If you want to write style…you can’t be a slave to advertising

  ”If you want to write about the wind, you can’t just write about the wind. You have to write about the curvature of the treetops, the ripples on the lake, the sound of the leaves whirling and the path they landed on…” The advertisement copy of this composition writing class seems to be out It became popular, and it was even made into a song, a catchphrase, an imitation copy that everyone competed for, and even a standard for writing, especially for students.
  I always feel that this kind of “If you want to write, you can’t write” is a bad advertising routine, especially for elementary school students, it is a disaster. It makes children lose their precise grasp of writing in their mother tongue. , an almost perverted pursuit of rhetoric in writing, but under the seemingly novel expressions, there is nothing and moaning without illness, just like a large-scale “Sick Plum Museum”.
  Think about it carefully, today’s children’s writing materials are too scarce, and after a few years of elementary school, they really haven’t encountered any “meaningful things”, “unforgettable”, “I have finally grown up”. I remembered that when I was a child, I wrote three essays about falling into the river; two essays on dismantling firecrackers to make gunpowder; My hand was scratched, and I wrote it five times; the most I wrote was fighting with my friends, and then reconciled… These materials can be flexibly applied to topics such as “meaningful”, “unforgettable” and “growth up”.
  But nowadays, children’s lives are too ordinary, they are protected by adults too well, and they can’t pick up wallets on the road; they don’t meet blind grandpas who cross the road; Keeping myself safe, no setbacks, no injuries, even fighting with classmates and reconciling… Stop, just write the beginning, and the teacher extinguished the signs of school violence. Anyway, there is no material to enter the article.
  Looking back at the now popular composition tutoring class, I occasionally click on some, and the breath of old soldiers rushes to my face. The elementary school students’ essays are full of the grandeur of fantasy novels, the perilous peaks of the domineering president’s essay, and the ingenuity of the reincarnation essay.杼. For example, I saw such a routine text of “Universal Secret Book”——
  ”That day, he was sitting leisurely on the rattan chair, humming a little song, basking in the sun in the morning, staring at the mobile phone, ignoring the arrival of ‘my king’ at all… I snapped I slapped him on the shoulder, “Dude, here, will you?” I said to him proudly.” Who would have thought that this was a composition for a son to ask his father a math problem, and this is obviously a full-level appearance in the Internet water skating essay. Treat the nasty as literary talent, the embarrassment as rhetoric, and the nonsense as a plot.
  He obviously didn’t have much life experience, but he insisted on writing ups and downs, in order to compose new words, and the result was that Che Jilu Hua was born out of nowhere. I have learned “hard work” and “lamb kneeling with milk”, but I can’t write a scene where my mother’s cooking is splashed with oil; when I write about the campus, I use the uncommon words “the vegetation is luxuriant, the fragrance of flowers is dense”, but I can’t express the truth about the campus. emotion. In fact, if you don’t have any material, you might as well write the text more fluently, and don’t have to follow the “If you want to write, you can’t write” to learn to walk in Handan.
  A few days ago, my young master and I dug out the course video of “Ms. Jia Teaching Composition” that I watched when I was a child. This must have killed the memories of Shanghai girls born in the 70s and 80s, and it once had an empty alley effect. After 30 years, revisiting Teacher Jia’s class, the most impressive thing is the interaction with children in teaching, which is called “Socrates teaching method” in fashionable words. What Teacher Jia teaches is not writing routines, but the language sense of the mother tongue, and A persuasive guide to writing observations.
  The child writes the composition in class and reads it on the spot, and Teacher Jia corrects it on the spot, correcting and giving advice word by word. The students wrote “the little fox didn’t eat for three days”, and Teacher Jia said to use “the little fox didn’t eat ‘to’ food for three days”; Said”… When I saw it back then, it was just common sense. Now that I have become a person who uses writing as a profession, I feel more and more the beauty of Teacher Jia’s teaching composition: clear understanding is the basic requirement for writing in primary and secondary schools.

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