Carl hired him. At that time, Karl was nearly forty years old. “Death and taxes are bound to happen, but there is one thing that will never die—a company.” Jack told Carl after his company went bankrupt, Carl said so. “So you’ll find security here,” he added finally.
  Webster’s company is a huge company, constantly opening subsidiaries in various places, building high-rise buildings, and doing various real estate transactions. Carl was the director of the Dalang area office and taught Jack many business skills. They handle the registration of property rights, and also handle loans—serving both the public and Boss Wei.
  Nine years later, he has forgotten the gangster who made him bankrupt. Instead of becoming rich, he has a regular income. Every Saturday, he and Carl play golf; in the summer, they fish together.
  A year ago a man from Chicago–a former bandit, it was said–had taken over Webster’s firm. He told Carl, “The company isn’t dead, but the ownership could change. Does that affect us?”
  Carl shrugged and said, “I can’t predict the future. I’ve never seen a big boss since I’ve been here. We only see his lawyer occasionally.”
  ”This guy named Kang Desheng is very vicious. What does he want to do to Boss Wei?” ”
  This is a profitable company. Besides, he may do some legal business To cover up the lawlessness. Times have changed, and many criminals are beginning to know how to act legally.”
  A year passed, and he forgot that Webster belonged to Conderson, but he noticed the frequent business activities. Webster needs to rely on the land in the Dalang area to continue to develop. They have eight girls who are dedicated to printing contracts and checking the credibility of young customers. For two weeks, he and Carl had to give up their golf routines and work overtime at the company.
  He complained to Carl: “The office is understaffed, and one of us always doesn’t have a weekend off.”
  Carl shrugged his shoulders and said, “As long as the houses in this area are sold out.”
  ”Fool! If one batch is sold out, another batch will come. It is said that Webster’s company is negotiating to order the land of ‘Crescent Canyon’, and plans to build a land in that area.” The region will build the largest commercial residential area.”
  ”Wechsler will never get that land.” Carl smiled.
  They parted ways at the coffee shop and went back to their offices.
  When he looked up from his desk on Monday morning, Carl was standing behind him, pale and confused. Carl told him, “Conderson just called.”
  ”Are you kidding me? Did you do something wrong?”
  ”No idea. He wants me to go to his beach house, right now!”
  Worried, he waited until Carl I’m relieved when I come back. Karl answered vaguely to his inquiry.
  ”Looks like a promotion is coming, will know in a few days. I… oh… I’m going to be out of the office for a few days until the weekend. You can handle everything here.” He watched
  Carl leave, thinking , if Carl gets promoted, he is the best candidate to fill the seat. He didn’t see Carl again until Friday, but barely recognized him.
  Carl, nervous and restless, finally told him, “I’m not feeling well. I’ll see you on Monday.”
  On Sunday, Jack called Carl. Carl said he was feeling better, but they probably wouldn’t have a chance to talk during Monday’s business hours. Just then, Jack received a call.
  ”I’m Conterson.” A deep voice came. “Come to my beach house right now!” He looked over his shoulder, wondering if Carl was still in the office. “I’m Jack. I’m looking at Karl…”
  ”I want to see you, Jack!” With that said, Kantsen gave him the address of the villa.
  He couldn’t find Carl and figured he must have slipped out of the office. He drove to the beach, wondering why the big boss of a big company wanted to meet a young man? According to the address, he found a huge building facing the bay. A servant ushered him into a study surrounded by stained glass. The first thing he saw was a yacht moored at the pier.
  Conderson sat behind the bar counter. He has dark hair and looks much younger than his age. But some people say that he has already passed sixty. He watched Jack warily as Jack walked toward him.
  ”Sit down!” he said, “Pour you a glass of wine.” He nodded to a man who was stuffing documents into briefcases on the desk, and introduced, “Evans, my lawyer.”
  When the lawyer gestured to him, he also nodded. The lawyer hastily packed up the documents and left. When he turned his gaze to Kan Desheng, he found that Kan Desheng was pushing a glass of wine over.
  He leaned against the counter, his face very close to Jack. He has thick lips and a pair of black and thick eyebrows. “I happen to notice that you’re supposed to be the head of an office.”
  ”Really, sir?” He raised his glass. Unexpectedly, Kan Desheng would know him. The promotion of Webster Company is notified by the department head. He was sure that Kantsen had never seen them.
  ”Yes. For nine years, your work performance has been very good.” He grinned and smiled, as if he knew that Jack would not appreciate his jokes. “You were framed and the company went bankrupt.” Jack was very happy
  . Surprised, Kantsen did know about his past.
  Conterson said straight to the point: “Jack, go and take a look at the contract that Evans lawyer left on the table!”
  Jack stood up and went to the table. The contract for the purchase of the entire Crescent Canyon, worth only two percent of its current value, was signed three years ago.
  Kang Desheng motioned Jack to go back to the desk. “Wechsler needs the land, but the owner wants to break the contract. Forget it, that’s how it is. I know, you are a notary, and if you stamp your notary’s seal, they can’t go back. Remember to put it in your register It is dated three years ago.”
  ”I see.” Jack nodded. What he really understood was that Contésson wanted to use his notary’s seal illegally. He was wondering if Kantsen had made the same request as Karl. Maybe not. Ten years ago, he also did something wrong, but he was the victim.
  He was also a notary in his small insurance company. His policyholders sold the house, brought their wives, and asked him to witness their signing. He had never met her, but the policyholder introduced her as his wife. damn it! She is not at all! When the real wife heard that half of her house property rights had been illegally sold, she demanded 8,000 yuan in compensation from Jack’s company. Then the company asked him for compensation: the car, insurance money, and four years’ installments.
  Jack said, “I can’t sign an expired date, that doesn’t match my good work record.”
  Conderson had an idea. He wanted Jack to enter the whole record into another book, inserting the deed of sale and purchase in the middle, as if it had been signed three years ago. Jack can do that. The register has to be filled before being sent to the state government, and it sometimes takes five or six years to fill one.

  Kan Desheng said: “Only by cooperation can we be invincible. Otherwise…” He swiped his index finger in the air.
  The opportunity is here, and it’s here. Conderson assured Jack that there was no danger and that his lawyer knew all the details and essentials. Without cooperation, Jack will lose his job. He is thirty-eight, two years away from turning forty!
  Conderson said calmly: “Jack, I like people who are cooperative. Now, you know about this. Do you understand me?” Seeing Jack’s stunned eyes, he hurriedly added, “You Will make more money, twice!”
  Jack nodded in agreement. He thought, at least, it wasn’t him who was the victim this time. How did he know that this was the beginning of his nightmare.
  The victim sued the law, involving a huge sum of 12 million yuan, 20 times higher than Jack’s estimate, and he was reported to court. In court, he was forced to produce record books containing titles to the property in a deal that was completed three years ago. The judge took one look and ruled that Webster won. The plaintiff’s attorney fixed his eyes on his furious client, as if to question their madness. Evans winked at Jack as he left the courtroom.
  Carl was transferred to the Los Angeles office. Now, Jack is the head of the office, earning twice his salary. He called Carl, but Carl turned him down for a weekend of golf: “Another day!” The refusal lasted Jack for four months.
  ”Wait, Carl! Let’s meet at lunch,” Jack said.
  Karl didn’t want to go, but at Jack’s insistence, he finally agreed and agreed to meet at the restaurant. Jack is here first. When Karl arrived, he told the waiter, “I don’t want anything, just a cup of coffee.”
  Karl sat down with an ugly look, his eyes were bloodshot, as if he lacked sleep, and he was obviously worried. “You shouldn’t have done that.”
  ”What? Who told you?”
  ”Nobody told me. I knew about the Crescent Canyon sale before Conderson took over Webster’s. Don’t you understand, Jack?” ! I know it well, and so do you! Millions are at stake!”
  ”Did Conterson make you perjure?”
  ”Yes. However, I have a reason to evade. My previous notary register has been sent to the state government, and the new one has not been used for a long time. Therefore, I cannot forge for three years. date before.”
  ”Did you tell him that my register is from five years ago.” ”
  I have to.”
  ”You could have told me sooner,” Jack accused Cal.
  ”Yes, I should have told you earlier. But they will check, and I can’t lie. They promoted me to the director of the Los Angeles office to silence me. I hope you can refuse them.”
  Jack Sighed, “He said that if I don’t cooperate, I will be fired, and said in a threatening tone that I know too much. Oh, people are in a dilemma. Carl, if we cooperate, there will be nothing on Conderson’s side It’s dangerous.”
  Carl said, “You’re gullible, Jack.” He picked up the coffee mug, his hand shaking, and he almost knocked it off. “Listen, I never told you. But do you remember Anthony, the loan man?” ”
  Of course I did. He fell off a cliff on vacation.”
  ”Yes. Before he died, we ate together. He was panicked and melancholy. Only by doing what Kantsen asked him to do in his personal interest could he be promoted to the position of director of loans. Anthony told me that he used to work for Kanterson in Chicago. Kantsen had a method , forcing good people into his criminal circle. After entering the circle…”
  ”Will they be eliminated?” Jack said loudly.
  Carl whispered, “Hush! No, he didn’t say that. No! He used them for other bad things, worse things!” He took a sip of his coffee and put down his cup. “You never guessed that Anthony was murdered, did you?” ? ”
  ”What?” He fell into the valley? You are there on vacation. Hey, Anthony was murdered in Chicago. ”
  ”Maybe . . . I have to go.” Jack, be careful! ”
  Jack is not willing to be the supervisor of the branch office anymore. Girls in the office always have problems, and it takes a lot of effort to stay focused. He found himself terrified of the dark and was constantly looking out for vehicles around him.
  Three weeks later, Jack received another call from Conderson asking him to go to the beach.
  He was in a rage when Jack walked into his study. He was wearing a nautical suit, and he threw aside his blue nautical cap, and shouted, “How stupid are you?!”
  He couldn’t think of the right words to answer, and could only stand there staring blankly.
  He thumped his fist on the table and said, “What did you do with that old register of yours?” ”
  I bundled it up and threw it in the trash can behind the apartment.”
  ”You’re a Stupid! Why don’t you burn it?”
  ”There’s no place to burn
  it.” “Damn it! Gandhi got it!”
  ”Who is Gandhi?” Jack asked, his heart pounding.
  ”Who? A whistleblower! He wants to interfere in this matter, and wants to sue the Webster Company!” Kang Desheng pointed to the mirror behind the desk, “He installed a bug in my study and knew that I was handling confidential matters here. Don’t worry, I tore it down! But, he knows that we have tampered with the sale of the property, recorded the sound. Only the tape, which is untenable in court. He can only blackmail me. But, You—he sent someone to follow you to your apartment! Got the register from you without even using force. You gave it to them in the trash.” “You didn’t warn me before,” muttered
  . Yeah! Hey, don’t use your brain and you’ll be in jail for twenty years. That’s what Lawyer Evans said. Me, pay more, buy the land at what they want, but won’t let Gandhi come Control the company. Lawyer Evans also said that, no matter how you defended it, you falsified the register to get a promotion. We don’t know anything about it, and we will prove it.” “Thank you!” Jack raged,
  ” I’m going to see my lawyer!”
  When Kang Desheng saw the anger on Jack’s face, his expression changed suddenly. “That’s the way it is. You have a choice, though. Would you like a drink?”
  ”Why not?” Jack growled roughly. Now, he has fallen into a trap, swindling the crescent canyon land, and he is retaliated with an eye for an eye. He sat down, “What choice do you have?”
  Kantsen narrowed his eyes, “That depends on your guts. You go and kill him!”
  ”Murder him?”
  ”That’s right. Let me tell you, Jack! I’m thinking, Gandhi’s dead and everything’s quiet again. You play golf, don’t you?”
  Jack nodded. At this moment, he was afraid to speak.
  ”Gandhi got a ball on the head when he was playing golf. It was just an accident.”
  Jack growled.

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